Internet Explorer

Arguing Over Botnet Taxation Leads to No Results

The debate continues over an Internet taxation framework. Plus: Report on IE and Firefox bug issues; Small number of Microsoft patches for March.

Microsoft Releases EMET 2.0 Security Tool

Microsoft last week released the latest version of a free tool designed to help ward off attacks to legacy software.

Yahoo's Struggles Put CEO on Hot Seat

Just before Google Inc. went public nearly three years ago, Yahoo Inc. Chairman Terry Semel assured a roomful of securities analysts and money managers that his company would remain the Internet's brightest star. To punctuate his high hopes, Frank Sinatra's "The Best Is Yet to Come" played in the background.

Always On Our Minds

Yes, Conficker manages to remain in minds of IT security. Plus: tweeting birds get the worm and why security standards equal a bad idea.

Hackers Know It's All In the Timing

Patch Tuesday reminds us once again that hackers will always be a step ahead. Plus: Outlook issue to be fixed out of band; Intel's intentions with McAfee buy seem questionable.

DNS Flaw Unfixed as Experts Argue Protocol

Speculation continues as to what the ultimate systemic Domain Name System (DNS) flaw could be.

Certified Mail: May 2002

Blocking e-mail attachments, boot camp training, and MCSA early achievers.

Video Emerges as Key to Cisco's Growth

So far, when it comes to making money, the online video explosion is mostly about potential. Studios selling TV shows and movies for download, and Web sites like YouTube that link ads to user-generated content, stand to reap billions from the Internet's hottest trend.

Certified Mail

Licensing confusion, and more salary survey feedback.

Security Advisory for SSL/TLS Flaw Released by Microsoft

In response to a new threat of attack caused by a flaw in the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) 3.0 and Transport Layer Security (TLS) 1.0, Microsoft has issued Security Advisory 2588513, which contains a description and workarounds.

Microsoft's ISA Server Is Only Half Patched

Microsoft's clarification of an Internet Security and Acceleration Server patch released this month has left at least one security expert stumped.

Company Draws Out the Suspense over IE

Security firm says it has found more holes in the browser, but they're holding off on the specifics. Plus: the IE patch took some time; China denies responsibility over Google attacks.

Microsoft Releases IE8 Blocking Tool

When Microsoft issues the general release of Internet Explorer 8, enterprises will be able to deploy a new blocking tool to prevent unauthorized installations of the browser.

Internet Explorer Flaw Can Cause Zero-Day Exploit

A security breach of Internet Explorer could occur if a hacker hijacks session cookies from users' visits to a Web site, According to Rosario Valotta, an Italian security researcher.

Exchange Outside The Lines

Inexpensive, always on, someone else's management headache, (almost) spam-free inboxes -- having your messaging server hosted has its benefits. But choose your host wisely.

Microsoft Makes Fast Move

Microsoft bids $1.2 billion for Norwegian search company to shore up search technology.

Venezuelan Teen Detained in Hacking Case

A 17-year-old has been detained by Venezuelan authorities after hacking into multiple government Web sites.

Microsoft Rolls Out 8 Patches for 10 Vulnerabilities

Microsoft rolled out five "critical" and three "important" patches for Windows Server 2008, Vista, Office, IE and other software.

Google Finds Way To Bypass Internet Explorer Engine

Google introduced a coding plug-in for Web site developers that instructs Microsoft Internet Explorer browsers to use Google Chrome technologies.

FTC Urged To Boost Internet Oversight

Consumer advocates on Tuesday said federal regulators need to increase oversight of telephone and cable companies that offer Internet access to ensure they aren't discriminating against certain providers of video and other Web content.

Microsoft Launches New Security Blog

Patch Tuesday releases promise be a lot more interesting in 2008.

Microsoft Scraps Yahoo Acquisition Plans

Citing a hefty price tag and other concerns, Microsoft this weekend officially scrapped its plans to acquire Yahoo.

Centric CRM Releases Suite, Becomes 'Concursive'

Norfolk, Va.-based Centric CRM has changed its name to Concursive Corporation to reflect the evolution of the company's product line to beyond customer relationship management (CRM) functionality.

YouTube Opens Taiwan Site

Google Inc.'s YouTube said Thursday it has launched a version of the video-sharing site in Taiwan in its latest push to expand in foreign markets. Won't Provide Search Details

Google and others say they want search info to help combat copyright infringement, but are denied by the online retailer due to "trade secrets" concerns.

Microsoft Loses European Court Appeal

A European court upheld earlier ruling that Microsoft abused its monopoly position on several fronts.

Microsoft Launches Health Records Site

Microsoft Corp. launched a Web site Thursday for managing personal health and medical information, jumping into an industry whose digital future is clouded by privacy worries.

Firefox 3.0.8 Released, Critical Security Bugs Fixed

Mozilla rolled out security updates for Firefox after the Web browser was hacked during a contest two weeks ago at a software security convention in Vancouver.

Holed Up in the Library

A flaw with curious name, "binary planting," grows out of iTunes on Windows. There's a workaround for that.

Study: IE Scores Highest Against Social Malware

Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8 and 9 Web browsers demonstrated better protection against socially engineered exploits than other browsers, as described in a September NSS Labs report.

Microsoft's $60B Year-End Revenue Dogged by Search Costs

Microsoft's fiscal fourth-quarter and 2008 year-end financial results were announced in a Webcast on Thursday.

AT&T Unveils Push To Stem Online Piracy

In a break with other Internet service providers, AT&T Inc. will work with Hollywood studios and recording labels to devise technology that identifies offshore content pirates who use its network to upload illegal copies of movies and music.

Reports Aplenty

WSUS' reports sometimes aren't enough -- tap SQL Server Management Studio Express Edition to get what you need.

IE Usage Up Slightly in June, Still Down from 2009

IE market share rose past the 60 percent mark after two straight months of decline.

Microsoft Changes Video Ad Tactic

Microsoft Corp. is testing a way to present video advertising that's less annoying to Web surfers.

EU Welcomes Google Offer on Privacy

EU justice chief Franco Frattini said Wednesday that Internet search leader Google Inc. had offered to cut the time it retains data on user searches from the current 24 months to 18 months amid growing concerns it could be violating EU privacy rules.

Report: Microsoft Meeting with Time Warner Regarding AOL

Just two days after walking away from its $49.6 billion bid for Yahoo, the Times Online U.K. is reporting that Microsoft is meeting with Time Warner executives regarding a possible bid for America Online -- the very company Yahoo turned to in a possible attempt to stave off the takeover bid from Redmond.

Microsoft To Disclose IE 9 Details in March

Microsoft plans to talk about Internet Explorer 9 at its MIX 10 event for Web developers next month.

Microsoft on Security: Actions Speak Louder than Words

Big targets are always easy to hit. Perhaps no company in the modern age of commerce knows this better than Microsoft.

The Insecurity of Windows Shell and USB Drives

Stuxnet is on the attack. Plus: old-school encryption makes a comeback; sniffing out threats, more.

Study: IIS More Likely To Be Compromised

Apache and IIS are equally at fault for pumping malware into the wild, according to a new study.

Microsoft At War With Botnets

New report shows some real progress in killing Zbot. Plus: Adobe hides PDFs in the sandbox; U.S. talks with Aussies on security.

Adobe Donates Code To Mozilla

Adobe Systems Inc. is contributing some of the computer code behind its widely used Flash player to the Mozilla Foundation so that it can be improved upon and blended into an upcoming version of Mozilla's Firefox Web browser.

Sun To Cut More Than 15 Percent of Global Workforce

Sun Microsystems, a leader in Java and open source technologies, put market "speculation to rest" today. Brings New Dimension to Web Search

Internet search engine has been chasing market leader Google Inc. for years without making much headway, but that hasn't deterred its engineers from trying to set the pace for innovation.

IBM Sues Amazon over Web Patents

Key aspects of Inc.'s retailing Web site are improperly built on technologies developed at IBM Corp., Big Blue alleged Monday in two lawsuits against Amazon.

Microsoft Expands Office Live Workspace Beta Worldwide

After nearly three months of private beta testing, Microsoft Office Live Workspace is being rolled out worldwide as a full public beta.

Google Asks Gov't To Fight Censorship

Once relatively indifferent to government affairs, Google Inc. is seeking help inside the Beltway to fight the rise of Web censorship worldwide.

Cryptographic Key Management Project Provides Security Framework

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released two draft publications as part of its Cryptographic Key Management Project, an effort to help agencies in their adoption of more advanced cryptographic algorithms and the management of stronger keys.

Study: New Attacks Use Old Tricks

If there's one thing that last month's attacks against public sector sites in both the U.S. and South Korea demonstrated, it's that the exploits of the past often come back to haunt us.

Security Advisory Targeting Web Certificates Receives Update

Security Advisory (2607712) got a re-release yesterday from Microsoft after the previously flawed update failed to include all blocked Web certificates from a Dutch certificate firm.

Chrome Finally Falls in Pwn2Own Contest

This year's CanSecWest security conference's Pwn2Own contest saw Google's Chrome Web browser fall to multiple exploits on Wednesday.

Microsoft Adds Mobile Device Management to Lineup

Microsoft added a new server to its lineup today, this one aimed at the growing mobile technology market.

New Threats Emerge from Once-Trusted Protocols, Services

Two of the most troubling new threats are in the Domain Name System and Secure Sockets Layer, services users have trusted for years.

Two Hotfixes for Patch Tuesday

In one of the least stress-inducing Patch Tuesdays in memory, Microsoft released just two security bulletins today, one "Critical" and one "Important."

UPDATE: Microsoft: IE 9 Will Not Require Windows 7 SP1, but Don't Wait

Despite the excitement of last week's beta debut of Internet Explorer 9, Microsoft wants organizations moving to Windows 7 to use its Internet Explorer 8 browser.

Q&A: Google's Enterprise Software Plans

Google described its efforts in the enterprise software space, including its e-mail contract win with the city of Los Angeles.

Windows on a Stick

Plus: Google phases out IE 6 support; Azure shines spotlight on cloud computing security.

Microsoft: Toshiba to Build iPod Rival

Microsoft Corp.'s answer to Apple's iPod will be built by Toshiba Corp., the software company confirmed Friday.

Microsoft Joins Group To Stop Conficker Worm, Offers Reward

Problems with the Conficker worm have become so widespread that Microsoft is putting up $250,000 for information leading to the arrest of the worm's author.

Exchange 2000 Upgrade, Times Two

It took three separate attempts to finally upgrade my company to Exchange 2000—this after doing the upgrade in a lab environment and upgrading a pilot box with the IT department on it...

Speedier IE 9 Platform Preview 7 Released by Microsoft

Microsoft today released the seventh "platform preview" of Internet Explorer 9.

Unpatched Systems at Risk From Worm, Microsoft Says

Microsoft is seeing an increase in the number of malware attacks exploiting a security hole supposedly addressed by a recent patch.

Update: North American Imagine Cup 2008 Crowns Winner

Team Sparx takes away top honor and trip to global final in Paris in July.

IE 9 'Platform Preview' Released at MIX10

Microsoft announced the availability of an Internet Explorer 9 "platform preview" at Tuesday's MIX10 keynote address.

Is China Spying on The UK?

Some believe the British Olympic canoeing team was a target of Chinese hackers. Plus: data center goes kablooey; Trojan nabs banking info; more

Yahoo Weighs in on Free Speech in China

China should not punish people for expressing their political views on the Internet, Yahoo Inc. said Monday, a day after the mother of a Chinese reporter announced she was suing the U.S. company for helping officials imprison her son.

November Patch Tuesday To Come with 6 Fixes

Advanced security bulletin refers to an XML flaw and five other Windows flaws deemed "critical"; unknown whether security rollup addresses recent Visual Studio flaw.

Microsoft Closes a Record-Patch Year with 17 for December

Windows IT pros this December find themselves unwrapping a huge package of security updates ahead of Christmas directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft, IBM and EMC Team on ECM Interop Spec

An industry specification for content management interoperability services has been floated by three players in the enterprise content management (ECM) space.

Microsoft Joins W3C's Scalable Vector Graphics Effort

Microsoft is joining the World Wide Web Consortium's (W3C's) Scalable Vector Graphics Working Group.

Microsoft Appeals $1.3B European Commission Penalty

Microsoft appealed penalty for noncompliance with an earlier European Commission antitrust ruling against the company.

Windows Vista Pricing Slips Out

Whoops. In an apparent repeat of the revelation of Office 2007 pricing earlier this year, and Microsoft Canada seem to have lowered the veil on prices for Windows Vista's various incarnations a bit early.

Bot Herders Taking to Fast Flux DNS

Internet domain registrars need to step up and help customers, not bot herders. Plus: rootkits grow up, and the GAO analyzes result of data breaches.

A Tasty Dish of Worms and Spam

The security space saw lots of activity in November that may have lasting effects on the way IT pros protect, deploy and maintain environments going forward.

Amazon To Host Microsoft Solutions in the Cloud

Amazon announced on Wednesday that it is conducting a private beta test of Microsoft's server products running on Amazon's hosted computing platform, which is called Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

4 'Critical' Fixes Included in Microsoft's April Security Update

Six bulletins patching 11 flaws is the order for this month's Microsoft update.

Free Thinker

Is it time to set your own code of ethics?

Gates Foundation Plans Web Access Grants

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation says it will expand its program to give people access to the Internet in libraries and other public places to two Eastern European countries and the African nation of Botswana.

Microsoft Gives Away Search Server 2008

Microsoft said that it's giving away Search Server 2008 Express in release candidate form to anyone who wants it, just by downloading it directly from Microsoft's Web site.

Microsoft's July Patch Tuesday Includes 6 'Critical' Bulletins

Microsoft's July's Security Update, released on Tuesday, includes a massive Internet Explorer fix.

Games Boost Microsoft's Search Share

Microsoft, long stuck in third place behind Google and Yahoo in the search wars, suddenly boosted its share of the market last month by playing a shrewd game of chicken.

Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2, and the company spilled a lot of pixels explaining the beta's new features.

Hackers Targeting IPv6 Networks

Plus, Google bypassing browser privacy policies.

Big Brother Wants To Surf the Net with You

The Obama administration is poised to ask for new Internet regulations that could potentially open any and all electronic communication to scrutiny.

The Hidden Risks of Process Controls

These networks aren’t well known by many, yet they’re responsible for controlling much in our lives. And they’re not very secure.

XP, Vista Vulnerability Triggered by Safari Browser

Microsoft continued to investigate what it called public reports of a remote code execution threat for XP and Vista when Apple's Safari Web browser is installed.

Sweden Plan Would Monitor Communications

Sweden's government presented plan to allow defense intelligence agency to monitor e-mail traffic and phone calls crossing the nation's borders.

The World Needs More Fuzzers

Javascript fuzzer used to discover Opera browser flaw; domain parking; another Nigerian 419 scam; more.

Distributed Computing Studies Get Google, IBM Support

Google and IBM are providing resources to universities focusing on Internet-scale application studies.

Microsoft Kicks Chinese Security Firm Out of Friendship Club

Plus: PHP script error gets a security update for faulty security update, 10 security mistakes you're still making.

New Google-Microsoft Squabble Seen on Social Networking Front

Google's attempt to take a leading role in social networking has some pundits saying yet another Google vs. Microsoft battle scenario is playing out.

Google Buys Postini for $625 Million

Google Inc. is buying e-mail security specialist Postini Inc. for $625 million, fortifying the Internet search leader's effort to sell online software services to corporate customers seeking alternatives to Microsoft Corp.'s long-dominant products.

Microsoft Readying Releases of IE 9, MED-V, Opalis and CRM 2011

Microsoft this week provided notice of some upcoming product updates and betas to expect in the coming months.

IPv6 Adoption Now of 'Paramount Importance' as IPv4 Addresses Run Out

On Feb. 3, 2011, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced that the last remaining Internet protocol version 4 (IPv4) IP addresses had been allocated, although it may take a few months before the effects of this event trickle down to Internet users.

