MaxCharge Adds Transaction Security

Maximized Software Inc. (Oakland, Calif., today released version 2.0 of MaxCharge Standard Edition, an upgrade to its MaxCharge product that enables a Web site to process credit card orders directly over the Internet with added security.

MaxCharge is a Microsoft Windows ActiveX (COM) component, so it can be used with Microsoft Active Server Pages, Visual Basic, Delphi, Excel, ColdFusion, and other environments. The product includes sample processing scripts, sample code, documentation, and a test merchant account to help the user become immediately productive.

Transactions are submitted securely using SSL technology to protect the shopper's credit card information. MaxCharge submits the transaction via the Web server's existing Internet connection, rather than requiring the use of a modem to establish a dial-up connection for each transaction. Maximized reports that MaxCharge transactions usually take under 10 seconds while dial-up transactions can take up to a minute.

The MaxCharge Web site contains a list of recommended e-commerce systems, which will expand as more systems become available. Also listed on the site are 3rd party MaxCharge integrators and developers of e-commerce enabled sites and systems. In addition, webmasters can develop their own applications for custom processing of credit cards. --Brian Ploskina, Assistant Editor

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