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See How Foglight for Virtualization Saves Your Company Money

Forrester Consulting conducted a commissioned Total Economic Impact™ study on behalf of Dell to examine the potential return on investment to enterprises deploying Foglight for Virtualization. Their analysis revealed a “very favorable” risk-adjusted ROI of 96%. Learn more.

Date: 05/01/2014

Time: 8:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

Why Most Companies Get Disaster Recovery Wrong: Shattering the Myths about High-Availability Architecture

Join Jon Toigo as he argues that the need for traditional disaster recovery or business continuity planning has never been greater than on the bleeding edge of the virtual revolution. Learn more now.

Date: 05/20/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Winning the IT Infrastructure Battle with Cloud Faxing

Fax is a necessary evil. The business demands it, but maintaining fax infrastructure can be a constant headache and a never-ending expense. For more and more companies, the cloud is the answer. Learn more.

Date: 04/29/2014

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

OpenStack: What It Is and How It’s Transforming Cloud Storage

Join us and find out what OpenStack is, how it works and it's revolutionalizing cloud storage. You'll also learn about the benefits of implementing cloud storage with the OpenStack framework. Learn more.

Date: 04/30/2014

Time: 11:00 am

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Confident. Resilient. Prepared. Three Steps to Prepare for Active Directory Threats, Risks and Mitigation

Join us for this webcast to learn the top steps that all organizations should follow to better prepare for Active Directory threats and risks and efficiently alleviate prolonged outages.

Date: 04/25/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Applications in System Center – How Application-Aware Monitoring Can Transform IT Operations

IT operations teams are making System Center 2012 the center of their monitoring platform strategy. Learn how Application-Aware Monitoring can move your company from managing resource availability to managing service-level delivery.

Date: 04/29/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Extending Active Directory to Office 365

This webinar will discuss the various options and their pros and cons, including federated single sign-on and user on-boarding and synchronization.

Date: 04/22/2014

Time: 11:00 am

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Exchange 2013: What You Should Know before You Go

With the recent release of Microsoft™ Exchange Server 2013 SP1, adoption will begin to increase. Most administrators wait for the first service pack to release before deploying system-critical platforms like messaging, so organizations are now starting to evaluate the benefits and examining challenges of moving to the new platform. Learn more!

Date: 04/29/2014

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

Windows XP Is Retiring. Get Top Migration Tips for a Safe Transition.

Attend this webcast to learn the top tips for safely migrating your old Windows XP environment and keeping your business running securely.

Date: 04/24/2014

Time: 11:00 am

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Governance and Agility in the Cloud: You Can Have It All

In this webcast, you’ll learn how using a cloud management solution can help application developers and other business users get their jobs done quickly, efficiently and effectively – while still allowing IT to maintain security and governance, as well as track and report on usage and spending.

Date: 04/29/2014

Time: 11:00 am

How to Finally Populate All Those Active Directory Attributes and Keep Them Accurate

Join MVP Don Jones for a look at the advantages of a well-managed set of Active Directory attributes, and some advice on keeping those attributed properly filled-in with a minimum of manual effort.

Date: 05/21/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Top 5 Mistakes You’re Making with Active Directory Group Management

Redmond magazine columnist and MVP Don Jones reviews the biggest group management mistakes you’re probably making, and offers some suggestions for making things saner in your environment.

Date: 04/23/2014

Time: 11:00 am

Office 365 and Hybrid Approach: The Best of Both Worlds, or Is It?

Join us as J. Peter Bruzzese, Exchange MVP, discusses the pros and cons for these environments with real world examples. As a special offer, we’ll give each attendee a copy of “Conversational Exchange (in 10 Days!),” J. Peter’s new book.

Date: 04/30/2014

Time: 11:00 am

On Demand

Windows XP Migration EOL has Passed? Now What?

Join us for this 60 minute Q and A, customer panel style webinar showcasing different perspectives and experiences regarding OS Migrations, particularly Windows XP. Learn more.

SAP Webinar: Label Printing made Simple with Compleo for SAP

SAP IT departments are requested to make label data compatible with the ever changing external infrastructure such as thermal printers, new label formats and graphics, as well as being compliant with product label requirements enforced by FPLA, FDA, COO regulations. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

10 Things NOT to Do with Hyper-V Backups

Join this webinar with Rick Vanover to see how an agentless backup can give you the ultimate in granular recovery and e-discovery, instant recovery of critical workloads and more.

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Monitoring the Microsoft Stack

Go beyond one-dimensional performance monitoring with the ability to visualize, analyze and optimize across the IT stack – including virtual and physical infrastructure, OS, applications, databases and storage.

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How to Solve the PST Problem You Didn't Know You Had

Attend this webcast to learn how to identify the risk PST files presents for your organization and how to simplify the process of moving them to a suitable location within your on-premises Exchange or to Office 365 environment.