Ballmer Talks Up the Cloud in European Tour

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer went to Europe this week to help sell the Internet cloud, a key Microsoft business area.

Microsoft Reorgs Search Unit

In an attempt to pull its search efforts out of a slow spiral, Microsoft Wednesday formed a new group to focus on search and advertising, and named two executives to head it.

Raise Your Hand if You're Using ActiveX

If your hand is up, consider yourself open to attack.

Yahoo Upgrades Online Search Engine

Yahoo Inc. has retooled its online search engine to make it more helpful and engaging, joining an industrywide wave of improvements that so far haven't dented Google Inc.'s dominance.

Microsoft Aiming for 30 Percent Search Share

Microsoft's chief financial officer for the Online Services Division fielded questions at the Deutsche Bank Technology Conference in San Francisco on Tuesday.

EC Eases Scrutiny in 2004 Microsoft Antitrust Case

The European Commission (EC) on Wednesday announced that it is changing its full-time monitoring of Microsoft's compliance with a 2004 antitrust decision, and instead will use technical consultants for monitoring on an "ad hoc" basis.

AOL Co-Founder Offers Merger Apology

AOL co-founder Steve Case has offered a qualified apology for his role in architecting the online company's disastrous combination with Time Warner Inc. "Yes, I'm sorry I did it," Case said on PBS's "The Charlie Rose Show" last Friday.

Securing Windows 2003 the First Time

There are special considerations when bringing up the first domain controller in the first domain of your new Windows 2003 forest.

Adobe, Yahoo Partner on Ads

Adobe Systems Inc. and Yahoo Inc. plan to launch a service Thursday allowing publishers to insert advertisements into many online newsletters or other electronic documents.

Easy Firefox History Audits

Here's a tool that lets you quickly audit a user's Firefox browsing history.

Microsoft Warns of Google-DoubleClick Danger

Microsoft isn't taking Google's proposed purchase of DoubleClick lying down.

Microsoft Confirms Advanced Security Update Leak

Microsoft has not found any issues since the update info was leaked and pulled offline on Friday. Plus: EU creates new anti-hacking agency; Apple next in line to discredit Dutch Internet certificate company for breach.

IE 10 Platform Preview 2 Shows Off Its HTML5-ness

Here's a version of IE 10 that only a Web developer could love: all that's new is support for several more HTML 5 features.

Chrome Frame Can Bypass Admins To Install on IE

Google released a test version of its Chrome Frame plug-in for Internet Explorer that installs without requiring administrative privileges.

Microsoft Launches Accessibility Portal for Developers

Microsoft unveiled a new Web site yesterday that provides resources for developers to improve and test the accessibility of their applications.

Google Distributing Sun Office Software

Two years after announcing a somewhat vague software-distribution partnership, Google Inc. and Sun Microsystems Inc. have clarified their tactics for jointly attacking Microsoft Corp. and its ubiquitous Office software.

Yang To Step Down as Yahoo CEO

Jerry Yang is transitioning out as Yahoo's CEO, but he will continue on as a member of the board, according to an announcement issued late on Monday by the online search and advertising company.

Skype Outage Caused by Microsoft Update

A two-day outage that left millions of Skype users unable to use the popular Internet phone service was caused by an abnormally high number of restarts after people had downloaded a Windows security update, the company said Monday.

Certified Mail

Readers chime in on salary surveys; exam-testing skills; licensing; and exerting buying influence.

Microsoft Issues Initial Protocol Documentation

Microsoft today released information on protocols used in some of its software products.

Speech Added to Office Communications Server

Microsoft announced this week at the SpeechTEK 2006 conference in New York that it will integrate the full capabilities of its Speech Server 2007 into Office Communications Server 2007.

SKorea's Daum, Microsoft To Work on IPTV

Daum Communications Corp., Microsoft Corp. and Celrun Co. said Tuesday they were setting up a joint venture to offer Internet protocol television services in South Korea.

Securing IIS

How to move the default directories created by IIS from the system drive. Plus, methods to make FTP more secure.

Microsoft Makes Case for Upgrading to IIS 8.0

Microsoft highlights several improvements to Internet Information Service 8.0 that make it a "no brainer" upgrade.

Hijackers Keep Working 24/7

Plus: Microsoft updates without your knowledge; deactivating Vista; e-mail as private data.

Adobe 4th Quarter Profit Climbs

After a year of record revenue and the departure of a longtime CEO, executives at Adobe Systems Inc. say 2008 will bring additional product releases and the completion of an aggressive stock buyback program.

Microsoft Cures LNK Flaw with Early Patch

Microsoft releases fix early due to exploits out in the wild. Plus: Microsoft, Adobe team up on flaw research; IE 8 privacy controls handling debated.

Live Mesh Apps Unveiled by Microsoft Lab

Microsoft has developed four demonstration applications that showcase its Live Mesh cloud-based data synchronization service, according to a report issued on Tuesday by veteran Microsoft watcher, Mary-Jo Foley.

Search Still Eludes Microsoft, Despite Some Progress

A Microsoft executive fielded questions about the company's Internet search-advertising business at Credit Suisse's Technology Conference on Tuesday.

Digg Fires Google for Online Ads

Digg Inc., a reader-powered news site, fired Google Inc. as its online advertising partner Wednesday in favor of a company Digg's top executive described as young and willing to take risks: Microsoft Corp.

Google, Others Defend Offerings in China

Internet search leader Google and other major U.S. technology companies insisted Tuesday that their products benefit Chinese citizens despite government restrictions and warnings that online censorship is spreading.

Joyent's Hosted Apps Back Up, Going Open Source

After a more than week-long crash of a server hosting two of its inexpensive Web-based services, Strongspace and BingoDisk, Joyent is taking steps to address customer complaints following the outages -- and taking both applications open source.

Google Buys reCaptcha, Gains Web Security Tool

Google's acquisition of open source security technology firm reCaptcha could help the search giant's Internet security, except against persistent hackers.

Off-Cycle Patch from Visual Studio, IE

Plus: Microsoft's security initiative comes out from under the hat; Office in a sandbox.

Microsoft in Hot Water for Offering To Pay for Wikipedia Edits

Critics charge that Redmond giant's pay-to-edit approach with online encyclopedia's articles breaks spirit that Wiki community has been built on since inception.

Google Sues Feds Over Cloud Contract that Requires Microsoft BPOS

Google is suing the Interior Department for allegedly excluding Google's products in a request for quotation the agency issued on Aug. 30.

The Cost of Keeping Windows XP

Plus: Iran attacked with possible politically driven malware, social network monitoring projected to increase.

Google Launches Calendar App

Google Inc., the top online search engine, is unveiling a calendar service that allows users to store appointments online, receive reminders about them and share those plans with others.

Vonage Message Mixed on Technology Patch

Vonage Holdings Corp. is delivering conflicting messages on its ability to deploy a substitute technology should the Internet phone provider lose its bid to overturn a jury's verdict that it infringed on Verizon Communications Inc.'s patents.

Microsoft Launches Public Beta of Internet Explorer 9

With the release of its IE 9 beta, Microsoft on Wednesday promised that Web surfing would, from here on out, be about the sites users visit and not about the browser.

ISA Server 2006 SP1 Planned for This Summer

Sometime this summer, Microsoft plans to roll out Service Pack 1 for Internet Security and Acceleration Server 2006 according to a recent team blog announcement.

February Microsoft Patch Targets 20-Plus Security Flaws

As expected, Microsoft today released 12 security bulletins in its February security update, targeting more than 20 software vulnerabilities.

China Hacks Described in Secret U.S. Cables

One of the cables published by WikiLeaks late last month cites U.S. diplomatic concerns over a Chinese software security company with access to Windows source code.

Mozilla's Afraid of Microsoft Security Updates

Plus: Better user password starts with password policy, Google's Chrome browser hacked at the Pwn2Own contest.

Yahoo Teams Up with HP on Search

Yahoo Inc. said Thursday it has struck a deal with Hewlett-Packard Co. to plant its Internet search engine on millions of computers, the latest volley in a high-stakes battle with Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

U.S. Extends ICAAN Agreement 3 Years

The U.S. Commerce Department promised Friday to take more of a hands-off approach to the Internet as it extended for three years its oversight of a California organization that handles network-address issues.

'Windows Live' Gets a Step Closer to Live

The next beta versions of the products that make up the Windows Live suite were made available today.

Zero-Day IE Exploit To Get Out-of-Cycle Patch

Microsoft will end 2008 with a "critical" out-of-cycle patch for IE, according to an advance notification issued Tuesday for a new security update slated for release on Dec. 17.

Cisco Warns of Increasing Attack Sophistication

Cisco's 2008 Annual Security Report report highlighted the increasing sophistication of Internet-based attacks, largely because cyber-criminals themselves are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

PDC: Microsoft Outlines Windows 7, Slew of New Dev Technologies

Microsoft today articulated how it will bridge PCs and mobile devices with an extraordinary blitz of announcements that included the first demonstration of Windows 7, its Live Framework, a bevy of new offerings for developers including WPF support for Visual Studio, and the first preview of Office 14.

UniBrows Extends Life of IE 6 Sites, Apps

New tool from Browsium allows IE 6 apps to continue running in IE 8.

Adobe Flexing Into the AIR

Making good on its recent promise to take its rich Internet application development environment into the open source arena, Adobe Systems Inc. has released the public beta of its next generation of Flex 3 development tools.

Researcher: End of XP SP2 Support Means More Risk

Plus: Developer ignoring DEP and ASLR at peril; what the global 'spamscape' looks like.

Microsoft Releases June Patch Targeting 34 Flaws

Microsoft today released 10 fixes in its June security update, with three deemed "critical" and seven considered "important" to patch.

MPAA Admits Mistake on Downloading Study

Hollywood laid much of the blame for illegal movie downloading on college students. Now, it says its math was wrong.

.NET? .Not!

Remember the wave of dot-bomb failures? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

Study: Google Gets Bulk of World Search

Around the world, Internet users are conducting about 1.4 million searches every minute _ most of them through Google Inc., a new comScore study estimates.

Internet Espionage Tied to Repression and Crime

Even the Dali Lama isn't safe from hacking, according to a report released on Tuesday.

Microsoft's Piracy Check Draws Complaints, Lawsuits

When Microsoft Corp. said it planned to begin checking for pirated copies of its Windows operating system using the method it set up to send people security fixes, even some of the company's traditional critics could sympathize.

Microsoft and Yahoo Put Search Ads Under One Roof

Microsoft added to its search advertising partnership deal with Yahoo by consolidating the ad platform used by Web advertisers in U.S. and Canadian markets.

Google Gets Hijacked!

OK, now that we have your attention, really it's that got scammed.

Schmidt Stepping Down as Google's CEO

Eric Schmidt, Google's CEO, will be stepping down from that position while continuing to serve the company as executive chairman.

December's Patch Arrives, Addressing 28 Security Bugs

December's Patch Tuesday will be a historic security update release. But it won't be because of the size and scope of the eight patches.

Microsoft Offers IE Security Workaround, But No Fix

A zero-day flaw in Internet Explorer 7 reported last week has sparked increased hacker activity, and now the attacks involve most versions of Microsoft's Internet browser.

Yahoo Closes Right Media Deal

Yahoo Inc. took control of online advertising exchange Right Media Inc. on Thursday, giving the slumping Internet portal a head start on rivals Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. in a heated race to build more powerful marketing vehicles.

Windows Services à la Carte

Windows Server 2003 installs fewer services by default, and installs others in a disabled state. Here’s a guide to what they do, and whether you might need them or not.

Cybersecurity Policy Will Pose Challenges, Security Pros Say

Now that there's some movement toward a U.S. cybersecurity policy, it's time to roll up the sleeves and get to work, and that task won't be easy, software security experts suggested on Friday.

Evidence from Google Attacks Points to China

A researcher for SecureWorks says he has found evidence supporting Google's claim that last month's attacks on the company's systems originated in China.

Microsoft Broadens EMC Alliance to Content Management

Microsoft and EMC Corp. announced this week they are further expanding their cooperative marketing relationship by working to integrate Office SharePoint Server 2007 with the storage company's Documentum content management product.

Redmond Tweaks Autorun

Microsoft moves to make worms less effective. Plus: RSA kicks off security conference season; Google to school IT pros on the perils of cross-site scripting; and the FBI weighs in on Conficker.

Group Says Worldwide DSL Use Jumps

Worldwide use of DSL technology for broadband access rose 38 percent to around 164 million users in the year to June 30, 2006 boosted by strong growth in the European Union, industry trade group said Tuesday.

Microsoft Claims Google Is Bypassing IE User Privacy Settings

According to Microsoft, Google circumnavigates Internet Explorer's P3P Privacy Protection feature to track cookies of users.

E-Mail Spam Linked to Economic Slowdown, Symantec Says

The rise in the amount of Spam being eaten by families who have fallen on hard times is commensurate with the rise in e-mail spam, Symantec revealed this week.

Microsoft Patches a Septet of Critical Flaws

Microsoft published seven new fixes for "critical" vulnerabilities in its Windows, Office, Exchange, Internet Explorer and BizTalk Server products.

Microsoft Settles with Alleged Malware Culprit

Lawyers for Microsoft have come to an out-of-court settlement with Czech Republic-based Dotfree Group and its owner over involvement in the Kelihos botnet ring.

AT&T Delves into Cloud Computing

AT&T has introduced a new hosted service that offers online storage, processing power and enterprise applications.

Another Patent Protection Deal for Microsoft

Microsoft continues to push forward its program granting amnesty to potential patent violators, this time inking South Korea's LG Electronics (LGE) to a deal.

Internet Explorer 8 Passes Acid2 Test

Internet Explorer has been a source of chagrin to many Web developers over the years due to less-than-perfect W3C standards support. This problem was pervasive with Internet Explorer 6, considering how badly the aging 2001-era browser renders modern CSS-driven layouts.

Novell VP Openly Laments Microsoft Deal

According to IDG news service, Novell Vice President Miguel de Icaza publicly decried his company's patent licensing deal with Microsoft at Redmond's MIX08 conference last week in Las Vegas.

U.S. Government Agency First To Go Google Cloud

The General Services Administration is moving e-mail and collaboration tools to the cloud, becoming the first federal agency to move e-mail to a cloud-based system agencywide, GSA officials said yesterday.

Bulk of Patch Tuesday Fixes for RCE Flaws

Remote code execution flaws are targeted in the majority of items in Microsoft's monthly Security Update.

Microsoft Warns of Another Server Message Block Bug

The all-critical patch release of hotfixes served up by Redmond Tuesday hadn't even cooled off yet when Microsoft issued yet another security advisory on late Tuesday night.

Microsoft, Symantec Rethink Security Approach

If the traditional notion of infrastructure-based perimeter security is not yet dead, it's not for lack of effort by keynote speakers at this week's RSA Security conference.

Microsoft Opens Health Care Portal, Seeks Partners

Microsoft Corp. put its hat further into the healthcare ring by launching its Microsoft Developer Network Healthcare Industry Center.

SOA Explained

Judith Hurwitz, Robin Bloor, Carol Baroudi and Marcia Kaufman explain Service Oriented Architecture in this book for "Dummies."

MSDN Subscribers Can Download Vista Friday

Tired of waiting for Windows Vista? Got an MSDN Premium subscription? Well, there you go.

EU To Deepen Google-DoubleClick Inquiry

European Union antitrust regulators launched an in-depth probe Tuesday into Google Inc.'s $3.1 billion bid for online ad broker DoubleClick, saying an initial investigation showed the deal would raise competition concerns.

Microsoft Rolls Out Bing Improvements

Microsoft announced enhancements to its Bing Internet search service on Wednesday, including a new Bing Maps beta.

Microsoft Admits to Purloined Plurk Code

Microsoft confirmed on Tuesday that one of its software vendors copied code from a microblogging application called Plurk.

