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Bot Herders Taking to Fast Flux DNS

Internet domain registrars need to step up and help customers, not bot herders. Plus: rootkits grow up, and the GAO analyzes result of data breaches.

Vendor-Issued ActiveX Means BOV for Users

HP guilty this time, and so is AMX NetLinx. At least HP's buffer overflow flaws come with fixes.

Symantec Talks Loudly On Speech Flaw

Plus: Spaniard nabbed for hacking cell phones; NASA hacker in court.

Threats vs. Vulnerabilities: Addressing the Aftermath

Also: RealPlayer, HelixPlayer flaws show hackers casting wider OS net; open-source imaging software gets fix.

This Firefox Flaw Bytes

Plus: MPACK goes wild; Trojans on YouTube; 419 scammers busted in Holland; insecure SSL v2.

To Protect and Secure the Web

Security group wants to change law that prevents most forms of Web penetration testing. Plus: on the wrong side of leaky P2P.

The High Cost of Malware

Plus: Symantec releases bot killer beta; are surveys spreading spam?

Search Engines Get 'OK' Bill of Health

Plus, buffer overflow vulnerabilities abound; Microsoft IIS still a target; more

Study: More Data Accidents Happen 'Unofficially' at Home

Plus, "human error" strikes again; company offers to patent security fixes; more.

Counting Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability study based on bad math; cyberwarfare is sexy; more.

The Day Symantec Couldn't Speak Chinese

It was a case of Symantec Updates not working on Chinese Windows XP, but was it due to pirated XP copies? Also: IETF approves DKIM; rare MOICE problems.

Corporate Bloggers Raise the Security Ante

Plus: QuickTime, WinZip flaws, and my hacker mom.

Buffer Overflow Flaws Aplenty

BOF rears its ugly head in Sun Java VM, Qualcomm Eudora and Symantec Discover, among others. Also: Using IPv6? Just ditch those Type 0 routing headers.

Cooper on Business Adoption of Windows Vista

Unlike Microsoft's research into the matter, our resident security professional sees more obstacles that can hinder Vista adoption by businesses.

DDoS Attacks Decline As Hackers Get Smart

Plus: Bad backups at Business 2.0; stopping e-shoppers at the shopping cart; brandjacking; more.

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