Microsoft's Releases Beta of Script Explorer for PowerShell

A new beta-test search tool for PowerShell users that's designed to find code across local and online repositories was released by Microsoft on Monday.

PowerShell's Presence in Windows Server 8

Microsoft shared some information this week on the relationship between Windows Server 8 and PowerShell.

Perfect Timing with New-Object

Create a timer object with PowerShell New-Object cmdlet to schedule recurring tasks at intervals.

ForEach Building Blocks

When we can't leverage the pipeline, we can turn to the ForEach-Object cmdlet to help with some heavy lifting.

Managing Restore Points with PowerShell

Windows System Restore can be managed through several PowerShell cmdlets. We cover some of them here.

Here, Here (The Here String)

Order in the script -- with the here string.

Default Parameter Values: Better with PS 3

Working with variables will improve with the next version of PowerShell. Take this week's example, $PSDefaultParameterValues, a new automatic variable.

Slice and Dice with Hash Tables in PowerShell

The Group-Object cmdlet can offer up lots of information if you extract that info through hash tables. Here's how.

Process Buried Treaure

PowerShell can dig up information on processes pretty easily. It's all in the FileVersion property.

To DIR, with Love; Or, How PowerShell 3 Will Improve Get-ChildItem

PowerShell 3 makes some much-needed improvements to the Get-ChildItem cmdlet.

Can I Get a Little PowerShell Help?

When looking for cmdlet help, PowerShell 3 goes beyond version 2 with an Update-Help cmdlet.

Microsoft: Windows 8 Will Have Storage Virtualization Benefits

Microsoft revealed that Windows 8 will have a sophisticated "storage spaces" feature that works with NTFS.

Enum's the Limit

Let's start off 2012 with a tip I learned just recently: Using the PowerShell $FormatEnumerationLimit variable to customize the number of entries viewable via the Dir command.

PowerShell 2 and 3, Side by Side

Here's something nifty: you don't have uninstall PowerShell 2 to use version 3.

PowerShell 3 Goes With The Flow

PowerShell 3 adds new console redirection operators for streaming pipeline output.

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