Gmail Becomes More Widely Available

Google Inc.'s e-mail service is almost ready to accept all comers, nearly three years after the online search leader shook up the Internet by offering users an unprecedented amount of free storage and displaying ads based on the content of the correspondence.

IE7 Off and Running, but Firefox 2.0 Close Behind

While the big news is that Microsoft finally began shipping Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP on Wednesday, IE's main browser competitor hit a major milestone of its own just two days before.

Research in Motion Issues Fix for BlackBerry PDF Bug

Maker of popular BlackBerry handset issued a patch to plug a vulnerability in its BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) solution.

Windows Security Update Targets Elevation of Privilege Attacks

Microsoft is continuing its investigation into a vulnerability that could allow hackers to gain superuser privileges on various flavors of the Windows OS.

Microsoft Unleashes Tool For Web Developers

Web App Installer centralized management of ASP.NET and PHP-based open source Web apps.

Biometric Security Products: VeriVoice Security Lock

An interesting curiosity—VeriVoice saves keystrokes but doesn't enhance security

Microsoft Focuses on Windows Phone, IE 9, Cloud in PDC Keynote

Microsoft kicked off its 2010 Professional Developers Conference (PDC) today by offering developers worldwide an update on its emerging cloud computing, Windows Phone and Internet Explorer 9 development platforms.

Spam More Creative, Better Targeted

Thirty years after the first unsolicited e-mail advertisement was sent, the phenomenon now known as spam is continuing to grow -- and becoming more sophisticated, creative and malicious.

Spammers Retool for Renewed Assault

The botnets responsible for so much spam appear to be in a rebuilding phase, but any respite is likely to be brief and new threats loom on the horizon, according to e-mail security firm MX Logic.

Microsoft and Yahoo Agree on Search Deal

Microsoft and Yahoo finally consummated an Internet search advertising-text deal after almost two years of contentious wooing.

Google Expands Office Software

Google Inc. plans to launch software similar to Microsoft Corp.'s popular PowerPoint program.

Bloomberg Launches Windows Mobile App

Customers of Bloomberg LP's real-time market data who have long been receiving feeds on their BlackBerrys can now receive them on their Windows Mobile-based devices, thanks to a recently completed development effort.

Security By Aggravation

How much can you handle to get secure?

DNS Problem Is 'Important' To Patch, Microsoft Says

Microsoft issued a formal security advisory with an "urgent warning" to patch a general Domain Name System vulnerability that can enable spoofing attacks.

Gates Promotes PC Training in Colombia

Gates said Microsoft was helping set up computer learning centers in areas where demobilized paramilitary fighters are in dire need of job training.

Office Live Workspace: Shadowed by Google Docs?

Microsoft touted the success of its online extension to Microsoft Office, a free browser-based application that's still in beta release.

Here in Windowsville

How much harm comes of the anti-Windows bias in the world of security?

Microsoft: IE 8-Friendly Sites on the Rise

Microsoft cited progress on IE 8 use on Tuesday, suggesting that more Web developers are trusting the user experience with its newest browser.

Report Sees Cloud Trend for OSS Developers

A survey of more than 300 open source software (OSS) developers found that many plan to distribute their solutions as services over the Internet cloud.

2001: Year of the Worm

In releasing its annual Dirty Dozen list of the 12 most common viruses, antivirus and security vendor Central Command called 2001 the "Year of the Internet Worm."

Microsoft Unveils Data Warehouse SQL Server Solutions

Microsoft and its hardware partners on Monday rolled out preconfigured data warehouse reference architectures that incorporate Microsoft SQL Server 2008.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Vulnerabilities in products from Cisco, Sun Java and Nagios can help hackers into systems via less obvious methods if IT doesn't think creatively.

Microsoft Makes Naughty List With 13 Bulletins for December

Plus: Fictionalizing the zero-day attack; Be careful what you type when shopping.

Yahoo To Cut Jobs After Flat 3Q Performance

Yahoo's revenue was up by one percent, year-over-year, according to its third-quarter results published on Wednesday, but its workforce will still get cut by 10 percent.

Government's Crosshairs On Cybersecurity for October

Celebrate National Cybersecurity Awareness Month with these guidelines presented by the U.S. government. Plus: Google and Microsoft fling malware accusations; Redmond hogging credit for latest botnet take down?

McAfee To Acquire Secure Computing

McAfee Inc. has agreed to purchase Secure Computing Corp. for about $465 million.

Cloud Computing Leaving Relational Databases Behind

One thing you won't find underlying a cloud computing initiative is a relational database. And this is no accident: Relational databases are ill-suited for use within cloud computing environments.

Income Conundrum

Sometimes you really have to ponder the meaning behind the numbers.

VoIP Subscribers Grow 18 Percent in 3Q

U.S. subscribers to Internet-based telephone services grew 18 percent to 8.2 million in the third quarter, but the growth rate slowed for a second straight quarter, according to the research firm TeleGeography.

Google To Buy DoubleClick for $3.1B

Seeking to expand its already well-honed ability to sell targeted Internet advertisements, online search leader Google Inc. said it has agreed to pay $3.1 billion in cash to acquire ad-management technology company DoubleClick Inc.

Clickjacking Flaw Hits Chrome and Firefox

Though Microsoft may have gotten ahead of the browser-security curve with RC1 of IE 8, which includes a feature that helps protect against clickjacking attacks, recent developments suggest that other browsers haven't quite caught up yet.

First Instance of New DNS Exploit Reported

Reports are coming in that an AT&T Domain Name System (DNS) server may have been compromised with malicious code that exploits a vulnerability reported earlier this month. This apparently is the first instance of the exploit in the wild.

A Cry for Help

Public Key Infrastructure is at the core of most e-commerce and, therefore, must be done properly. You can do it yourself—or turn to some outside pros. Which option is for you?

Mozilla Coming After Microsoft in EC Dispute

Microsoft's antitrust past has come back to haunt it, yet again.

Spam Attacks on the Rise in Q3

Identity thieves and hackers appear to be coming at Windows users from all fronts, most commonly with spam. They were particularly active during the third quarter of 2008, when they did it eight times more frequently than in the previous quarter, according to a report released Monday by Sophos.

Sample Non-English Domains Coming Soon

Sample addresses in nearly a dozen languages will be added to the Internet's central directories as early as next week, paving the way for Web surfers around the world to get online without knowing any English.

Microsoft Oversight Extended to 2009

Court oversight of Microsoft Corp.'s market power, which began in 2002 after a landmark antitrust settlement, has been extended by 18 months.

SMS Server Gets Overhaul; Feature Packs Released

Systems Management Server 2003, in beta now, to be integrated into .NET. universe.

Gates, Jobs Make Rare Joint Appearance

Legendary technology rivals Bill Gates and Steve Jobs made a rare joint appearance Wednesday and wasted no time making nice.

Japan, U.S., China Leading Sources of Web Attack Traffic

Japan, the United States and China topped the list of countries from which Internet attack traffic originates in a recent report by Akamai Technologies Inc. The three countries accounted for more than 60 percent of attack-oriented Internet traffic.

Google Releases Security Update for Chrome

Chrome version 11.0.696.71, which fixes four vulnerabilities in the Google browser, was released today.

Next Rev of Firefox Already in Alpha

Firefox 2.0 has been out for less than two months but developers have already released alpha code for the next major version.

Google Gains Momentum with Apps

A year after launching its partner program aimed at offering Google Apps to enterprise customers, Google this week said it is approaching 1,000 resellers.

Microsoft Releases Windows XP SP3 to Manufacturing

Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) has been released to manufacturing, according to a post on Microsoft TechNet.

Former MSN Exec Braves the Slopes at Yahoo

Yahoo, the advertising and search-engine giant that's taken a beating lately on the stock market, has hired a former Microsoft exec to help scale revenues.

Microsoft Adds Web Invitation Tool

Microsoft Corp. has added a digital party-invitation service to its suite of Windows Live Web services.

Microsoft Embraces H.264 Video for IE 9

Microsoft voiced support for the H.264 video codec in future versions of Internet Explorer, while affirming Adobe Flash.

What, You Got a Problem?! Call for Questions....

MCP Magazine's writers and editors turn their attention to solving your problems -- technical and professional.

Agency Urges Caution on Net Neutrality

The chairman of the Federal Trade Commission on Wednesday recommended against additional regulation of high-speed Internet traffic.

Microsoft to Acquire Tellme Networks

Microsoft will buy Tellme Networks, which provides voice-enabled mobile search, directory assistance and computerized, speech-driven customer service hotlines.

Sun Buys Hewlett and Packard Painting

Wall Street values Hewlett-Packard Co. at $98 billion. Its rival, Sun Microsystems Inc., values Hewlett and Packard at a mere $6,000.

PDC: Microsoft Office To Be Available as a Service

Microsoft Office users soon will be able to open, create and edit files using "lightweight" hosted versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Microsoft announced this week.

Report Profiles Top Software Security Coding Errors

A new study describes the top 25 programming errors that can open up security holes in software.

Microsoft Unveils Silverlight Streaming

Microsoft today announced Silverlight Streaming, a media-hosting service the company says will allow developers to stream into their Silverlight apps high-quality video and other media stored for free on Redmond's servers.

Google Complains IE7 May Violate Antitrust Rules

Google Inc. is hoping to pressure Microsoft Corp. into changing a new Internet Explorer browser feature that could direct more people to Microsoft's online search engine instead of Google's far more popular offering.

IBM and Yahoo Join Up on Free Search

IBM Corp. and Yahoo Inc. are teaming up to offer a free data-search tool for businesses, a quirky move challenging Google Inc. and other corporate-search specialists in a blossoming market.

Google Unveils PowerPoint Competitor

Google Docs, which is trying to muscle in on Microsoft's Office suite, has released its PowerPoint counterpart, known as "Google Presentations."

Securing Remote Management with WMI

Writing scripts for remote computer management can save man-hours and shoe leather. But like any part of Windows, it has to be properly secured, or you risk opening up your network to the bad guys.

Microsoft Releases IE 9 Preview 2

Microsoft released the second platform preview of Internet Explorer 9 for review by testers.

Vista -- How Secure?

Microsoft likes to think its OS is locked down. It's true to a point. Plus: Skype flaw not that dangerous; social hacking; more.

Microsoft Teams with CNCS in IT Education Effort

In an effort to give students a portal to real-world volunteer service, the federally operated Corporation for National and Community Service has announced a partnership with Microsoft to establish a virtual helpdesk.

Microsoft: Attacks on Windows Flaw Rise

Hackers stepped up attacks Friday on computers running some versions of Windows, a day after Microsoft disclosed a hole related to the mouse cursor.

Windows Live Search: Ready for Prime Time?

Microsoft's announcement on Monday that its long-awaited Windows Live Search service is officially out of beta test and ready for use signals its biggest move to date to challenge search giant Google for both consumers and businesses.

Watchdog Group Slams Google on Privacy

Google Inc.'s privacy practices are the worst among the Internet's top destinations, according to a watchdog group seeking to intensify the recent focus on how the online search leader handles personal information about its users.

Microsoft Acquires Danger Inc., Makes Other Mobile Plays

Timed with the 2008 Mobile World Congress taking place in Barcelona this week, Microsoft made announcements pushing its interests further into the consumer and global mobile market.

Opera Beats IE in Browser Web Security

Microsoft's efforts on combating server-side Web vulnerabilities, as well as patching its Internet Explorer client, may be paying off.

14 Reasons To Reconsider Software Restrictions

Software Restriction Policies is a terrific new security tool—if you know what it can’t do, as well as what it can.

Google To Adopt New Privacy Measures

Google Inc. is adopting new privacy measures to make it more difficult to connect online search requests with the people making them -- a thorny issue that provoked a showdown with the U.S. government last year.

IE 8 Goes Live

On Thursday, Microsoft released Internet Explorer 8.

IE Settings Can Enable Intranet Attacks, Report Says

Default security settings in Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser could open a company's intranet to hacking attacks, according to a recent security white paper.

IBM Meets 1Q Earnings Forecast

IBM Acquisition Aimed at Microsoft?

As the competition for information management and control platforms heats up, IBM announced late this week that it will acquire content management vendor FileNet in a deal valued at $1.6 billion in cash.

Tuesday's Patch Will Be a Windows Wash

Microsoft today signaled that a hefty batch of security fixes will arrive on Tuesday.

Windows Use Said To Be Restricted at Google

Google restricts the use of Windows by its employees, according a story by the Financial Times on Monday.

Google To Join EC Complaint Against Microsoft

Google is the latest Web browser maker to join the plaintiff's side in a European Commission (EC) complaint against Microsoft's Internet Explorer distribution practices.

Unified Storage Mirage

Each new version of Windows seems to introduce a new file system. Is Longhorn the end of it?

Microsoft Sues To Protect Visual Studio Users

Three companies are seeking indemnification from Microsoft after being sued for using technology associated with Microsoft's Visual Studio software development platform.

Security Will Not Come Naturally to IPv6

The next generation of Internet protocols has some security features built into it, but IPv6 is not inherently more secure than the current IPv4 now in use.

POP3 Users: Rejected!

Admin wonders why user names in Exchange Server 2007 comes up with errors.

Microsoft Spins Off ZenZui

Microsoft this week announced the launch of ZenZui, an independent company partially funded by Microsoft created to market ZenZui's Zooming User Interface, which was patented by Microsoft and was first developed in the Redmond, Wash.-based Microsoft Research lab.

Microsoft Reorg Continues

Microsoft continued its management reorganization this week as it moved to realign responsibilities within its operating systems group to reflect newly minted Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie's growing influence.

Internet Explorer Security Bulletin Released by Microsoft

An out-of-band fix for a zero-day use-after free memory vulnerability in its Internet Explorer Web browser was released by Microsoft on Monday.

Microsoft Points to IE 9 Security Measures

Internet Explorer 9, released on Wednesday in beta form, doesn't talk to strangers.

Microsoft Issues Security Advisory on Fraudulent Digital Certificates

Microsoft issued Security Advisory 2524375 yesterday concerning nine fraudulent digital certificates.

OneCare Was Not a Failure, Microsoft Exec Says

Critics asserting that Windows Live OneCare didn't succeed on its own have got it wrong, according to Microsoft's chief security advisor for the EMEA region.

Unifying the Storm

Could WinFS be the salvation?

Biometric Security Products: Secugen EyeD Hamster and EyeD OptiMouse

My hamster doesn't have a creaky wheel

Microsoft Could Abandon Yahoo Bid, Ballmer Hints

Spurned suitor Microsoft, which has been trying to acquire Yahoo since the end of January, adopted a new tactic today.

RSA Wrap-Up: Feds Push Greater Security Awareness

The heavyweight lineup of government representatives at last week's RSA Conference raised many questions -- but few answers -- about how best to fight cybercrime.

Report: Google, Microsoft To Battle Over Digg

According to a story posted on TechCrunch this morning, Microsoft and Google are both preparing to make bids on the user-driven news aggregation site

Bail Denied for Alleged 'Spam King'

A man accused of defrauding people through tens of millions of spam e-mail messages sent around the world was denied bail Wednesday.

SQL Injection Attack Hits BusinessWeek Site

Security firm Sophos disclosed on Monday that BusinessWeek magazine's Web site had been hacked.

Privacy Uncertain With New IE8 Feature

Redmond continued to rebuff assertions that a "suggested sites" feature in Internet Explorer 8, currently at Beta 2 release, invades user privacy.

VM-in-a-VM Is Broken, for Now ...

"Greyhound" comes to a screeching halt in the virtual world.

Microsoft May Try To Replace Yahoo Board

Microsoft appears to be taking the next steps in its move toward a hostile acquisition of Yahoo.

Google, South Korean Co Mull Wider Deal

The top executives of Google Inc. and Daum Communications Corp., South Korea's No. 2 Internet search engine, met Tuesday to discuss broadening their partnership, Daum said.

