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The Cloud Will Rain Down with 14M Jobs into 2015

The cloud is supposed to bring efficiencies to computing that, at times, can also mean efficiencies in the IT personnel needed to launch and drive cloud initiatives. In short, the cloud can seem like a job killer. At least that's the general perception among many of our Redmond readers. Popular perception often trumps facts and figures, even with good evidence to the contrary in the form of an IDC report -- albeit, commissioned by Microsoft -- that shows cloud computing will effectively create about 14 million jobs in the next three years.

The study show that a third of cloud-based hiring will form around mainly communications and media, banking, and manufacturing; also, half of all cloud-related jobs will originate in emerging markets (mainly China and India). IDC derived the data from forecasts it made from cloud spending trends globally.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 03/08/2012 at 11:59 AM

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Reader Comments:

Wed, Jul 4, 2012

Have to agree with the last comment, jobs might not be lost overall but they will be moved and the distinction isn't comforting to an IT pro left jobless after giving considerable money Microsofts way throughout their career. I don't blame any of the people benefiting from these jobs in Asia it's the corporations and that is what really hurts at the end of the day, loyalty seems to be a one way street for Microsoft.... Not so much as cab fair on the night stand after we wake up from the one night stand of the cloud.

Wed, Apr 4, 2012 Chris23

The cloud in our day-and-age has become more versatile in the US. With authenticated-enterprise management consoles, PraaS, and new forms of private and virtual clouds, our industry has done a lot of improvement in the last year or so. Ever since the cloud boom in 2011, companies like Sparksys and Junex Systems have thrived in the cloud market. Technologies like FO-Tip Client and NIC-base-code-GFI boards will prove to hold-up in SAS and SES. If anything the Japanese and the Russians are embossing this curve.

Mon, Mar 12, 2012 Texas

'the cloud can seem like a job killer' it is for us in US.'half of all cloud-related jobs will originate in emerging markets (mainly China and India)' it could be more, thanks to Free Trade Agreement. US Government and private sectors makes other countries rich by outsourcing jobs to cheap labor!

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