Security Watch

Buffer Overflow: Big News, Small Impact

Also: a cyberfront to an online war; why it's a good thing your smart phone is dumb.

Heise Security: The Hole Trick

How Skype & Co. get 'round firewalls. Plus: PHP security, phishing facts and passwords in plain sight.

Wireless Client Update for XP SP2

Plus: secure e-transactions, baseless Russian hacker hysteria, more.

What Does Windows Vista's Copy Protection/DRM Protect?

I have my own set of question from an online debate regarding how Windows Vista implements copy protection and digital rights management.

Companies Face New Rules on E-Mail

Also: NASA hacked, and a password discovery tool that might be </i>too<i> </i>good.

Cybercrime -- An Epidemic

Also: How Argonne Labs got users to help clean up network security.

Top 10 Web 2.0 Attack Vectors

Plus: participate in ICSA Labs' security surveys.

Consumers Numb to Lax Laptop Security?

Plus: The FTC plays games with security, and the country's nuclear safety almost compromised by a thumb drive.

.NET Web Apps: Bad Input Can Lead to Bad Security

Plus: A look at cross-site request forgery and examining the spread of malware through peer-to-peer networks.

British ISP Fires Back at Spammers

Plus: A botnet study; bad password education?

Hacker Toolkit Cloaks Browser Exploits

Plus: Yahoo! e-mail addresses getting rejected by U.K. site, and yet another Microsoft exploit -- this time for PowerPoint.

BBC's Honeypot Reveals Nothing New

Also: Checking your DNS settings; bots and FUD; more.

Apple, Adobe Apps Get Patched

Also: The danger lurking on USB thumb drives and in social networking sites.

Hactivism Group Launches Anonymous Browser

Plus: Formation of an ID standards panel, update on the U.S. ID Theft Task Force and why banks might be an unsafe place for your money.

Europe May Require Data Breach Notification

Also: ATMs working like greased slot machines; QuickTime, Flash Player invite hackers to your machine.

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