Microsoft Issues 'Zero-Day' XML Core Patch, 5 Others

As expected, Microsoft today issued six patches for a variety of security issues, including an XML vulnerability considered to be "zero day."

Cisco Security Agent Bonked By BOV

Plus: SonicWALL exposes VPN; Microsoft kills 'kill switch'; ESPN sports bad code; more.

The Security Patching Fun Never Ends

Two new off-cycle patches follow the usual Patch Tuesday release. Plus: Looking to third-party app security.

Reports: Microsoft Pursuing Yahoo

Microsoft is said to be resuming its pursuit of search engine operator Yahoo, which will help it better compete with search leader Google.

Google Android Flaw Reopens Open Source Security Debate

A security flaw in Google's new Android operating system discovered recently by independent researchers further underscores the security debate between open source and proprietary software.

Sophos Voices Concern Over Internet Explorer 9 Security

The company points out flaws about a Microsoft study that shows IE 9 malware blocking success rate. Plus: Google to fix Android hole, Sony's security still being taken advantage of and a cloud vendor wants providers to make security a higher priority.

RSA: Microsoft Urges Greater Internet Security Collaboration

As cyber security problems become more widespread, Microsoft urged the IT community to take a more active role, and described its security approach.

Eligibility Expands for IE Web Certificate

Smaller and newer businesses will now be able to get security certificates that trigger a green address bar in Microsoft browsers under new rules ratified this week.

Microsoft Shows Off Web Ad Prototypes

Microsoft Corp.'s online advertising researchers will spend this year teaching computers to be smart about sticking ads into video clips, and to be even smarter about targeting ads to specific Web surfers.

Microsoft Updates IE Patch Due to VML Flaw

Microsoft this week released an update to a 2007 Internet Explorer patch covering Internet Explorer 5.01, Internet Explorer 6 and Internet Explorer 7.

Microsoft On Skype Outage: Don't Blame Us

Microsoft's official stance on the recent Skype outage that left millions of users without phone access for two days last week? "Hey, it's not our fault."

Conficker's Evil Twin

Plus: An un-'Stirling' roll-out; PCI Compliance is better than no compliance; more.

Exec Describes Microsoft's 'Social Networking' Vision

A Microsoft executive involved with the company's Windows Live efforts outlined some of the company's ideas about cloud-based computing and social networking technologies today.

Unpatched Apps a Growing Target for Hackers

Hackers are exploiting unpatched applications on Web servers and client computers to infect entire networks, according to report released Tuesday.

Visual Studio Service Pack Not Totally Compatible with Vista

A key Microsoft executive disclosed this week that the coming Service Pack 1 for Visual Studio 2005 may not be totally compatible with Windows Vista -- though it remains unclear what his statements mean.

IE 8 Hacks Slowed by Windows Safeguards

Even a fire-proof safe needs additional protective measures, and Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 is no different.

Most Enterprises Unprotected Against E-mail Security Risks, Study Says

An IDC study found that nearly three-quarters (72 percent) of organizations don't have solutions in place to prevent data leakage over e-mail.

IE 10 Takes Protected Mode Up a Notch

Windows 8 beta testers who are also looking at IE 10 will eventually run into a new feature, called "enhanced protected mode."

Swiss Internet Terror Trial Opens

A North African man and his wife went on trial Wednesday on charges they ran Web sites that supported al-Qaida-linked groups with videos of people killed by terrorists and information on how to make bombs.

Easy IE History Audits

With this tool, you can easily scan a user's Internet Explorer browsing history.

UPDATED: Vista Desktop Search Fight Gets Uglier

The Microsoft-Google spitting match over desktop search is getting wetter every day, with Google now claiming that Microsoft's remedies don't go far enough, and Microsoft arguing that Google has a bad case of sour grapes.

Yahoo-Google Ad Deal Off

Calling it a distraction to its core mission, Google pulled the plug on an advertising agreement with Yahoo, according to statements from both companies Wednesday.

Spam-Based Malware Shows Dramatic Rise

Spam-based malware traffic increased dramatically last month, surging by 900 percent between August and September.

7 Fixes for Final Patch Tuesday of 2007

Microsoft's last Patch Tuesday release of 2007 is a big one -- seven fixes, with three of them deemed "Critical" and four labeled "Important."

SAP Aims To Ride SaaS Wave

Although technology companies like to say they can revolutionize any business, many blue-chip vendors have concentrated on selling only to certain businesses: the biggest ones.

Gates on Yahoo: 'You Need Scale'

Today at Microsoft's Office System Developer Conference (OSDC) in San Jose, Calif., Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates commented on what he thinks Yahoo got right -- and wrong -- just as Yahoo formally rejected the Redmond, Wash.-based company's initial offer.

AQuantive Approves Microsoft Buyout

Shareholders of online advertising company aQuantive Inc. approved a buyout offer from Microsoft Corp. at a meeting in downtown Seattle Thursday.

Microsoft Cuts 'Supercookies' out of its Diet

The company provides a comprehensive breakdown of the Internet irritant. Plus: Anonymous releases defense information; Famous individuals go to the front of the line with Google+

Agency Seeks To Quell Cell Phone Rumors

An e-mail warning consumers that cell phone numbers will soon be released to telemarketers is making the rounds again, and government officials have a key detail they'd like to add: it's totally bogus.

AOL To Pay $3M, Reform Cancel Policies

Averting a looming court battle over how it has been handling the exodus from its Internet dial-up service, AOL has agreed to make it easier for its remaining customers to leave as part of a $3 million settlement with 48 states and the District of Columbia.

IE Dips Below 50 Percent Worldwide, According to StatCounter

Internet Explorer use dropped to 49.4 percent in October, according to Web analytics company StatCounter in a chart for this month.

Old NT Guys

Where do we go from here?

Microsoft Reminds Organizations of Conficker Risk

The Conficker worm should continue to be a top concern in enterprise security -- even though there hasn't been a new variant seen in the wild in over two years -- according to Microsoft. 

Study: More Data Accidents Happen 'Unofficially' at Home

Plus, "human error" strikes again; company offers to patent security fixes; more.

Tougher Security Planned for Internet Explorer 8

In the wake of a report suggesting that IE was the least secure Web browser, Redmond on Wednesday touted the security features expected to appear in IE 8.

Microsoft Prototype FCC Device Broken

Microsoft Corp. on Monday gave a simple reason why its prototype for beaming high-speed Internet service over unused television airways failed a government test: the device was broken.

Games Boost Microsoft's Search Share

Microsoft suddenly boosted its share of the search market last month by playing a shrewd game of chicken.

Microsoft Broadens IE 8 Bug Hunt

Microsoft continues to squash bugs in its new Internet Explorer 8 Web browser, which was released last week for Windows-based PCs.

Microsoft Office To Be Available as a Service

Office users soon will be able to open, create and edit files using "lightweight" hosted versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, Microsoft announced.

Microsoft Flaw Details Possibly Leaked by Partner

Plus: App makers go in front of the judge, Web app security guidelines.

AOL Pulls Plug on Netscape Web Browser

Netscape Navigator, the world's first commercial Web browser and the launch pad of the Internet boom, will be pulled off life support Feb. 1 after a 13-year run.

Separation, No Anxiety

Separation of duties is a good idea in the business world. It’s also a good one in the IT world.

Busy October Patch Cycle Comes Around with 11 Fixes

Security-minded admins have their work cut out for them, as Microsoft coughs up 11 fixes in its October patch cycle.

EU To Consider Internet Explorer Antitrust Action

The European Commission (EC) issued a "Statement of Objections" against Microsoft's practice of bundling Internet Explorer with Windows.

Vertical Limit

Tech workers span the spectrum of industry, from fast food to furniture.

Microsoft to Offer Live Search in India

In January, Indian mobile users will have access to Microsoft's search engine; service announced as part of Microsoft $1.7 billion investment in the country.

Google Chrome OS Pilot Launched on Hardware

Google made three announcements today concerning its consumer Web efforts.

Microsoft Live Search Exec to Leave

The executive who led Microsoft Corp.'s Web search division is leaving the his post with the software maker to start his own business.

Firefox 2.0 Ships

Less than a week after Microsoft shipped the long awaited Internet Explorer 7, it's Mozilla's turn. Final code for Firefox 2 officially became available for download on Tuesday afternoon.

Adobe Issues Critical PDF Reader Patch

Adobe Systems Inc. had its own Patch Tuesday yesterday when it issued a critical security fix for an Adobe Reader 9 bug that first got broad attention in late February.

Timing is Everything

How to keep your Windows XP clock on time, even through the Internet Connection Firewall.

Google, Discuss Alliance Inc.'s stock price climbed by more than 4 percent Monday in response to a report that the online software pioneer is poised to team up with Internet search leader Google Inc. in a double-barreled attack on Microsoft Corp.

Hacker's Delight

A sample of one week's newly discovered vulnerabilities can keep hackers busy and security experts on their toes.

EBay-Google Spat Hints at Larger Tension

A spat that erupted this week between eBay Inc. and Google Inc. after Google tried to siphon attention from the online auctioneer's grand user celebration might presage more tension in one of the Internet's most interesting new rivalries.

Microsoft Joins OpenAJAX Alliance

In a move that promises to facilitate interoperability of AJAX-based applications developed with different tools and frameworks, Microsoft on Tuesday announced it has joined the OpenAJAX Alliance.

Microsoft Releases Outlook Web Apps for iPhone and iPad

This week Microsoft released its Outlook Web App e-mail clients for Apple's iPhone and iPad devices.

Windows 7 Gets Its First Bug

Plus: hackers try to bypass Windows 7's WAT; Internet Explorer attack can hurt the kernel.

Microsoft Ships IE7 for XP

Just hours after Yahoo posted the golden code for its customized version of Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP on the Web, Microsoft has announced that IE7 is immediately available for download.

Microsoft and Yahoo Finalize Search Contract

Microsoft and Yahoo have finalized the legal details of their proposed search-advertising deal.

Ballmer Has 'Nothing To Say' on Yahoo Deal

Leaks from unnamed sources to The Wall Street Journal constitute the only "news" so far this week about Microsoft's unsolicited takeover bid for Yahoo.

Microsoft Preps 14 Fixes for Upcoming Patch Tuesday

Microsoft released 14 bulletins previewing fixes for a range of remote code execution and elevation of privilege exploits.

Microsoft Exec Slams Door on Yahoo Deal Speculation

If there was any lingering doubt about whether Microsoft's recent announcement to buy online advertising firm aQuantive spelled the end of its dalliance with Yahoo, they were laid to rest yesterday.

January Windows Security Patch Lacks IE Fix

As expected, Microsoft today released two security bulletins in its January security update.

Enterprises Hanging on to Legacy Microsoft Apps

Forrester Research found that enterprises predominantly use Windows and Internet Explorer, but they're currently sticking with the older Microsoft technologies.

Ballmer Acknowledges Mistakes, Offers Insights on Roadmap at MIX08

In a rare display of contrition, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer yesterday acknowledged frustration with the acceptance of Windows Vista and the company's failure to upgrade its Internet Explorer browser more routinely, as well the questionable decision to pursue separate development paths for Internet Explorer and the .NET Framework.

Microsoft Buys Stake in CareerBuilder

Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it has acquired a minority stake in job-listings partner and will use that job-search engine on MSN sites overseas in a bid to capture more of the classified advertising money migrating to the Web.

Microsoft's December Security Patch Laden with 13 Bulletins

December's security update comes with 13 bulletins fixing a range of Microsoft products. The good news? Only three are rated critical.

Clean Up Your AJAX Security

How secure is your AJAX? This book can help you avoid the security pitfalls.

MySpace Finds 29,000 Sex Offenders has found more than 29,000 registered sex offenders with profiles on the popular social networking Web site -- more than four times the number cited by the company two months ago, officials in two states Tuesday.

UPDATE: Microsoft Warns of Flaw Affecting ASP.NET Apps

Late on Monday, Microsoft published additional information about an ASP.NET flaw, which is now being exploited.

P2P Breach Leads to Walter Reed Data Leak

An investigation launched Tuesday into the possible compromise of about 1,000 patient records at Walter Reed Army Medical Center serves as a stern reminder of how dangerous peer-to-peer and other social networking applications can be, security experts warn.

GoDaddy Agrees To Run Domains in Limbo, the leading registration company for Internet domain names, has agreed to take over and manage more than 850,000 addresses belonging to customers of a troubled rival, officials announced Tuesday.

How Much Will Windows Security Matter?

As Windows Vista becomes more secure against known threats, it's what hackers and cybercriminals devise in the next generation of attacks that keeps Microsoft on its toes.

Golden Years

Experience and age are tops in slowed IT market.

Adobe Launching Creative Suite 3

A new version of Adobe Systems Inc.'s Creative Suite software will go on sale next month, a launch that executives have billed as the most significant in the company's 25-year history.

Flu Pandemic Could Overwhelm Internet, Gov't Agency Warns

A severe flu outbreak could send millions home to telecommute, possibly disrupting networks vital to the nation's security and financial well-being.

Certified Mail: February 2003

Scripting tools; upgrading to .NET; .NET by any other name.

Microsoft Quietly Updates Live Mesh

Microsoft announced a client update to the beta version of Live Mesh on Tuesday.

VeriSign to Spend Over $100M on Upgrade

VeriSign will spend more than $100 million in a massive infrastructure upgrade to combat a new wave of computer attacks and manage a surge in online activity.

Bank Heist via Malware

Hackers breach bank's site with barrage of exploits. Plus: unhealthy security policies and data-filled hard drives on eBay.

Hello IE, Goodbye HTA

Here's a simple way to display information in an IE window where HTA scripts might seem like overkill. Launches Summer '07 Release

On-demand software pioneer has unveiled Salesforce Summer '07, the 23rd upgrade to its customer relationship management solution, which brings with it Apex Code and the company's "Platform as a Service" approach.

Microsoft: No Sweeping Claim to RSS Tech

The company is interested in improving users' RSS experience, but not in claiming the technology as a whole, a Microsoft official said.

CA's Backup Software's BOF Gets Fix

Plus: Hackers working together to steal your identity; AIM hack just needs you to be logged in to work.

Microsoft Ships Visual Studio 2008 and .NET SP1

Microsoft released to manufacturing its widely touted first service pack (SP) of Visual Studio 2008 and .NET Framework 3.5.

OpenSSL Still Wide Open to BOF

Plus: Check Point BOF; zombies and botnets; and rootkits

Rolling Through IT Blogs

A popular meme ask how you got your start as an IT admin.

IE 9 Hits Release on March 14

The release-to-Web version of Microsoft's newest browser version will be available for download on Monday.

Report: Windows 7 Gaining Corporate Adoption

A report issued on Wednesday by Forrester Research chronicles the declining use of Windows XP, as well as Internet Explorer 6, as staples of the corporate desktop.

Consortium Launches IT Service Modeling Spec

A group of industry leaders this week announced a new draft specification aimed at simplifying IT administration across heterogeneous networked environments.

Microsoft Bolsters SharePoint's Enterprise Search

Microsoft rolled out two new enterprise search products on Tuesday at its FASTforward'09 event in Las Vegas.

At 15, IE a Scrappy Teen

Plus: Security Essentials 2 beta releases this week; XP 2 security trick; Facebook scams growing.

New Domains in Works at Internet Meeting

New Internet addresses, including those entirely in foreign languages, are under review by a key oversight agency, although meetings this week in Puerto Rico are likely to conclude with more questions.

Yahoo Buying Ad Network for $300 Million

Yahoo Inc. is buying online advertising network BlueLithium for $300 million in cash, building upon an expansion aimed at ending a financial malaise that has ravaged the Internet pioneer's stock price.

Good Guy Goes Bad

Plus: Anonymous responds to Megauploads raid, Google saw what you did online last night.

