MCP TechMentor 2000, Day 2: Mark Minasi's Windows 2000 Report Card

Mark Minasi opened up day two of the TechMentor Conference in Chicago, which was also the day the NASDAQ and Microsoft took a market drubbing. Minasi couldn't resist adding his two cents with some tongue-in-cheek investment advice: "Don't worry, the judge could easily have a heart attack -- he's heavy; he's a Kentucky Fried Chicken-eating kind of guy...." Don't sell the stock yet; wait a few months."

Minasi then then shot off a laundry list of features he considered to be compelling enough to upgrade to Windows 2000: Plug and Play, offline folders, home directories, and the encrypting file system. But Minasi also cautioned that implementers should carefully weigh the higher hardware costs and a few of Win2K's nagging reliability issues, such as periodic slowdowns and incomplete shutdowns, before taking steps to rollout on an enterprise level.

Click here to download and view Mark Minasi's PowerPoint presentation; requires PowerPoint 5.0 or higher.

Click here to listen to Mark Minasi's entire keynote presentation in audio format. The presentation is 1 hour and 29 minutes (20+ MB) and requires Windows Media Player 4.0 or higher.

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