SQL Server 2012 'Launch Event' Happening on March 7

Microsoft indicated today that SQL Server 2012 is nearing product release.

Entity Framework 4.3 Gets Final Tune-Up--Enum Support Promised in 5.0

Microsoft last week shipped the Entity Framework 4.3 Beta 1, with some NuGet integration enhancements and bug fixes.

Database Jobs Provide Security, Survey Says

A recent salary survey indicates that database-related jobs provide good job security, and don’t rank too badly on the salary side of things, either.

Oracle Firms Up Entity Framework Support

It's a brand-new database world. Witness Oracle's release of a data provider that allows Oracle coders to work in .NET.

Is Microsoft Leading a Data Revolution?

Microsoft may become the big data provider, especially if the government's data sources lose funding.

Microsoft Previews SQL Server Driver for Linux

Some 13 years later, Microsoft has released the first preview of an ODBC driver for Linux.

Microsoft Releases SQL Server ODBC Driver for Red Hat Linux

It's been a long time coming, but Microsoft finally pushed out a 64-bit SQL Server Open Database Connectivity driver for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Microsoft on Hadoop, Openness: Yes, We're Serious

Hadoop support at Microsoft is deep enough to have them abandoning LINC to HPC.

SQL Server 2012 Release Candidate Now Available

Microsoft has issued a release candidate version of SQL Server 2012 for download and testing.

Developers Offered Pay-For-Use Database Cloud Service

Thanks to the cloud, SQL Server development is about to get cheaper.

Microsoft Unveils SQL Server 2012 Licensing and Pricing

Microsoft rolled out a description of its SQL Server 2012 licensing model on Thursday.

Developers Can Test 'Denali' in Amazon Cloud

Hey, SQL Server developers! You can get onto Amazon's cloud.

Hiccups in Entity Framework/.NET Framework Separation

The ties that bind are not so easily severed, especially between the teams who are developing these two platforms.

Surprise! Google, Apple Play Catch-Up to Microsoft (for a change)

Microsoft isn't always the slow-moving dinosaur, but the visionary. Witness its work with SQL Azure beating Google and Apple to data-laden cloud.

An Improved SQL Azure Targeted for 2011

At the second day of the SQL PASS Summit, Microsoft announced a new SQL Azure release as well as some new features to come later this year.

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