Security Watch

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Oracle fixes piled onto Microsoft fixes; October out-of-band patch still makes admins twitch; common programming errors resulting in security lapses.

Microsoft, Mozilla, Verisign Team Up on E-Commerce Security Flaw

Plus: Windows Media Player RCE flaw not serious, says Redmond; Twitter phishing; more.

Microsoft Ends 08 with Two Security Battles

Plus: Should security experts follow open source's open development model? And the damage that can happen in 4.5 seconds.

Security Comes in Patches

IT pros have some complex reasons for rolling out patches, but one thing is for sure: Threats always loom, so do it sooner rather than later.

A Tasty Dish of Worms and Spam

The security space saw lots of activity in November that may have lasting effects on the way IT pros protect, deploy and maintain environments going forward.

SMB Fix Is In the Flaw

Plus: Users seeks transparency with SharePoint; Symantec chief retiring; a fool and his job are soon parted.

Lights Out for Financial Times Web Site

Plus, personal data leaks onto LimeWire; texting and privacy.

Can SQL Inections Be Blocked?

A cool trick with a Cisco router, plus why job hunters might be the hunted.

Detaching from Barnacleware

HP plugs 8 ActiveX control flaws; cybercriminal round-up; security for small biz.

The Dumb Security Ideas Edition

Some real stupid events in IT security have come out of hiding and back onto your systems.

Criminals on Autopilot


Hacktivist Turf War

Plus, parking permit system compromised; inside the SQL Injection attacks; more.

I'm Thinking of a Number

OpenSSH flaw in Debian and derivatives not as serious -- yet. Also, IE printing flaw; Belgium and India attack China; more.

Data Breaches and the Importance of Patching Tools

Among other things, our study points to the speed with which vulnerabilities are exploited and the speed with which admins patch systems.

Are IT Risks Lurking On Your Machines?

Here's an interesting problem that comes with a lesson.

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