Rustock Botnet Infections Drastically Lower

Today Microsoft released data on the decreased infection rates of the Rustock botnet ring since law enforcement cracked down on the operation.

OS Reinstall Not Necessary To Remove 'Popureb' Rootkit, Says Microsoft

Windows has retracted previous advice for removing 'Popureb' rootkit; now, infected systems can be fixed via a Windows recovery tool.

Trojan May Cause Users To Reinstall Windows

Trojan:Win32/Popureb.E can only be completely removed by wiping a system and starting from scratch. Plus: Microsoft vs. Mozilla heats up; Sony readying for wave of class action lawsuits based on PlayStation Network outage.

Chrome Frame Can Bypass Admins To Install on IE

Google released a test version of its Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer that installs without requiring administrative privileges.

Hacker Groups Announce Plans for Government and Corporate Breaches

Two infamous hacker groups, LulzSec and Anonymous, have released a statement that it will be targeting government and large corporation Web sites for the sole purpose of obtaining classified and private information. It also calls individuals to join in on the attacks.

Microsoft Voices Concern About Competing Browsers Running WebGL

The company says the 3D Web standard is a security risk. Plus: Hackers breach Sega's database, resulting in the loss of customer data; Symnatec warns of online currency scam; Attackers taking to the phones to get you to install malware.

High-Profile Cyber Attacks Puts Pressure on IT

Government officials are predicting that a future attack on the U.S. may happen in cyberspace. Plus: Evaluating the security landscape, Windows malware threats becoming sophisticated, anti-span suite helps avoid user interaction with possible phishing threats.

Microsoft Releases 16 Patches for June

Today Windows security released the June patch that features 16 bulletins: nine "critical" and seven marked "important."

Security Software Sales Making Comeback, Says Gartner

After a disastrous 2009, security software companies see sales making a comeback.

Patch Tuesday Will Be Busy for IT Pros

Windows IT pros can expect a full slate of fixes for June, if the advance notification for this month's security update is any indication.

Hackers Targeting Gmail, Hotmail for Attacks

Increased attacks are being both staged and carried out on some of the Web's most popular e-mail sites. Plus: U.S. gets serious on cyber threats, Syria blocks Internet access.

Internet Explorer Flaw Can Cause Zero-Day Exploit

A security breach of Internet Explorer could occur if a hacker hijacks session cookies from users' visits to a Web site, According to Rosario Valotta, an Italian security researcher.

Google Releases Security Update for Chrome

Chrome version 11.0.696.71, which fixes four vulnerabilities in the Google browser, was released today.

Sophos Voices Concern Over Internet Explorer 9 Security

The company points out flaws about a Microsoft study that shows IE 9 malware blocking success rate. Plus: Google to fix Android hole, Sony's security still being taken advantage of and a cloud vendor wants providers to make security a higher priority.

Windows 7 Better Than XP, Vista in Security

Microsoft's Security Intelligence Report calls its latest OS the safest. Plus: phishers "like" social media, and scareware gets scarier.

Microsoft Delivers Windows, PowerPoint Patches in May

Microsoft's May patch arrived as expected, with just two security bulletins, one deemed "critical" and one considered "important."

Will the Real Patch Tuesday, Please Stand Up?

Windows and IT security pros already are on edge each Patch Tuesday. Now there's a fake Patch Tuesday that could push them over. Plus: Tweaks to the Exploitability Index; DLL weakness report; improving Microsoft Security Essentials; more.

SharePoint Data Could Be At Risk, Says Researcher

Microsoft works with other vendors on vulnerability disclosures, whether they like it or not. Plus: Hackers push Sony gamers offline; Kaspersky Labs wants kidnap rumors to die down.

Microsoft To Coordinate with Competitors on Flaw Disclosure

Microsoft works with other vendors on vulnerability disclosures, whether they like it or not. Plus: Hackers push Sony gamers offline; Kaspersky Labs wants kidnap rumors to die down.

Admins Busy on All Bug-Squashing Fronts in April

Squishing bugs: It's what admins do, especially on Windows and Oracle systems. And Let's not forget Apple and Adobe. Plus: Elevation of privilege problems on Windows 7? A Stuxnet conspiracy theory.

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