3 Keys to Cloud and Network Monitoring in 2014: Is the Cloud Creating a Black Hole in Your Monitoring?

IT environments are getting a lot more complex thanks to cloud computing, virtualization and increasingly distributed environments, creating a new set of application and network monitoring challenges. These rapid changes are rendering legacy monitoring tools useless and creating a demand for an all encompassing view of both on-premise and cloud services

Duration: 1 Hour

Active Directory Group Management: How to Take Yourself Out of the Loop

What would you need to bring into your environment in order to get group management off of your back? Find out in this informative webcast featuring MVP Don Jones.

Security with Hosted Exchange: What You Need to Know Now

As you migrate from your current email systems (including older generations of Microsoft Exchange) and consider options for Exchange deployment, look beyond pricing to elements such as migration, support, back-end architecture and—above all— data protection and security. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

5 Keys to Jumpstart Your Yammer Adoption

This Webcast featuring MVP Brien M. Posey will detail some of the finer points of Yammer adoption, with an emphasis on the idea that many organizations already have Yammer through their Office 365 subscriptions.

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Five Things Every VM Admin Needs to Know about Their Environment

During this webcast, you'll see how you can quickly and easily access details that will make it significantly easier for you to visualize, analyze, optimize and automate your virtual environment.

You Want to Archive What?!?

Attend this webcast for a look beyond email archiving. Modern archiving solutions, such as Symantec Enterprise Vault™, provide a platform on which organizations may store, manage, search and discover all meaningful information. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Achieving Customer Engagement & Competitive Advantages by Automating Fax & Email Orders

Join us for our live webinar, Achieving Customer Engagement & Competitive Advantages by Automating Fax & Email Orders, and discover how automating order processing is necessary to allow your customer service representatives to have more time to focus on servicing your customers. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

It's Only a Matter of Time: Surviving an IT Audit

Join Nick Cavalancia in this lively webinar as he explores how to survive an IT audit. He will discuss the specific questions auditors are asking IT, how to prepare for an audit and which tools can help. Learn more.

A Case Study: Hear How a Customer Is Actively Managing Admin Rights in a Least Privilege Environment

Join us to see how IT administrators can manage and assign administrative privilege permissions in a locked down environment to specific applications and desktop functions through granular control of administrator rights. Learn more!

Windows XP End-of-Life Countdown Has Begun. Are you Ready?

Join us for a webcast with Bit9’s CTO, Harry Sverdlove to discuss how severe the consequences of Windows XP end-of-life on april 8, 2014 can be if you take no action. Get the details!

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Kace Demo

Strapped for time, but still want to know how Dell™ KACE™ appliances can provide you with a comprehensive, easy-to-use and affordable solution to your systems management challenges? This on-demand webcast takes only minutes to watch, but you‘ll see how you can save hours every week using an appliance-based approach.

Duration: 1 Hr

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Apple in the Enterprise

The use of Apple® products – like Macs®, iPhones® and iPads® – has become commonplace within enterprise computing. Join this one-hour webcast to learn the best practices for supporting Apple devices within your organization alongside their Windows counterparts.

Identity Related Risks: Have You Met Your Administrators?

Join our live webcast to learn how to minimize the identity related risks in your Windows Server environment – both anticipated and unanticipated – while simplifying management of applications without creating more Administrators. Learn more.

Let’s Talk About…Exchange 2013 On-Premise and Hosted

Join us as J. Peter Bruzzese, Exchange MVP and Co-founder/CIO of ClipTraining discusses the pros and cons for these environments with real world examples. As a special offer, we’ll give each attendee a copy of J. Peter’s new book, “Conversational Exchange in 10 Days!”.

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Mergers & Acquisitions – What’s Next for IT?

You’ve acquired, or are merging with, a company. The challenge? Seamlessly restructure important infrastructures like Active Directory and Exchange email systems. This archived webcast shows you how.

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Moving to Microsoft Exchange 2013?

Are you considering a move to Exchange 2013 to enjoy its new, powerful features? In this archived webcast, see if your company is ready for it and how to ensure success.

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Microsoft Active Directory Consolidation Challenges

In this archived webcast, learn about common Active Directory consolidation challenges, when to migrate and how the right combination of best practices and migration tools can smooth the process. Watch it today.

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Office 365 or Hybrid SharePoint - Which is right for you and how to get there?

In this webcast, we’ll discuss the many options for Office 365 subscription plans, share best-practice architectures to support real-world business scenarios, and give guidance for getting your legacy content to the cloud faster and with less risk.

Unitrends' Product Demonstration On-Demand Webinar

Unitrends offers the #1 all-in-one backup solution for physical, virtual, cloud or mixed environments. Watch the on demand product demo that goes beyond the marketing hype and shows how it really works.

Duration: 1 Hour

Metalogix logo

The Shortcomings of SQL for SharePoint Sync

Join us for this webinar to understand the synchronization limitations with Out of the Box SharePoint and other Microsoft solutions, such as SQL and discuss what you should be looking for in order to achieve true global deployment for SharePoint.

Finding the Best Path for Upgrading Your Email Environment

Join us as J. Peter Bruzzese, Exchange MVP and Co-founder/CIO of ClipTraining, presents an overview of options and implications.

