Microsoft Delivers Windows, PowerPoint Patches in May

Microsoft's May patch arrived as expected, with just two security bulletins, one deemed "critical" and one considered "important."

Will the Real Patch Tuesday, Please Stand Up?

Windows and IT security pros already are on edge each Patch Tuesday. Now there's a fake Patch Tuesday that could push them over. Plus: Tweaks to the Exploitability Index; DLL weakness report; improving Microsoft Security Essentials; more.

SharePoint Data Could Be At Risk, Says Researcher

Microsoft works with other vendors on vulnerability disclosures, whether they like it or not. Plus: Hackers push Sony gamers offline; Kaspersky Labs wants kidnap rumors to die down.

Microsoft To Coordinate with Competitors on Flaw Disclosure

Microsoft works with other vendors on vulnerability disclosures, whether they like it or not. Plus: Hackers push Sony gamers offline; Kaspersky Labs wants kidnap rumors to die down.

Admins Busy on All Bug-Squashing Fronts in April

Squishing bugs: It's what admins do, especially on Windows and Oracle systems. And Let's not forget Apple and Adobe. Plus: Elevation of privilege problems on Windows 7? A Stuxnet conspiracy theory.

Beta for Windows Intune Ends April 18

Microsoft has sent word that the beta version of Windows Intue will exprie on Monday, April 18.

Office File Validation Tool, Windows Loader Update Released

Along with the 17 security bulletins in the April patch, Microsoft released a tool to help protect older versions of Office, as well as an update to the winload.exe program.

Feds Go After International Botnet Ring

The U.S. government announced legal actions against the Coreflood botnet on Wednesday, and is seeking to prosecute those involved.

Microsoft's April Patches Bring 64 Fixes

No surprises as Microsoft releases 17 security bulletins patching of 64 vulnerabilities.

Microsoft Set To Release 17 Fixes on Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's advanced security notice previews a large rollout for IE, Windows and some of the tools in the Office suite.

SQL Injection Hits Older SQL Server Versions, For Now

Plus: A Microsoft Security Development Lifecycle progress report; Symantec sums up 2010 in Internet security.

Microsoft Issues Security Advisory on Fraudulent Digital Certificates

Microsoft issued Security Advisory 2524375 yesterday concerning nine fraudulent digital certificates.

End of Support for XP, IE 6 May Pose Major Security Risks

Plus: Adobe fixes Reader, Flash; Australia works toward better online safety.

World's Largest Spam Network Ended by Microsoft

In an announcement released Thursday, Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), in conjunction with federal law enforcement agencies, have pulled the plug on the Rustock spybot network.

UniBrows Extends Life of IE 6 Sites, Apps

New tool from Browsium allows IE 6 apps to continue running in IE 8.

5 Cool PowerShell Cmdlets for Speeding Up Active Directory Tasks

Five of my favorite PowerShell cmdlets that make it a breeze to work with Active Directory.

IE 9 Set Loose Online, in Austin

The newest incarnation of Microsoft's venerable browser makes its official debut at SXSW in Austin.

IE 8 Gets Pwned in IT Security Contest

But Microsoft's answer, it says, is to upgrade to a more secure IE 9. Plus: Adobe confirms Flash bug; Japan quake shakes loose with tasteless hoaxes.

Microsoft's March Security Update Released

With just one "critical" item and two "important" fixes for IT pros to consider, this month's Microsoft update light compared to the previous two months.

Internet Explorer In the Thick of IT Security

IE 8 has a target on its back this week. Plus: ISACA to audit social media apps; Microsoft Support isn't calling you personally (a free security tip).

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