Study: Wi-Fi Networks Help Rapid Spread of Worms

An international team of computer scientists has demonstrated in the lab that it is possible for overlapping Wi-Fi networks in densely populated areas to support the rapid spread of malicious code that could infect an entire city in a matter of weeks.

EU To Review Google Bid for DoubleClick

European Union regulators will decide before November whether to clear Google Inc.'s $3.1 billion takeover bid for online ad tracker DoubleClick or study the issue further.

Getting Started With PKI

Computer networks allow people to share resources, but computer security prevents access to resources. How to decide if you need PKI, and a step-by-step guide to installing PKI on your servers.

Microsoft's New Hotmail Goes Live

The latest version of Microsoft Corp.'s free Web-based e-mail is now widely available to the public in 36 languages.

Free and Easy Application Streaming

Here's an easy way to take application virtualization for a spin.

Microsoft Researchers Look To 'De-Anonymize' Internet

Researchers from Redmond this week unveiled an anti-hacking concept that can help track hackers or malicious content to origin servers.

IE Didn't Make the (Desktop) Cut

Here's one small change among 800 in the Windows OS that you might want back.

Firefox Use Rises as IE Falls

While the stock market sits on pins and needles worried over any further delays in major Microsoft products, some users apparently are tired of waiting -- at least when it comes to browsers.

Google Goes Open Source With WebM, VP8 Codec

Google announced on Wednesday that it has released its VP8 video codec into open source under the WebM open Web media project.

Latest Microsoft Patent Protection Deal: Turbolinux

Microsoft has signed its first patent protection deal with a Linux vendor based in Asia.

A 'Hurry Up and Wait' Security Strategy

Security experts have yet to get the edge on hackers. Plus: Unpatched IE bugs likely to be fixed post-Patch Tuesday; smartphones all the rage -- with hackers.

Report: Microsoft Considering Rebranding 'Live' Offerings

A Microsoft executive said today that Microsoft may be considering rebranding its Live search engine brand.

Windows and Common Criteria

Microsoft heavily touted its Common Criteria certification for Windows 2000. But what does that mean?

Windows 7 Beta Availability Extended to Feb. 9

Microsoft has extended the general public availability of its Windows 7 Beta yet again, with a new final date of Feb. 9 to get it.

Microsoft Makes Another Linux IP Protection Deal

Microsoft continues to collect Linux development and distribution companies under its promise not to sue them for patent infringement. Following on the controversial recent deal with Novell, the company announced Monday at its TechEd conference in Orlando that it has reached a similar agreement with Xandros Inc.

Microsoft To Release Out-of-Band Fix for IE Flaw

Microsoft plans to release a "Fix it" on Friday for IE zero-day flaw that surfaced this week.

Whois May Be Scrapped To Break Deadlock

Tech industry lawyer Mark Bohannon frequently taps a group of searchable databases called Whois to figure out who may be behind a Web site that distributes pirated software or tricks visitors into revealing passwords.

Beware the Man in the Middle

Two-factor authentication solutions such as those that use one-time token values can still be subverted by clever phishing methods.

Microsoft Exec Describes Azure Services Vision

Microsoft executive David Treadwell today provided a few more details about the company's Azure Services Platform in a Webinar aimed at the investment community.

Microsoft Releases 3 Critical Patches

On Tuesday, Redmond rolled out four patches for the month of May as expected, with three deemed "Critical" and one "Moderate."

Counting Vulnerabilities

A vulnerability study based on bad math; cyberwarfare is sexy; more.

IE 8 Slowed by Third-Party Software, Microsoft Says

Microsoft admitted on Monday that some users of Internet Explorer 8 may perceive its newest Web browser as sluggish.

Yahoo CEO Upbeat at Annual Meeting

Coming off Yahoo Inc.'s toughest year since the dot-com bust, Chairman Terry Semel remained upbeat Tuesday as he faced shareholders who have watched their investments shrivel while rival Google Inc. sprinted further ahead in the online advertising race.

Borland Debuts Silk 2008 Test Suite

The refreshed offerings mark a significant evolution in the Silk family, originally acquired by Borland in the 2006 purchase of Segue Software.

Cisco Causes a Stir With Hosted E-Mail Service

Cisco's announcement of a new hosted e-mail service is causing high-pressure rumblings in the cloud computing space.

Domain Controller Lockdown

Implement Group Policy to automate the process of locking down domain controllers.

Free 'Morro' Anti-Virus To Replace Microsoft OneCare

Redmond is rolling out a free anti-virus software program for consumers that will compete with products made by Symantec and McAfee.

Microsoft To Issue 7 Patches This Month

Redmond projects a rollout of seven fixes, with three rated critical, three important and one moderate.

Microsoft E-Mails Employees Regarding Yahoo Acquisition

On Friday Microsoft released an e-mail sent from Kevin Johnson, president of the Microsoft Platforms & Services Division, to employees of his department commenting on how consolidating with Yahoo might impact them and Microsoft as a whole.

PDC: Microsoft's Cloud-Based SQL Services Redefined

Microsoft is evolving its strategy for relational data services in the cloud.

IE 9 Set Loose Online, in Austin

The newest incarnation of Microsoft's venerable browser makes its official debut at SXSW in Austin.

Observers At ZendCon Ponder What's Next For Microsoft and PHP

Despite speculation that Microsoft might make an announcement around its Silverlight runtime environment at Zend/PHP Conference and Expo, the company's profile was lower than past events.

Rights Group Condemns China Net Controls

An international media rights group called on China to loosen controls on news and personal expression on the Internet, saying the country's system of censorship is an insult to the spirit of online freedom.

Escaping IE

IE ESC -- hard to get rid of, hard to find.

Vista Users Won't Be Able to Run IE 10

One slight omission from news on the IE 10 Preview released at MIX 11: It won't run on Vista boxes.

Defendants Acquitted in AOL Revenue Conspiracy Trial

Two former midlevel executives at America Online were acquitted Tuesday on all counts of charges that they conspired with a now-defunct Las Vegas software firm to inflate its revenue with secret side deals and backdated contracts.

Machine-Readable Web Still a Ways Off

Despite recent initiatives, the possibility of a machine-readable Web extolled by World Wide Web creator Sir Tim Berners-Lee still faces many obstacles, he admitted recently at a conference.

Browser Wars Resume as Microsoft, Firefox Prep Updates

Firefox 3 Beta 2 hits in time for the holidays; Microsoft queues up IE 8 beta for first half '08.

Microsoft Releases More Virtualization Details

Microsoft, following its earlier announcement about new virtualization products and imminent releases, has filled in some details that give more shape to its vision.

A Few of My Favorite Things

So many security toys, so little time.

Microsoft Adds 20 Advertising Clients

Microsoft Corp. said Sunday it has added 20 new advertising clients since the acquisition of online ad company aQuantive closed six weeks ago.

Microsoft Promises To Improve UAC in Windows 7

Microsoft has been talking about future changes to Windows Vista's most maligned feature, User Account Control (UAC).

IBM Offers Cloud Computing Help

IBM on Monday announced consulting services specifically designed to help organizations assess their options in using cloud computing technology.

Microsoft Integrates Live@edu With Moodle, Launches Education Labs

Microsoft is connecting its Live@edu online collaboration suite with Moodle, an open source learning management system.

Europe Windows Users to Get Browser Choice Screen

Microsoft plans to begin sending out a test version of a Web browser-selection screen to Windows users in Europe, the company announced on Friday.

Open Source Needs Better Security Focus, Study Says

The open source software community lags behind the commercial software sector in secure code development, according to a recent study of some commonly used open source packages.

NetSuite Shares Surge 36 Pct in Debut

NetSuite Inc.'s shares surged more than 36 percent in their stock market debut Thursday as investors latched on to the online business software service backed by billionaire Larry Ellison.

EU Opens New Microsoft Investigation

European Union regulators investigating whether Microsoft is using monopoly powers to squeeze out competing Internet browsers and software rivals.

Microsoft Opens Up Web Sandbox

The source code for Microsoft's Web Sandbox is now available under an open license.

Walk, Don't Run

How fast will your company move to Windows Server 2003?

Search Startup Ready To Challenge Google

The dozens of entrepreneurs gathered for an exclusive high-tech conference here Monday all hope to dazzle the crowd with their ingenuity.

Are We Stepping Closer to an Internet Kill Switch?

Unrest in Libya reminds us once again about the Internet Kill Switch. Plus: Microsoft outlines plan to apply public health policies to IT security.

Google-DoubleClick Deal Complaint Filed

A consumer group asked the Federal Trade Commission Friday to investigate and block Google Inc.'s proposed $3.1 billion purchase of online advertising firm DoubleClick Inc. unless the companies improve consumer privacy protections.

Microsoft 4Q Profit Edges Up 7 Percent

Microsoft Corp.'s fiscal fourth-quarter profit edged up 7 percent, despite a hefty charge to cover the cost of defective Xbox 360 video game consoles.

Window 7 Beta 1: Soon To Be Unwrapped?

The public release of Windows 7 Beta 1 is expected next month, but speculation that it might appear earlier popped up on Friday from a few sources.

SharePoint Data Could Be At Risk, Says Researcher

Microsoft works with other vendors on vulnerability disclosures, whether they like it or not. Plus: Hackers push Sony gamers offline; Kaspersky Labs wants kidnap rumors to die down.

Google Sponsors Spyware Warning Project

Google is issuing this warning to people who try to click on links to sites with spyware and other malicious code: "The site you are about to visit may harm your computer!"

Microsoft Closes $6B Buyout of AQuantive

In closing a $6 billion buyout of digital marketing company aQuantive on Monday, Microsoft is taking a first step in its quest to leapfrog Yahoo and challenge Google in the online advertising business.

16 Patches: So, Are We Losing The Security Battle?

Should Microsoft revisit its patching frequency? Plus: Admins even busier, if they're tackling Adobe and Oracle fixes; IT study exposes IT security problems.

Real World

Helping others get more than a foot in the IT door.

Capgemini To Support Google Software

Technology consultancy Capgemini will begin recommending Google Inc.'s online suite of office software to its corporate customers, bolstering the Internet search leader's effort to drum up more sales to big businesses.

Lone Microsoft Patch Fixes PowerPoint Vulnerability

As expected, Microsoft rolled out only one patch for this month's Patch Tuesday, a critical bulletin for PowerPoint.

Microsoft Moves to the Forefront of Security

Formally announces availability of security suite for Microsoft clients

Threats to Office's Dominance Multiply with New Offerings from Adobe, IBM

Paying for word processing software may soon be a thing of past if Microsoft competitors Adobe, Google and IBM have any say.

Microsoft Looks To Upstage Google with 3-D Maps

Microsoft Corp. has upgraded its online mapping service to include three-dimensional tours of 15 U.S. cities, marking another step in its dogged pursuit of Internet search leader Google Inc.

Silverlight To Gain Support for Opera Browser

When Microsoft unveiled Silverlight at the MIX07 conference in Las Vegas last week, the new cross-platform browser plug-in for rich media content lacked support for the popular Opera Web browser.

Breaking Three Vista Myths

You know where I stand on Vista, so let's look at three horrible misconceptions about the OS.

Microsoft Releases 7 Patches for Windows, IE, Visual Studio Flaws

Microsoft Corp. today announced a bevy of patches -- seven, in all -- that address vulnerabilities in its Visual Studio IDE and Windows operating environments.

Standards for Self-Assessed Security

The Jericho Forum proposes security vendors self-assess and certify their security capabilities. Plus: Microsoft might release IE off-cycle update; Koobface shows itself, again.

China Jails Woman for Internet Lies

Police in central China have jailed a 50-year-old woman for posing as a teenage rape victim on the Internet, an official and state media said Wednesday.

Philly Wi-Fi Network Hits Snags, Delays

Alfred Zaccaria was finally going to leave the world of dial-up for high-speed access to the Internet without having to pay a lot more for service.

Private Tests of Windows 7 Lead to Release Rumors

Microsoft won't say when the first public beta release of its Windows 7 operating system will occur, but some possible dates have been anonymously leaked.

Expression Blend Release Candidate Ships

Microsoft this week began shipping the release candidate for Expression Blend, its new design tool for building Windows user interfaces using the .NET Framework 3.0’s Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).

Opera Levies Antitrust Suit vs. Microsoft

Browser maker Opera Software has cried foul, charging Microsoft with antitrust behavior in a complaint to the European Commission.

Marble Drop

Securing your servers by using templates isn't child's play. In her second installment on this topic, Roberta finds a parallel to a game.

Google Unveils Tools for Search Engines

Hoping to leave an even bigger imprint on the Internet, Google Inc. is opening up its vast online index so other Web sites can build their own specialty search engines.

Report: IE 8 Leads in Malware Protection

A Microsoft-funded report found that IE 8 outperformed four other browsers in protecting against socially engineered malware.

Sync Framework: It's Still at Version 1.0

Microsoft claimed on Tuesday that it did not release the next version of its Sync Framework on Oct. 13, as reported by some news outlets last week.

No Reinstall Needed for Trojan Popureb

Microsoft advises using the recovery console to remove the malware. Plus: Twitter's recent security rating; malware disguises itself as Windows Vulnerabilities Rescuer; debate over mandatory implementation of E-Verify.

IE Share Continues Decline but How Far Will It Go?

One report suggests that IE could account for less than half of all browsers in use by enterprises within the next year.

Analyst: Beware of the Google Gadgets

One fun thing about the interactive world of Web 2.0 is the online applications you can take advantage of, such as Google Gadgets.

Microsoft Issues Workaround for IE 6 and 7 Flaw

Microsoft published a workaround for an in-the-wild vulnerability in Internet Explorer 6 and 7, described last week.

Google Offers $20,000 To Hack Chrome

Google is looking to reward those who can find a vulnerability in its Chrome browser.

Hacker Groups Announce Plans for Government and Corporate Breaches

Two infamous hacker groups, LulzSec and Anonymous, have released a statement that it will be targeting government and large corporation Web sites for the sole purpose of obtaining classified and private information. It also calls individuals to join in on the attacks.

Microsoft Unveils Office Web Apps Preview

Microsoft on Thursday announced that it had commenced an invitation-only public technical preview of Microsoft Office Web Apps.

Microsoft Wants You for Security Essentials Beta

Plus: One dumb hacker tries to blackmail his way into a job; FBI cracks down on counterfeit merchandise online.

Microsoft Announces SP1 for Forefront Client Security

The software giant this week released its first service pack for Forefront Client Security, a member of its Forefront family of security products.

Execs Warn of Government Regulation in Cybersecurity

Government regulation could hamper efforts to get ahead of innovative bad guys, argued a panel of network executive in a Congressional hearing this week.

A 12-Step Plan for File Server Security

Securely bringing a Windows file server on the network may not sound difficult. But when it's running Windows Server 2003, there's a lot you need to know to do it right.

Microsoft Issues Hotfix for AD Rights Management

IT shops using Active Directory rights management services will need to install an update before Feb. 22, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft Advises Upgrading IE 6 To Avoid Bug

Microsoft provided more advice about a zero-day Internet Explorer vulnerability exploited by hackers last week.

Virtual Router App Transforms Windows OS Into Wireless Hub

Running a free software by CodePlex on Windows Server 2008 R2 or Windows 7 operating systems will allow for multiple devices to share the Internet connection.

Microsoft Takes on Malvertising

Microsoft last week filed a civil lawsuit against five companies for allegedly spreading malicious online advertising.

Microsoft Readies MyPhone Service

Microsoft over the weekend acknowledged it is planning a service that will allow users of its Windows Mobile operating system to synchronize data on their devices with the Web.

Spam Surge Fueled by Health Care Debate, Fake Pharms

Spam volumes have increased fourfold during the last six months, accounting for a discouraging 94.9 percent of all e-mail delivered so far in August.

Google 4Q Profit Misses Analyst Target

Google Inc.'s fourth-quarter profit missed analyst expectations, signaling the crumbling U.S. economy has dented the Internet search leader's moneymaking machine.