Windows Server 2012 R2: What’s New, Where Microsoft Is Headed, and What It Means to You

Redmond magazine columnist and Microsoft MVP Don Jones breaks down the major new technologies in Microsoft’s latest server OS, and explains what they mean for Microsoft – and you – going forward.

Modernizing Your Datacenter with Hybrid Storage

Attend this webcast, hosted by vExpert and datacenter problem-solver, David Davis where we will dive into what hybrid storage is, what makes some hybrid storage better than others, how you can finally guarantee your most critical apps the storage that they demand, and finally, how to do it all while maximizing your storage. Register now!

Discover the Clear Advantages of Cloud Faxing

Join us for this webinar to learn how you can deploy faxing for your entire organization — with features like real-time status and 24x7x365 availability — quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Active Directory Domain Controllers: Backup Recovery in Virtualised Infrastructure

Join Sander Berkouwer and Mike Resseler for this webinar to learn the best practices of backup and virtualization for Active Directory Domain Controllers. View now!

Duration: 1 Hour

ESG Video: Best Practices in Virtualized Protection for 2014

Jason Buffington, ESG Sr. Analyst, discusses ESG's research findings on protecting highly virtualized environments, looking at such topics as server hypervisor adoption/preferences, general data protection trends, and specific approaches for protecting and recovering both VMware and Hyper-V environments.

Duration: 1 Hour

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Data Deduplication: Mathematics, Technology and Your Datacenter Backups

Actually accomplishing deduplication’s goals involves an impressive merge of technology and mathematics. Get smarter about backups by getting smarter about backups deduplication.

Identity and Access Management Best Practices - Cleaning Up Active Directory Groups

One of the most common problems with larger and growing organizations is the overuse, misuse and what should be depreciated use of groups within Active Directory. Participate in this webinar to learn how some companies quickly address this problem. Learn more.

Metalogix logo

SharePoint Governance Benchmark: Where do you rank?

This session is part of the global re-education of what ‘SharePoint Governance' REALLY is and how it is the essential element to enable your organization to deliver business value through the SharePoint platform.

Increase Your Speed: How to Accelerate Office 365

Join experts as they discuss how to overcome the challenges of the cloud to successfully accelerate Office 365 more than 100 times, reduce migration times more than 50%, and increase ROI in less than 12 months.

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Storage Technology in 2014–What’s Hot, What’s Not

Don’t miss this opportunity to get expert advice on storage and virtualization strategies – from arrays, I/O, proper sizing, vital storage statistics, storage for virtual workload management, and best methods for improving storage for virtual environments.

Dell Software

Five Ways to Ensure a Successful Transition to Office 365

Join us for this webcast to learn about the challenges you might face with Office 365, how to properly prepare for your transition, and how to make the move securely and with ease. Sign up now!

Hyper-V and VMware: 10 Tips for Success Using Both

Have you virtualized with both VMware and Hyper-V? What are some best practices that apply to both virtualized environments? Join this webinar with Rick Vanover from Veeam to learn more!

Duration: 1 Hour

The Convergence of Cloud, Virtualization and Data Protection

Cloud and virtualization technologies have changed IT profoundly in recent years, having an enormous impact on the top consideration in IT today: data protection. But despite some obvious points of intersection, these technologies remain surprisingly separate from each other in many IT departments. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Not too Late to Migrate

Running Windows XP in your environment after April 2014 can expose you and your company to risks, including less secure data, unsupported software & hardware and unusable business critical applications. Learn more in this on demand webcast!

Duration: 1 Hour

Application Delivery Controllers in the Cloud: Load Balancing for the Virtual World

Join Redmond magazine columnist, Don Jones, for a fascinating interview on how virtual ADCs are impacting both enterprise organizations and cloud service providers, and how you can start taking advantage of them in your own infrastructure.

Enterprise App Stores: Friend or Foe to Software License Compliance

Learn how an enterprise app store can improve operational efficiency, maximize asset utilization and ensure license compliance.

High Performance Software Application Delivery (ADC) for Online, Enterprise, and Cloud Applications in Microsoft® Windows Server 2012 R2 Hyper-V

In this webinar, Prabu Rambardran, Senior Product Manager for Windows Server at Microsoft and Mike Iem, Senior Product Manager, Stingray Business Unit, Riverbed Technology will go over the latest features in Hyper-V and how customers can benefit from the integration of Hyper-V and a software, Layer 7, Application Delivery Controller. View now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Reduce Costs and Help the Environment through Desktop Power Management

In this informative, one-hour session you will discover how to successfully implement power management within your organization and how to effectively quantify and track the potential cost savings. You’ll also learn what to look for in a tool to help.

Duration: 1 Hour

Choosing the Right Tool for Moving to Microsoft App-V 5.0

Setting up virtual infrastructure on Microsoft App-V 5.0 offers many tangible advantages to IT departments, but finding a way to get to the new platform can be tricky. Learn how to navigate that path in this podcast.

Duration: 1 Hour