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Prof. Powershell

Functions That Act Like Cmdlets

The trick to making functions act like cmdlets? It's all in the binding.

Command-Line Objects

Turn any command-line tool into a PowerShell tool.

Color My PowerShell World

Red can be disturbing at times, so let's change the color of the PowerShell console so it looks less aggressive when you chance upon the rare error.

Variables on Automatic Pilot

Check out these Automatic Variables that are defined by PowerShell with every new session.

ISE Made Easier

Some tips for customizing PowerShell's Integrated Scripting Environment.

Handling Errors Before They Happen with Test-Path

The Test-Path cmdlet can keep you from going bonkers by offering a little bit of script pre-error-handling.

PowerShell Returns, The SQL

Automating SQL Server administration tasks is easy with PowerShell, especially with the SQL-related snapins.

Manage VMs with PowerShell

Manage the whole VMware infrastructure from PowerShell. Yes, you heard right; it can be done.

The Quest for the Active Directory Grail

PowerShell doesn't have tools to automate AD management, but some vendors have developed tools that can get you nearer to that goal.

Active Directory, The PS Way

To manage your environment, use the AD PowerShell provider that comes with Windows Server 2008 R2, or the Active Directory Management Gateway for any down-level DC.

Romancing the Registry

Pipeline binding can get you what you want, as long as you use some of the PowerShell tricks up your sleeve.

PowerShell Format Fundamentals

No more wading through xml files to get what you need. The Get-FormatData cmdlet offers some nice data presentation.

PowerShell Pipeline Binding Trick

Pipeline binding can get you what you want, as long as you use some of the PowerShell tricks up your sleeve.

Pipeline Power

Continuing our refresher on PowerShell basics, we'll revisit the pipeline.

A PowerShell Object Lesson Refresher

PowerShell doesn't require that you become a developer, but you do have to get the basic concept of objects. It's simple, really. Let's revisit, if you don't object.

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