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Prof. Powershell

PowerShell Format Fundamentals

No more wading through xml files to get what you need. The Get-FormatData cmdlet offers some nice data presentation.

PowerShell Pipeline Binding Trick

Pipeline binding can get you what you want, as long as you use some of the PowerShell tricks up your sleeve.

Pipeline Power

Continuing our refresher on PowerShell basics, we'll revisit the pipeline.

A PowerShell Object Lesson Refresher

PowerShell doesn't require that you become a developer, but you do have to get the basic concept of objects. It's simple, really. Let's revisit, if you don't object.

Can I Get a Little Help Here? The Get-Help Cmdlet

It happens to all of us: We forget things. Use the PowerShell Get-Help cmdlet to rejog your memory.

The Sky's Delimit

The -Delimiter parameter of the Export-CSV cmdlet is what makes working with CSV files in PowerShell so, well, limitless.

Aren't You Special!

When two worlds collide -- that is, the VBscript and PowerShell worlds -- it can be a beautiful thing. Here's what I mean.

Check Out the -View!

The Get-Member cmdlet's -View parameter gives you -- you guessed it -- a wider perspective of the cmdlet's members.

Where Shell We Begin?

Customize graphical elements of the user's desktop via the Shell.Application COM object. Yes, it can be done through PowerShell.

Be Selective with Select-Object Cmdlet

The Select-Object cmdlet lets you get what you always want, at least as parameters are concerned.

Cool ISE

At the heart of this awesome no-frills editor is the $psise object, handy for configuring the ISE how you want it.

How Do You Measure Up?

Measure-Object cmdlet has some interesting properties, but it's up to us to figure out how to use them creatively.

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Failure is Not an Option with JobStateInfo Property

The JobStateInfo property can expose the failure of background processes.

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Use the Invoke-Item cmdlet to open files and their application types -- much like Windows does when double-clicking a file.

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Hidden Treasure of the Example Sample

Get direct access to the Example property and you'll open new doors to knowledge.

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