Microsoft Aims for Fewer Patch Restarts with Windows 8

Windows 8 will arrive with a promise to minimize the amount of mandatory restarts after the installation of monthly and out-of-band updates.

4 Security Bulletins Released by Microsoft in Light November Update

Microsoft released its security update for November today with only four bulletins -- one item deemed "critical," two "important" and one "moderate."

Microsoft Releases Temporary Workaround for Duqu Zero-Day Kernel Issue

Microsoft today released a workaround, documented in Security Advisory 2639658, that will prevent the Duqu malware from entering a targeted system through a Windows kernel issue.

Windows Zero-Day Exploit Linked to Duqu Worm

A zero-day vulnerability discovered on Tuesday by Microsoft is being targeted by attackers as an open door to spread the Duqu malware.

Microsoft Settles with Alleged Malware Culprit

Lawyers for Microsoft have come to an out-of-court settlement with Czech Republic-based Dotfree Group and its owner over involvement in the Kelihos botnet ring.

Trojan Relative of Stuxnet Hits Web

A Trojan apparently being used to gather information for a future Stuxnet-style attack, was found in European industrial systems, according to Symantec.

Microsoft's October Security Bulletin Addresses 23 Flaws

Microsoft is keeping IT pros busy this week as it issues two security bulletins rated "critical" and another six rated "important," all addressing 23 assorted flaws.

Microsoft Readies 8 Security Fixes for October

Microsoft's advanced notification lists two critical and six important patches will be delivered in next week's Patch Tuesday update.

Government's Crosshairs On Cybersecurity for October

Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with these guidelines presented by the U.S. government. Plus: Google and Microsoft fling malware accusations; Redmond hogging credit for latest botnet take down?

Security Advisory for SSL/TLS Flaw Released by Microsoft

In response to a new threat of attack caused by a flaw in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0, Microsoft has issued Security Advisory 2588513, which contains a description and workarounds.

Windows 8 Dual Boot Possible If 'Secure Boot' Disabled

Microsoft addressed a claim that Windows 8 will not allow Linux operating systems to coexist in a dual-boot configuration on PCs.

Security Advisory Targeting Web Certificates Receives Update

Security Advisory (2607712) got a re-release yesterday from Microsoft after the previously flawed update failed to include all blocked Web certificates from a Dutch certificate firm.

Microsoft's September Patch Has Five 'Important' Items, None 'Critical'

Five "important" security bulletins arrived as scheduled for September's Patch Tuesday; one important fix takes care of a load jacking exploit.

Microsoft Confirms Advanced Security Update Leak

Microsoft has not found any issues since the update info was leaked and pulled offline on Friday. Plus: EU creates new anti-hacking agency; Apple next in line to discredit Dutch Internet certificate company for breach.

Next Week's Security Bulletin Has Important Fixes, Nothing 'Critical'

This looks to be a lighter patch month, with no "critical" items making it into in September's Microsoft Security Bulletin.

Reactions to Hijacked Web Certifications

Companies like Mozilla and Microsoft hit the Web to denounce Web certificates issued by Dutch company DigiNotar.

Microsoft: Morto Worm Tries To Guess Network Passwords

Microsoft issued a warning on a new worm that uses Remote Desktop Protocol connections from PCs to guess simple login and password information.

Microsoft Cuts 'Supercookies' out of its Diet

The company provides a comprehensive breakdown of the Internet irritant. Plus: Anonymous releases defense information; Famous individuals go to the front of the line with Google+

Malware Report Says That Windows Less Prone to Attacks

Microsoft products, and Windows in particular, no longer appear on Kaspersky's latest top-10 list of vulnerability concerns.

Microsoft Fixes Issue Discovered in Pwn2Own Contest

This month's Patch Tuesday included a fix for an Internet Explorer exploit found by Steven Fewer. Plus: Anonymous releases personal information of San Francisco public transit users; Facebook, Twitter and Research in Motion discuss possible actions to dissuade rioting in London; AOL attacked by a server-side incursion.

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