Microsoft Releases Forefront UAG RC0

Microsoft on Friday announced that Release Candidate 0 of Forefront Unified Access Gateway is now available for testing.

Former Microsoft Ad Exec Bradford Joins Yahoo

If executive turnover in the online advertising world were a soap opera, it might be called, "The Young and the Restless."

Zero-Day IE 7 Flaw Discovered

Microsoft once again has to contend with "Exploit Wednesday." This time, the problem is a zero-day IE 7 flaw discovered soon after the Patch Tuesday release.

Microsoft Faces Skeptics at Open Source Conference

Nearly a year and a half after striking their improbable alliance to provide better interoperability between open source and Windows-based platforms, Microsoft and Novell told developers this week that the pact has yielded technical benefits but there's still work to be completed, particularly on the interoperability between the two companies' enterprise directory platforms.

The Day Symantec Couldn't Speak Chinese

It was a case of Symantec Updates not working on Chinese Windows XP, but was it due to pirated XP copies? Also: IETF approves DKIM; rare MOICE problems.

Google Plunges Into Browser Market

Just days after Microsoft released the second beta of Internet Explorer 8, Google unexpectedly made what could be its largest assault on Redmond to date -- the release of its own Web browser.

IE 8 Bugs Squashed, Claims Microsoft

Microsoft has tinkered with IE 8 and is now claiming a resolution to vulnerabilities amid a firestorm of chatter surrounding the browser's release last week.

Google Expands Sales of Print Ads

Google Inc. is expanding a test program that lets online advertisers buy ad space in newspapers, as the publishing industry struggles to offset business that has moved to the Internet.

U.S. Votes for Modified OOXML Standards

The United States has voted for approval of a modified version of the Office Open XML (OOXML) standard for business documents.

Dell Earnings Slump Amid SEC Probe

Dell Inc. on Thursday posted disappointing second-quarter earnings amid a regulatory probe.

.NET Server MCSE and MCSA Plans Changed

Expect the unexpected: Key certification track to be retooled for 2003, which may affect current MCSA/MCSE candidates.

Minnesota Inks Deal With Microsoft on BPOS Services

The state of Minnesota has embraced Microsoft's Internet cloud services by agreeing to an application outsourcing deal.

SQL Injection Hits Amid the Holidays

Redmond continues to investigate a new zero-day bug affecting popular database application SQL Server.

Where Did Microsoft Put 10,000 New Employees?

Microsoft hired 10,000 new employees in fiscal 2006, which ended on June 30 -- the most ever in a single year in the company's more than 31-year history.

Microsoft Acknowledges One IE7 Flaw, Denies Another

Microsoft today acknowledged that one of two IE7 security flaws alleged by Denmark-based security firm Secunia could leave systems vulnerable.

Internet Explorer In the Thick of IT Security

IE 8 has a target on its back this week. Plus: ISACA to audit social media apps; Microsoft Support isn't calling you personally (a free security tip).

Yahoo Ships IE7 a Day Early

Microsoft hasn’t yet officially announced final shipping code for Internet Explorer 7, but Yahoo says it already posted its customized version of the final code today.

Hackers Targeting Gmail, Hotmail for Attacks

Increased attacks are being both staged and carried out on some of the Web's most popular e-mail sites. Plus: U.S. gets serious on cyber threats, Syria blocks Internet access.

US-CERT Warns of Conficker Variant

The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team warns that researchers on April 9 discovered a new variant of the Conficker worm that updates earlier infections via its peer-to-peer network.

Microsoft Releases Patch for ASP.NET Flaw

Microsoft released an "important" patch to address an information disclosure security vulnerability associated with ASP.NET systems.

Either Choose Security or Functionality for IE 10

Plus, the return of LulzSec.

A Simple Plan

Microsoft sets new securityspecializations for MCSE and MCSA titles.

The Pinocchio Factor

How Microsoft is like the fairy tale.

IPv4 Addresses Could Dry Up by Year's End

The international registries that allocate IP addresses say only about 6 percent of IPv4 addresses remain available, and with an uptick in demand since the beginning of the year, the pool could be exhausted in about six months.

Microsoft Advisory Targets SQL Injection Attacks

Microsoft on Tuesday issued a new security advisory after the discovery of "a recent escalation in a class of attacks" targeting Web sites.

Microsoft: Software More Secure, but Malware Is Growing Threat

The number of software vulnerabilities in the first half of 2008 dropped 4 percent compared with the previous six months and a respectable 19 percent from the first half of 2007.

Thankful for a Light November Patch Load

Plus: IE 8 still safer than IE 6, 7; Zeus 2.0 escaping MSRT detection.

Quickly Searching KB Articles

Here's a registry mod that will have you looking up Microsoft Knowledge Base articles instantly in your browser.

Report: Google Could be Threatened by Drop in Search Ad Spending

Internet advertising will continue to be red-hot into the future, according to a new report, but some cold water was thrown in Google's direction as the same report stated that search-related advertising will lose market share.

Online Advertiser Buying Spree Continues

WPP Group PLC, the world's second-largest advertising and marketing conglomerate, is buying the online advertising company 24/7 Real Media Inc. for $649 million, the companies announced Thursday.

Microsoft Reports Bug in Web Security Protocols

Microsoft on Tuesday warned of a "vulnerability" associated with two protocols commonly used to establish secure client-server communications.

Cisco Shares Fall on Sluggish U.S. Orders

Cisco Systems Inc. shares fell more than 6 percent Thursday amid worry that fluctuations in U.S. business orders are hampering its growth.

Cloud Computing Prompts New IT Planning

Microsoft's announcement last week that it will offer a new software development platform for cloud computing added new energy to the debate over how and when organizations might begin turning to the technology.

McAfee Aims to Block Problem Problem Sites

Security vendor, as well as competitors, will offer ways to defend against phishing sites and other Internet attacks.

No Serious Threat from Conficker on April 1

Conficker is scheduled to update itself April 1. But analysts say the appears to be an upgrade of its defenses rather than a planned attack.

Wireless Security Puts IRS Data at Risk

Internal Revenue Service offices across the nation that use wireless technology are still vulnerable to hackers

SpyProxy Offers Browser Protection, For Now

Another tool to fight the criminals lurking on the Internet. Plus: DNS 'pinning'; Atsiv driver rejection; more.

OneCare 1.5 Goes to Manufacturing

Microsoft quietly announced this week that it has released version 1.5 of its Windows Live OneCare security and antivirus offering to manufacturing.

Software Plus Services Means Greater Choice, Microsoft Exec Says

What does the "plus" mean in Microsoft's Software Plus Services? A keynote talk by John DeVadoss, director of architecture strategy at Microsoft, provided an explanation. He spoke on the topic, "Software Plus Services: Towards a Model of Differentiated IT" at the Enterprise Architect Summit 2007 event held this week.

Microsoft's Bid Goes Hostile, but Yahoo Stands Firm

Yahoo's board of directors got a letter from Microsoft's CEO Steve Ballmer over the weekend about Yahoo's slow response to Microsoft's proposed takeover bid.

Standards Will Be Default in IE 8

In a major shift of position, the next release of Microsoft's widely deployed Internet Explorer browser will set standards-based rendering as the default, a move that will impact how developers build and deploy Web content.

Microsoft Launches Key 2008 Products in Los Angeles

Redmond officially rolls out Windows Server 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008 in Los Angeles event.

Gartner: Enterprises Are Getting More 'SaaS-y'

Enterprises are starting to appreciate software as a service (SaaS) and plan to maintain or grow their SaaS use, according to a survey conducted by Gartner, tapping 258 respondents.

Beta Begins of Forefront Security for SharePoint

Microsoft announced Wednesday that it has released the first beta of its Forefront Security package for SharePoint, the company's portal technologies.

Internet Impeded By ISA Server Firewall

Reader wants to speed up Internet behind and in front of the firewall.

This Firefox Flaw Bytes

Plus: MPACK goes wild; Trojans on YouTube; 419 scammers busted in Holland; insecure SSL v2.

Apple 3Q Profit Surges More Than 73 Pct.

Apple Inc.'s fiscal third-quarter profit soared more than 73 percent, fueled by demand for its Macintosh computers and the strength of its iPod media players.

Windows 7's UAC Slammed by Sophos

Microsoft and Sophos are at it again, this time arguing about Windows 7's user account control feature.

Microsoft Tool Helps Filter SQL Injection Attacks

Microsoft released an improved security filter for its Internet Information Service Web server that is designed to help thwart SQL injection attacks.

Microsoft Embracing Open Source Drupal 7 CM System

Microsoft today highlighted some of its interoperability accomplishments reflected with the release of the open source Drupal 7 content management (CM) system.

Google CEO To Join Apple Computer Board

Apple Computer Inc. said Tuesday that Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt is joining its board, adding another well-known name to the list of high-profile directors who oversee the management of the company behind the iPod portable player and Macintosh computer.

Internet Explorer Problems Explode

With hundreds of millions of lines of code contained in Web browser applications, even the most informed and seasoned developers are bound to overlook a couple of things.

Numerous Critical Flaws Fixed in Latest Firefox Update

Firefox security update fixes five critical vulnerabilities, a hacker is arrested for cracking VoIP networks, Circuit City's Web site is hacked, and more.

Microsoft Warns of IE Bug on Windows XP

Microsoft released yet another security advisory for Internet Explorer on Wednesday, mostly applying to Windows XP users.

Microsoft Readies Live Services Platform

Microsoft has said that getting third-party developers to build their own applications on top of its Web services will help push its Windows Live initiative over the top. So far, however, despite some interesting applications mashups, the Live community has been a little murky on the details.

Yahoo's Woes Vex Employees, Shareholders

Hoping to snap out of a financial malaise, Yahoo is preparing to lay off as many as 1,000 workers in the Sunnyvale-based company's biggest purge since it was scrambling to survive the dot-com bust seven years ago.

Chrome Gains Browser Market Share at IE's Expense

After a year of dramatic growth, Google's Chrome has become the third most popular browser behind Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Mozilla's Firefox.

Yahoo Poised To Lay Off Hundreds

After seven months as chief executive, Yahoo Inc. co-founder Jerry Yang has concluded hundreds of employees will have to be fired to help the slumping Internet icon recover from years of misguided management.

Web Developers Left Holding the Bag on SQL Injection Attacks

Microsoft is claiming that an injection attack vulnerability discovered late last week and made public this week related to the popular business database application SQL, is not the company's fault but may lie with lax Web developers.

I Could Tell You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Part 1: Windows Integrity Control in Vista and the upcoming Windows Server 2008

NY Youths in Plea Deal in MySpace Case

Extortion, illegal computer access among charges against quartet who claimed to have MySpace-monitoring software that could be used for nefarious purposes.

Microsoft Makes Case for Blockbuster Yahoo Deal

Microsoft today has made a surprise bid to acquire Yahoo Inc. for a $44.6 billion, a 62 percent premium over the company's closing share price Thursday.

Google Fixes Bugs in Chrome Frame Affecting IE 8

Google has fixed bugs in Google Chrome Frame, including one that Microsoft called out as a security problem.

Editor's Choice: Security

<b>Winner: </b>@stake LC4<br> <br> <b>Honorable Mention:</b> <a href="#msdn">Microsoft Corp. MSDN Universal Subscription</a>

Microsoft To Deliver Large Number of Patches for June

Three "critical" and seven "important" fixes will be coming your way.

To Protect and Secure the Web

Security group wants to change law that prevents most forms of Web penetration testing. Plus: on the wrong side of leaky P2P.

Silverlight 2 Now Available

Silverlight 2, the latest version of Microsoft's cross-platform browser plug-in for multimedia applications, will be available on Oct. 14, company officials announced on Monday.

Spamhaus Project To Appeal $12M Judgment

An anti-spam group plans to appeal a federal court ruling that could jeopardize its domain name after ignoring a lawsuit earlier on jurisdictional grounds.

He Shoots, He Scores

How we're being tested—now and in the future.

Reports: Microsoft and Yahoo Actively Negotiating Merger Deal

Shares of Microsoft closed just shy of 7 percent higher on Friday May 2 based on new speculation that Microsoft and Yahoo are now actively negotiating to seal a deal.

Payment Card Security Toughens With DSS 1.2 Release

The Payment Card Industry Council on Wednesday released an updated version of its PCI data security standard, which is designed to help protect transmitted charge and debit card information.

Divide and Conquer

Are you role-playing with your network? If not, you’re missing a powerful way to make it more secure.

Microsoft Rolls Out Search Improvements

Microsoft is rolling out changes to its search engine aimed at narrowing the gap between it and market leader Google Inc.

Termination of Microsoft's Hohm Caused by Windows Embedded

According to a developer of Hohm, Microsoft's free power-monitoring service, the cause of its demise can be attributed to organizational decisions made under the Windows Embedded Business segment.

Q&A: Microsoft's Nash Explains IE 8's Enterprise Advantages

Mike Nash, Microsoft's corporate vice president for Windows product management, talks about the status of IE 8 RC1.

Microsoft Web Server Threatens Open Source Leader

Microsoft's Web server, Internet Information Server (IIS), continues to gain against longtime leader Apache, and could end up surpassing it if current trends continue.

16 Security Fixes Expected in Microsoft's October Patch

Microsoft's forthcoming October security update will be another historic rollout.

Microsoft Reduces Bing Data Retention Times

Microsoft on Monday announced moves to reduce data retention times for Bing Internet search queries.

Virus Writers Perfecting Hit-and-Run Tactics

Repeated spikes of viruses that are not being detected by major anti-virus engines were observed during the last quarter, apparently the result of hit-and-run tactics by virus writers.

Search Changes Coming in Vista SP1

Although Microsoft didn't mention it in today's announcement about the upcoming release of Windows Vista SP1, the company confirmed today that one of the major changes will be to open up desktop search functionality to competition.

Microsoft To Update Hosting Solution

Microsoft will ship early next month an update to its Web hosting package that takes advantage of recently released products and technologies.

Seven Critical Fixes Expected on Tuesday

IT Pros and system administrators will be mighty busy this month as Microsoft announced plans to release 12 patches.

Microsoft Probing ActiveX Bug in Internet Explorer

Microsoft continues to investigate a new vulnerability revealed at the top of the week regarding an ActiveX control component in Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Offers to Help Firefox Devs Port Code to Vista

Microsoft executives may have a hard time talking about open source software without getting their blood up, but the company appears to be taking a pragmatic approach when it comes to Windows Vista and the growing popularity of the Firefox browser.

Anti-Spam Law Challenged

Virginia's law banning the massive distribution of junk e-mail is an unconstitutional barrier to free speech, a lawyer for a former spammer told the state's highest court Wednesday.

Executive: Google Growth Driven by Users

Television should consider Google a friend, not foe, a senior company executive says.

Microsoft Virtualization Launch Planned for Fall 2008

Microsoft announced a launch event for its virtualization products, scheduled for Sept. 8, 2008 in Bellevue, Wash.

Researchers Seek Cash for Software Flaws

For some security researchers who uncover flaws in leading computer programs, a nod of appreciation from software companies is no longer enough. Now they want money.

Microsoft Security Goes on Offensive

Company adds new tools to SDL for developers. Plus: Windows Live Messenger update is mandatory; researchers says third-party vulnerabilities, attacks to outpace Windows attacks.

Online Videos May Be Conduits for Viruses

Online videos aren't just for bloopers and rants -- some might also be conduits for malicious code that can infect your computer.

Microsoft Releases Free MAP 5.5 Toolkit

Version 5.5 of the Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit was released early this week.

PHP Cache Accelerator for Windows Unveiled

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a test version of an extension that's designed to help speed up PHP-based Web applications running on Windows platforms.

Government, Health Care Web Sites Attacked

A scan of Web servers by Internet security company Finjan Inc. has found more than 1,000 legitimate Web sites that had been compromised by a new wave of attacks in recent weeks.

