Microsoft Inadvertently Fans the 'Flame'

Plus: Stuxnet worm sourced, LinkedIn passwords compromised.

The Cost of Keeping Windows XP

Plus: Iran attacked with possible politically driven malware, social network monitoring projected to increase.

Vista SP1 Infections Increasing

Plus: Former Microsoft CSO steps down from government position, 10 years of Trustworthy Computing

Gartner: Migrate Off of Windows XP Now

Many IT pros have contemplated moving away from XP, but very few have done so, according to the research firm.

Microsoft Throws Wrench in Hackers' Playbook

Plus: Adobe changes mind about not patching older software, The Pirate Bay doesn't condone Anonymous actions.

Microsoft Updates Anti-Exploit Tool for Windows

Microsoft released its latest anti-exploit tool designed to add security for various software programs running on Windows systems, even those programs that lack much protection at all.

Microsoft Kicks Chinese Security Firm Out of Friendship Club

Plus: PHP script error gets a security update for faulty security update, 10 security mistakes you're still making.

3 Critical RCE Fixes in May Security Patch

Microsoft's May security update includes three bulletin items classified "critical" and four "important."

May Security Update To Come with Critical Office Fix

Microsoft's May Patch Tuesday offering will feature three "critical" and four "important" bulletin items targeting 23 vulnerabilities.

Hackers Know Where You Skype

Plus: Best practices for employee online monitoring, Playstation hacker visits Sony.

Microsoft Security Essentials 4.0 Released

Version 4 comes with improved detection capabilities, automatic remediation and a streamlined interface.

Microsoft Reminds Organizations of Conficker Risk

The Conficker worm should continue to be a top concern in enterprise security -- even though there hasn't been a new variant seen in the wild in over two years -- according to Microsoft. 

Who's Still Talking About Conficker? Microsoft Is

Plus: U.S. drops to second on "dirty dozen" of spam list, is privacy a thing of the past?

App Cloud Management Service for Windows RT Devices Announced

Devices running Windows RT (or Windows 8 on ARM hardware) can be used for both personal and business purposes.

ISPs Shining Their Internet Police Badges

Plus: Google facing fines for Apple Safari privacy issues, young hacker goes on attack spree.

Microsoft's Already Patching Windows 8?

Plus: End of support for Vista, China has the best hackers.

4 'Critical' Fixes Included in Microsoft's April Security Update

Six bulletins patching 11 flaws is the order for this month's Microsoft update.

Mainstream Support for Windows Vista Ends

This month marks the passing of a few Windows and Office product lifecycle milestones.

6 Bulletin Items Announced Ahead of April's Microsoft Security Update

Microsoft will release six bulletin items in its April security update, according to the Microsoft Security Bulletin Advance Notification.

Is Your Java Up To Date?

Plus: Your credit card information may be ripe for the plucking if you've ever sold a used Xbox 360.

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