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WMI CIM-plified Part 2: PowerShell 3.0

The second part of Jeffery's series will show the relationship between CIM and PowerShell.

Pop Quiz: SharePoint 2013: Term Store Management

Applies to the "Create and Configure Web Applications and Site Collections" objective of Exam 70-331.

New Windows 8 Devices Highlighted

Microsoft but pointed to software and hardware changes to come during Thursday's financials report.

Microsoft Reveals New IaaS Services

Microsoft this week released a a set of infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) offerings on Windows Azure, positioning itself to compete with IaaS provider Amazon Web Services.

Pop Quiz: SharePoint 2013: Permissions Inheritance

Applies to the "Install and Configure SharePoint Farms" objective of Exam 70-331.

WMI CIM-plified Part 1: Information Retrieval

In this first part of a six-part series, Jeffrey goes through some of the basics of the CIM standard and its role with the Windows Management Instrumentation.

Microsoft Office 'Gemini' Update Schedule Revealed

A rumored series of Office updates, code-named "Gemini,"are planned for release over the next year.

Pop Quiz: SharePoint 2013: Capacity Planning

Applies to the "Design a SharePoint Topology" objective of Exam 70-331.

Where Did I Put That File? Part 2

Jeffrey Hicks is back with his second part in locating specific files in PowerShell.

Where Did I Put That File? Part 1

Jeffrey Hicks walks you through making your search query find exactly what you want to find.

Pop Quiz: Office 365: Assigning Permissions

Applies to the "Administer SharePoint Online" objective of Exam 74-324.

Pop Quiz: Office 365: Opening Firewall Ports

Applies to the "Administer Exchange and Lync Online" objective of Exam 74-342.

Verbose Pipeline: Tell Me Everything

Get more information than you might have thought was available.

Pop Quiz: Office 365: Populating the Online Directory

Applies to the "Administer Microsoft Office 365" objective of Exam 74-324.

PowerShell Screen Buffer Size: Sometimes More Is Better

Here's how to handle command lines that are a lot longer than your display is set for.

Exam Review: Windows Server Administration Fundamentals 98-365

Become a Microsoft Technology Associate today.

Pop Quiz: Windows Server 2012: Controlling Applications

Applies to the "Create and Manage Group Policy" objective of Exam 70-410.

Securing Secure Strings

In PowerShell, there are a number of cmdlets that work with something called a secure string. When you create a saved credential object, the password is stored as a secure string.

Pop Quiz: Windows Server 2012: Upgrading Domain Controllers

Applies to the "Install and Administer Active Directory" objective of Exam 70-410.

Eureka Moments in PowerShell

Spending time to play around with PowerShell can lead to some of the best hidden secrets.