Microsoft Releases 6 Critical Patches

For the February security bulletin release, Microsoft rolled out six "Critical" fixes -- rather than the seven detailed in the advanced notice.

Live Mesh Preview: It's Wait-List Only

Microsoft quietly opened its Live Mesh preview to more testers on July 15, but by today (July 17), the offer had been narrowed to just waiting-list only.

Microsoft Internet Explorer Updates To Be Automated

Microsoft will start silent updates of users' Internet Explorer browsers next month.

Google Shuts Hole in Desktop Product

A potentially devastating hole in Google Inc.'s prevalent desktop search product could have exposed personal files on users' computers to data thieves.

Google Shows Strong 3Q Revenue

Google on Thursday reported strong revenue growth for its third quarter, despite a faltering economy.

Microsoft To Push Out IE 8 via WSUS on Tuesday

Internet Explorer 8 will arrive as an "update rollup" via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) on Tuesday, Aug. 25, Microsoft announced.

Microsoft's March Security Update Arrives With One 'Critical' Item

Today's release of Microsoft security update features six bulletins, with one labeled as "critical," four "important" and one "moderate."

Microsoft Deal Values Facebook at $15B

It's hard to determine what's more surprising about Microsoft Corp.'s investment in Facebook Inc. -- the appraisal that valued a 3 1/2-year-old Internet hangout at $15 billion or the rare snub of online search leader Google Inc.

PDC: Microsoft Releases Geneva Beta

Microsoft today released the first beta of its federated identity services framework aimed at simplifying the way enterprises deploy authentication services.

DNS Security Still a Concern

Administrators have made improvements in the security of the Domain Name System during the last year, but DNS complexity and a lack of resources have resulted in major security gaps being left in the system that underlies almost all Internet traffic, according to a recent survey of DNS servers.

Microsoft Shifts on Responsible Disclosure

Amped up 'responsible disclosure' gets toned down to 'coordinated vulnerability disclosure.' Plus: Redmond won't pay for bugs, and hacking has its own rewards.

Hackers Take Shots at IE

Microsoft's browser takes center stage at Pwn2Own contest. Plus: yet another vendor takes on patch management, and fixing Windows 64-bit.

Microsoft To Release 4 Critical Office Patches Tuesday

Microsoft announced that it will be releasing four patches, all rated critical because they allow remote-code execution, and all involving Microsoft Office in some way.

One-Third of Net Users Go Wireless

About one-third of Internet users in the U.S. have used a wireless connection to surf the Web or check e-mail, according to a survey released Sunday.

IBM Sends SaaS With Hosted Messaging Rollout

Big Blue upped its ante in the software as a service (SaaS) space this week with the release of a hosted version of its venerable corporate e-mail software.

New Republic Blogger Questioned

A magazine gets a hot story straight from a soldier in Iraq and publishes his writing, complete with gory details, under a pseudonym. The stories are chilling: An Iraqi boy befriends American troops and later has his tongue cut out by insurgents. Soldiers mock a disfigured woman sitting near them in a dining hall. As a diversion, soldiers run over dogs with armored personnel carriers. Compelling stuff, and, according to the Army, not true.

Buffer Overflow Flaws Aplenty

BOF rears its ugly head in Sun Java VM, Qualcomm Eudora and Symantec Discover, among others. Also: Using IPv6? Just ditch those Type 0 routing headers.

U.K. Calls for Int'l Privacy Standards

Plus: McAfee's road to safe surfing, and Novell, OpenBSD buffers overflow aplenty.

Internet Addresses Rapidly Running Out

The organization that oversees global allocation of IP addresses announced that less than 10 percent of the available IPv4 address space remains unallocated.

Ballmer Drops Hints About Windows 7, Cloud Computing

Microsoft's CEO talked about Windows 7 and the company's vision for syncing up applications in the Internet cloud at a Gartner-sponsored event on Thursday.

China: Bloggers Should Use Real Names

Blog service providers in China are "encouraged" to register users with their real names and contact information, according to a new government document that tones down an earlier proposal banning anonymous online blogging.

Google Assails Microsoft Over Yahoo Deal

Google Inc. raised the specter of Microsoft Corp. using its proposed $42 billion acquisition of Yahoo Inc. to gain illegal control over the Internet, underscoring the online search leader's queasiness about its two biggest rivals teaming up.

Windows Live Emerges From Beta

After a trickle of updates and "betas" bearing the Windows Live moniker, Microsoft Corp. is ready to start promoting its official package of free desktop programs for e-mail, instant messaging, blogging and sharing photos.

Spammers To Target Job-Hunting, Networking Sites in 2009

A new report from security consultancy AppRiver confirms what many of us have long expected: Spammers are becoming both savvier and sneakier.

Microsoft, Fast Combo To Yield Better Search Dev Tools

Microsoft, which has said for months that it fields the best enterprise search, is spending another billion to bolster that claim.

Windows 8, Windows RT Fixes Included in Microsoft's Final 2012 Patch Update

December's five "critical" bulletins and two "important" items affect all versions of Windows, including its newest Windows 8 and Windows RT.

Trojan Relative of Stuxnet Hits Web

A Trojan apparently being used to gather information for a future Stuxnet-style attack, was found in European industrial systems, according to Symantec.

Microsoft Gets Its Online Advertising Company

After missing out on DoubleClick and other high-profile companies, Microsoft finally got its foot in the Internet advertising door by buying aQuantive Inc. for $6 billion in cash.

UPDATED: Yahoo Seeking Deal with News Corp.

The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Microsoft is facing another suitor for Yahoo: Rupert Murdoch's News Corp.

Protect Your PDAs, PDQ!

You know about security for networks and laptops. But what about security for hand-helds? What? You don't have a plan?

November's Patch Addresses Two Windows App Exploits

Redmond rolled out two patches on Tuesday -- one deemed "critical" and one "important."

Opera Software Reshuffles After Struggle

Key shareholders in Opera Software ASA have reshuffled the board of directors after a reported power struggle between board members and the company's chief executive and founder, Jon S. von Tetzchner.

Microsoft, Good Technology Work on Encrypted E-Mail for Windows Phones

Microsoft announced a partnership with Good Technology to bring encrypted e-mail services to Windows Phone 7.5.

Virtual Machine Manager Completely Revamped for Beta 2

New beta called 'quantum leap' by VMM product managers.

Google's Profit Falls Short, Shares Drop

Google Inc.'s second-quarter profit climbed 28 percent, but it wasn't enough to fulfill Wall Street's high expectations for the Internet's search leader.

Biometric Security Products: BioPassword 4.5

Magic fingers at work

One Fix Expected for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft's first security update rollout of 2009 may be a quiet one, according to an advance notification released Thursday.

Microsoft Ships Vista Deployment Tools

Microsoft announced it is shipping final versions of six tools to aid in deployment of Windows Vista and Office 2007, although some had been previously released.

Microsoft To Add Smooth Streaming in IIS7

Web sites will be able to get improved bandwidth management for streaming media using a new extension to the Microsoft Internet Information Services 7.0 (IIS7) Web server.

Windows Live Search: Where Have All the Users Gone?

Three Net tracking firms have released their October figures for search engine popularity and they all show Microsoft continuing to lose ground with users while Google continues to gain, according to

Java Goes Open Source

Computer server and software maker Sun Microsystems Inc. said Monday that it had begun to make its Java technology an open-source software project available for free on the Internet.

Google Fixes Bug in Sync App for Outlook

Google came through with fixes to its newly introduced e-mail and calendar synchronization application that works with Microsoft Outlook.

Feds: 'Iceman' Was Internet ID Thief

A man who used the Internet alias "Iceman" stole credit card and identity information from tens of thousands of people by hacking into the computers of financial institutions and credit card processing centers, federal authorities said Tuesday.

Still No Fix from Microsoft for Growing Number of IE Exploits

Plus: An eighth of malware attacks come from USB devices, scareware instances are growing.

Google Chrome OS Released as Open Source Code

Google's previously under-wraps operating system is now available to developers as open source code, the company announced on Thursday.

Report: Cyberspace Becoming More Malicious

Online security company MessageLabs found that more than three-quarters of the e-mail messages it scanned in May were spam, an increase of 3.3 percent over the previous month, said Mark Sunner, MessageLabs' chief security analyst.

Easier Internet Explorer 7 Page Searches

Adding the Inline Search Plug-in to IE 7 gives the browser near Firefox-like search capabilities.

Sun Sets Java Code Free

Sun Microsystems releases its Java technology as open-source project.

Enterprise Adoption of Windows 7 Increasing According to Forrester Research

Even though Microsoft's Internet Explorer is on the decline among users, Windows 7 has more than doubled over the past year, according to a Forrester Research study published this month.

Internet Explorer 8 Coming Next Month Via WSUS

Microsoft is planning to deliver Internet Explorer 8 via Windows Server Update Services, starting on Aug. 25.

NSA Official Says 3 Steps Can Thwart Cyberattacks

Systems with proper security and network controls can withstand about 80 percent of known cyberattacks, said a senior National Security Agency official.

The Influencer

Just because you don't have a "C" at the beginning of your title doesn't mean you're not influential.

One Bing Now Rules Them All in US and Canada

Microsoft today announced that it has completed integrating its Bing search engine technology into Yahoo's U.S. and Canadian Web portals.

Microsoft Patch Load Lightens for November

After two straight gargantuan rollouts, IT pros are getting a break with November's patch load.

False Sense of DLL Security

DLL fix might still leave Windows users vulnerable. Plus: Bing encryption being considered; Google gets serious about mobile security.

Microsoft Beefs Up Web Platform Tools

Developing and managing Web sites may have gotten a little easier with new tools announced by Microsoft this week as part of its MIX09 Web developer conference.

Microsoft's DNS Fix Leads to More Problems

The blogosphere is awash with talk about the possible overall weakness of the Domain Name System (DNS) architecture.

Lenovo Computers To Use Microsoft Search

Lenovo Group Ltd. became the first computer maker to agree to pre-load Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Live toolbar and make its search portal the main service on all new computers worldwide.

New Exploit Targets Internet Explorer

Researcher in New Zealand discovered holes in Microsoft's Web Proxy Automatic Discovery (WPAD) program.

Google Buys YouTube for $1.65B

Google Inc. snapped up YouTube Inc. for $1.65 billion Monday in deal that catapults the Internet search leader to a leading role in the online video revolution.

Windows Mobile Development Slowed in Second Half of 2008

Growth of the Apple iPhone and Google's Android mobile platforms are cutting into the market for devices based on Windows Mobile and will continue to do so, according to a global survey of developers.

Four Security Fixes Planned for Patch Tuesday

Microsoft plans to rollout four security bulletins for this month's patch cycle on Tuesday, with two "critical" items and two "important" patches on the slate.

How To Be a Security Babe

If you want to do IT security because it’s “hot” right now, or because you think that’s where the money is, forget it. If you truly love the field, read on.

Taking ISA Server Into the Danger Zone

Reader wants to have ISA Server obtain an IP address from an externally facing DHCP server.

U.S. Is Biggest Malware Culprit, Reports Say

The United States has the dubious distinction of hosting the most infected sites and having the most compromised computers relaying spam.

Microsoft Releases BizTalk Server 2010 to Manufacturers

Microsoft today released BizTalk Server 2010 to its hardware manufacturing partners, which means that products will ship to customers soon.

Four Patches Coming in May

Three patches will target critical remote code execution exploits in Microsoft Office, Publisher and the Jet Database Engine.

Microsoft, Adobe Competition Heats Up

Desktop Virtualization Tips for Testing IE

Microsoft outlined desktop virtualization tips late last week that IT pros and developers can use to test the compatibility of their Web sites on a single PC.

Symantec: Online Security Concerns Growing in the Workplace

Windows processing environments put themselves at risk whenever they check their MySpace pages or shop for other goods and services -- all while at the workplace.

April 1: D-Day for the Conficker Worm

The Conficker frenzy continues as IT security pros prepare for April 1, when the worm is expected to take some action from infected systems.

IE 8 Gets High Marks for Security in Reports

Microsoft is putting out the word that users of Internet Explorer 6 should upgrade to IE 8, primarily for security and standards-compliance reasons.

Wise Counsel

There is another side of the coin for IT employment.

Ex-CEO Gets Some Credit for HP Surge

Although Carly Fiorina was sacked in one of the most humbling ousters in corporate America, her initial moves to reinvigorate Hewlett-Packard Co. are now paying off in HP's healthy profit and recent stock surge.

Flash Ads Serving Up Malware on Popular Sites

Malicious Flash banner ads have been surfacing on major web sites including,, and in the last month, according to media reports.

Microsoft Fixes Issue Discovered in Pwn2Own Contest

This month's Patch Tuesday included a fix for an Internet Explorer exploit found by Steven Fewer. Plus: Anonymous releases personal information of San Francisco public transit users; Facebook, Twitter and Research in Motion discuss possible actions to dissuade rioting in London; AOL attacked by a server-side incursion.

Microsoft Proposes Browser 'Ballot' to European Commission

Microsoft issued a proposal last week that attempts to address European Commission concerns about its bundling of Internet Explorer with Windows.

Google Selling More E-Mail Security

Google Inc. is adding more e-mail security and storage products for businesses, sharpening its aim on a Microsoft Corp. stronghold while the competition between the two rivals also heats up in Internet search and advertising.

Google Unveils Tools for Search Engines

In return for allowing Google to display site-related ad links, site can now customize Google searches.

Botnets on the Rise, Despite Aggressive Law Enforcement

The number of compromised computers actively being used in botnets to launch attacks on any given day last year was about 75,000, according to a new report on Internet threats from Symantec Corp.

Judge Sides With Microsoft in Vista Search Complaint

A federal judge has sided with Microsoft in Google's most recent complaint that Microsoft remedies to open Vista search up to competitors don't go far enough.

Viva IPv6

It's alive, but not quite ready. And it might be slowing down network response. You have some options for disabling IPv6 for now.

Report: Windows 7 Surpasses Vista in Market Share

Windows 7 now has nearly 15 percent of the operating system market for business users, outshining Vista.

Microsoft, Others Earn Single Sign-On Cert

Eight identity management products from seven vendors have earned interoperability certification for the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML 2.0) in this summer's round of interoperability testing.

Study: Training Leads to Promotion, Employee Retention

There's a bright future ahead for those taking training courses.

IE Use Grows Worldwide, but Europe Loves Firefox

Microsoft this week touted global market share gains for Internet Explorer 8 over rival browsers, citing July data from Net Applications.

Security, List By List

Security checklists are valuable—but only if you use them. Follow along on Microsoft’s list and harden a server.

As the Black Screen of Death Turns

Plus: Patch Tuesday fixes IE zero-day flaw; third party takes up XP's cause.

Hackers Enlist Search Engines for Phishing Attacks

Hackers are increasingly attempting to influence search engines to misdirect users to spurious Web sites.

How Many Microsofts?

Maybe they already broke up the company and we didn’t notice.

Microsoft Revamps Platforms Division, Loses Kevin Johnson

Microsoft late on Wednesday announced a reorganization of its Platforms & Services Division and departure of PSD president Kevin Johnson.

Messing With Web Components

Hackers go after your browsing sessions. Plus: Conficker worm is gone, but not forgotten; unrest in Egypt worries Microsoft, Cisco.

Unmanaged DNS Servers a Growing Security Risk

DNSSEC adoption is accelerating, but this good news is offset by the growing number of unmanaged embedded name servers.

Researchers Develop Strategy To Pinpoint Malicious Activity

Researchers have developed a technique they say could help identify where the bad elements are hanging out online.

How PowerPoint Is Like Melvin

Why some things--and people--are just unlikable.

Microsoft Office Live Service Debuts Nov. 15

Online small biz software service will launch simultaneously in France, Germany, Japan and UK.

Google 4Q Earnings Nearly Triple

Google Inc. has grown into a financial juggernaut so quickly its extraordinary growth is starting to look routine -- a phenomenon making it more difficult for the online search leader to impress investors.

Microsoft Mum After Midori OS Plan Leaked

Microsoft is working on a project to develop a new operating system, code-named "Midori," but the company won't disclose the details at this time.

Forefront Security for Microsoft OCS Unveiled

Forefront Security for Office Communications Server (FSOCS) was released to manufacturing, Microsoft announced on Tuesday.

Office Starter 2010 Unveiled, Replacing Microsoft Works

Microsoft has devised a way to introduce new PC buyers to its Office productivity suite through a "Starter" edition.

The Bugs Keep Coming for Safari on Windows

Unless there's a pressing need in your environment, you might want to hold off on installing the beta of Apple's Safari browser for Windows, as every day seems to bring a new bug report.

Anonymous Site Threatens to Leak IE 9 Beta, Pulls Last Minute

The Web site posted late yesterday that it plans to release IE 9 to its readers, two days before Microsoft plans to release it.

Strongspace's 10-Day Crash Highlights Web Storage Risks

For the past 10 days, Sausalito, Calif.-based online document and storage hosting company Joyent struggled to get its online secure document collaboration service, Strongspace, back online.

Trojan May Cause Users To Reinstall Windows

Trojan:Win32/Popureb.E can only be completely removed by wiping a system and starting from scratch. Plus: Microsoft vs. Mozilla heats up; Sony readying for wave of class action lawsuits based on PlayStation Network outage.

W3C Publishes Web Services Policy 1.5

Group devises a more flexible method of handling policy changes for Web services and service-oriented architectures.

Blogger Outed: Forbes Editor Is 'Fake Steve'

At long last, someone has cracked one of the technology world's biggest mysteries -- the identity of Fake Steve, a sharp-tongued blogger who had tech aficionados in stitches with a satiric diary purporting to be from Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

World's Largest Spam Network Ended by Microsoft

In an announcement released Thursday, Microsoft's Digital Crimes Unit (DCU), in conjunction with federal law enforcement agencies, have pulled the plug on the Rustock spybot network.

Microsoft Expected To Unveil IE 9 Release Candidate on Feb. 10

Microsoft confirmed today that members of the Internet Explorer team will be in San Francisco for a news event this week, likely the launch of the release candidate (RC) version of Internet Explorer 9.

UPDATE: Microsoft's Free SEO Tool Released

Microsoft on Tuesday released a free search engine optimization tool for Web sites.

Microsoft, Yahoo Tweak Privacy Policies

Hopping on the privacy-protection bandwagon, Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. are limiting how long their Internet search engines retain potentially sensitive data about their users.

10 Things I Like about XP Security

Suspicious of XP’s security features? As you spend quality time together, you’ll get to see its good points—maybe even become friends.

What’s New with the Directory

Changes are afoot to make Active Directory more flexible.

Microsoft Investigating IE and FTP Security Flaws

Microsoft's security team announced late last month that it is investigating two proof-of-concept flaws in Microsoft's Web-related software.

Power in the Details

How do you like our new look?

Microsoft Creates Server and Cloud Division

Microsoft formed a new organization within its Server and Tools Business last week called the Server and Cloud Division (SCD).

Summer Winds Blow In Record Number of Security Fixes

Plus: Adobe readies Reader patch; Google engineer may get formal recognition for Windows flaws.

Microsoft Backs Digital Due Process Initiative

Microsoft this week joined a coalition to encourage Congress to update the Electronic Communications Privacy Act.

FBI Pulls Plug on Several Botnet Hackers

More than 1 million computers -- possibly yours, too -- are used by hackers as remote-controlled robots to crash online systems, accept spam and steal users' personal information, the FBI said Wednesday.

Patches Galore In Store for 2010

With April's planned patch releases, Microsoft sets pace to exceed 2009's fixes. Plus: Conficker, a year later; how you set admin rights may be key to overall security, says one vendor.

Virginia Supreme Court Rules Against Anti-Spam Law

It's unclear how a Virginia Supreme Court ruling may influence other state and federal laws, but the court on Friday struck down a Virginia law that prohibits the sending of unsolicited e-mail.

Microsoft Opens HTML5 Labs for Developers

Microsoft today opened a test site for Web developers that shows off promising yet unstable HTML 5 code.

Microsoft Embracing White Spaces for Broadband Access

Microsoft earlier this month began advocating for greater broadband access in a policy blog, with a particular focus on a piece of spectrum called "white spaces."

Coming to Terms With Cloud Computing

Is "cloud computing" the next big thing in IT, or are you just a victim of "cloud wash"?

Convergence Idea Gets Serious With Live Mesh, Analysts Say

Live Mesh sounds like "HailStorm" in concept -- a way to access your data from any device with an Internet connection -- says Microsoft's Rosoff.

Intel To Package Web Tools

Think of it as Wikipedia for the workplace. Intel Corp., the world's largest computer chip maker, now wants to provide businesses with software to create blogging, wiki and news feed services to connect employees on collaborative projects.

Microsoft-Yahoo Search Deal Gets Regulatory Approvals

Microsoft and Yahoo got approvals from U.S. and European regulators to proceed with their search-advertising business deal.

Google Pulls Support for Internet Explorer 6

Support for Internet Explorer 6 appears to be dwindling after Microsoft's Web browser was exploited for well-publicized attacks on Google and other companies.

Firewall Threats Shifting Up the Stack

Networking threats are migrating from the network perimeter to the interior and up the networking stack, often making older firewall technologies and policies inadequate.

Symantec: Rogue Security Software a Big Business

Scaring computer users into buying and installing potentially malicious security programs is becoming a big business, according to a study of rogue software by Symantec.

Adobe Takes Flex SDK Open Source

In a major salvo that ups the stakes in the emerging battle for mindshare among developers and architects building Rich Internet Applications, Adobe today said it is releasing its Flex SDK into the open source community.

What Patch Tuesday's Patchy Record Means

Plus: Firefox opens up to .NET; gauging Security Essentials' enterprise chances.

White House Plans Strategy for Better Cyber Authentication

The Obama administration plans to release late this week a draft of a new national strategy for improving capabilities to identify and authenticate people, organizations and infrastructure in cyberspace, the White House's top cyber official said today.

ISPs Shining Their Internet Police Badges

Plus: Google facing fines for Apple Safari privacy issues, young hacker goes on attack spree.

Google Ends Internet Search Censorship in China

After following China's national laws in the past, Google has decided to stop filtering its search engine in the country.

Cisco and Microsoft Partner for Branch Office Connectivity

On-again, off-again partners Cisco Systems Inc. and Microsoft Corp. are as cozy as ever again.

Study: IE 9 Upgrades Have Enormous Cost Benefits

Upgrading from Internet Explorer 8 to IE 9 can represent a cost benefit to organizations, according to a Microsoft-commissioned study.

Judge Won't Suspend Anti-Spam Group Name

e360 Insight's request to have Spamhaus domain name suspended rejected by U.S. judge.

Microsoft To Release Critical Patches for Vista, XP, Office, IE, Visual Basic

Redmond's February patch release is slated to roll out 12 security fixes -- seven rated "Critical," and five deemed "Important."

Guilty as Charged

Quick test: Have you ever used a "braindump" for exam preparation? The answer to that question may not be as simple as a "yes" or "no."

The Next 10 Years

Just what does the ol' crystal ball say about the next decade?

Microsoft Rolls Out Services Connector CTP

Microsoft has introduced a new Windows server component to seamlessly connect Active Directory users to Microsoft-based services and other services residing in the Internet cloud.

Most Computer Attacks Originate in U.S.

The United States generates more malicious computer activity than any other country

Certified Mail: August 2002

"Windowsville" residents chime in on the "which OS is more secure" argument; readers debate Microsoft's longevity.

Crash! Boom! Bang! Exploit!

The Windows Debugger plug-in explains all. Plus: IE 8 and Safari get taken down a notch; Conficker might be an April Fool's joke; Paladin rolls to the rescue.

Will Boeing's 787 Be Safe From Hackers?

Before Boeing Co.'s new 787 jetliner gets the green light to fly passengers, the aircraft maker will have to prove that offering Internet access in the cabin won't leave the flight controls vulnerable to hackers and hijackers.

Current Web Security Standards Not Enough, Study Finds

A recent report on Web security trends relayed a damning assessment of the IT security landscape that's prompting some to suggest the government should step in to give enterprises and individuals guidance on how to protect themselves.

Google To Keep Storing Search Requests

Although he was alarmed by AOL's haphazard release of its subscribers' online search requests, Google Inc. CEO Eric Schmidt said Wednesday the privacy concerns raised by that breach won't change his company's practice of storing the inquiries made by its users.

IT Must Tackle 5 Trends, Analyst Group Says

The points of change cited by the research firm include Web 2.0-style apps, SaaS, global-class computing, "consumerization" of IT and open source.

Teen Faces Jail for Tapping Wireless

Singapore teen faces 3 years' jail for tapping into another's wireless Internet.

IBM Previews Social Networking for Lotus Notes

IBM expanded its vision for bringing social networking to the enterprise with a preview of new technology at Lotusphere 2010.

Cross Certification Trusts

Windows Server 2003 provides a way to implement trusts among Certification Authority hierarchies selectively. Here’s how it works.

Office 2007 SP1 Arriving Via Auto Update

Microsoft Office 2007 users will be able to get a new service pack delivered automatically via Microsoft Update as early as mid-next month.

EC Opens Comments on Microsoft Browser 'Ballot'

The European Commission on Wednesday took another step closer to resolving its Web browser competition complaint against Microsoft.

IM Attacks on the Rise

Just because you've deployed an enterprise-grade instant messaging (IM) solution from a well-known vendor, doesn't mean you've mitigated -- let alone completely licked -- the threat posed by rogue, unsanctioned or illicit IM use in your enterprise environment.

Microsoft Partner Phase 2 Adds IBM's Hosted Apps

Phase 2 International now offers online IBM Lotus applications to SMBs, adding to its various hosted service offerings which already include a Microsoft solution stack.

U.S. Intell Chief: Source of Cyber Attacks Still Unknown

U.S. authorities have not determined who was behind the recent cyber attacks that temporarily knocked some federal Web sites offline.

Survey: Cloud Dev Efforts on the Rise

The move to the Internet cloud will pick up steam in the next year for developers, according to a new survey from Santa Cruz, Calif.-based Evans Data Corp.

Violate Internet Standards with IE

Give IE the boost it needs with this handy little trick that can increase the number of simultaneous downloads.

Microsoft Takes Bold Steps Toward Open APIs and Publishing Tech Specs

Microsoft is placing a significant emphasis on standardization and interoperability, saying it will share its APIs and release extensive documentation of its protocols.

Virtual Time Freeze

Here’s how to get control of a VM’s virtual clock.

Google Unveils Admin Controls for Chrome

Google announced today that it has rolled out enhanced controls for IT pros who install and maintain Google Chrome Web browsers within an organization.

Google CEO Defends Stance on China

Google CEO Eric Schmidt confirmed the company's position with respect to China and commented on the attacks on Google's network.

Time Change to Bring Computer Glitches

Change in Daylight Savings Time this year may cause many software programs to malfunction, warns software makers.

Yahoo-AOL Talks Rumored To Oppose Microsoft Bid

Microsoft's acquisition bid for Yahoo, initiated at the end of January, today unleashed media reports suggesting that shifting coalitions are forming that could decide Yahoo's fate.

Microsoft Mobile GUI Has Debut on Apple iPhone

Microsoft Live Labs announced on Saturday that its Seadragon Mobile graphical user interface (GUI) is now available for the Apple iPhone as a technical preview release, but Windows Mobile users will have to wait to get it.

High-Profile Cyber Attacks Puts Pressure on IT

Government officials are predicting that a future attack on the U.S. may happen in cyberspace. Plus: Evaluating the security landscape, Windows malware threats becoming sophisticated, anti-span suite helps avoid user interaction with possible phishing threats.

Anti-Spam Group Appeals U.S. Judgment

Anti-spam group facing possible loss of domain name plans to appeal $12M judgment.

Of Profit and Pickles

OK, so maybe Licensing 6.0 wasn't such a stupid idea after all.

Microsoft Goes Easy With November Patch Release

Microsoft's November security update arrived today, and it's something less than a Thanksgiving meal.

Windows 7, Internet Explorer Tracked in Report

A marketing report released this week profiled two important Microsoft products, with mixed results.

Zend Releasing Enterprise-Grade PHP Server

Zend Technologies will release its commercial-grade server for PHP applications on Tuesday.

Stock Tip Blogger Detained in China

A blogger who sold stock picks to thousands of subscribers has been detained in northern China, as regulators try to reign in freelance operators amid a booming stock market.

That Pesky Convergence Stuff

“One thing we’ll be talking a fair bit about today is the relationship between the PC and the phone. That’s something that will be changing. When you get value added on your PC without having to switch the phone that you use simply by having the PC be aware of what’s going on, that integration, we think, is a very critical one and one that’s influencing the PC hardware.” —Bill Gates at WinHEC 2003

Microsoft's Holiday Present Includes 17 Patches

Plus: Hackers compromise Gawker media sites; Google and Redmond ad malware investigated; Symantec takes a look at the problems you'll be facing in 2011.

Microsoft Rolls Out Security Baselines and MAP 5.5 Beta

Microsoft on Monday announced that it had rolled out two "new" security baselines for use with its Security Compliance Management tool, plus new setting packs for Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 8.

New DNS Vulnerability Has Organizations Scrambling

Organizations using the BIND 9 DNS server are being urged to update and patch their servers to correct a zero-day vulnerability that can allow denial-of-service attacks.

Microsoft Patches: Between a Fix and a Hard Place

Plus: Symantec details global Internet threats; Metasploit 'sells out'; Conficker rumbles.

Microsoft Beefs Up Interoperability Agreements

Microsoft provided more details about its settlement with the EC, particularly with regard to interoperability agreements

Microsoft Renews Talks With Yahoo

Talks between Microsoft and Yahoo are back on the table again, but maybe not about the acquisition bid.

Microsoft Wants Yahoo's Search Biz, Reports Say

Microsoft now wants to buy just a part of Yahoo, according to the latest rumors hitting the dailies.

Microsoft Releases Windows Live Essentials 2011

Microsoft last week announced the availability of Windows Live Essentials 2011, a free consumer suite of applications designed to connect Windows users to the Internet cloud.

Silverlight 2.0: The Wait Is Almost Over

The first public beta of Silverlight 2.0 is expected from Microsoft in the next few weeks. By all accounts, those that have seen the private beta report that the features outlined by the General Manager of Microsoft's Developer Division, Scott Guthrie, in a November blog posting are pretty much on track.

Feds Prepare To Make Leap to Windows 7

Government adoption of Vista has been anemic at best. But the prospects seem much better for Windows 7.

Use 'Protected Mode' To Secure IE 7, Microsoft Says

A setting in Internet Explorer 7 running on Windows Vista can help stave off a particular remote code execution attack, according to Microsoft's security team.

White House Shift to Open Source Draws Mostly Praise

The White House's recent deployment of the Drupal open source content management system for its Web site has created a stir among industry observers.

Get Ready for Your Audit

Time spent with network security auditors pointed out to Roberta the most common weaknesses in companies. How does yours stack up to her list?

Trustworthy Computing: Examining Trust

Microsoft's Trustworthy Academic Advisory Board has been keeping tabs on security issues -- external as well as internal -- that continue to challenge Microsoft's developers. Here's a peek into the board, which marks five years on watch.

UPDATED: Microsoft To Make Changes to Vista Search

Microsoft has agreed to make changes to its search capabilities in Windows Vista, in response to federal anti-competitive charges leveled by Google. The changes will be part of Vista's service pack 1, which Microsoft said it hopes to have ready by the "end of the year."

Microsoft Buys Mobile Advertising Company

Microsoft, perhaps stung by its failure to buy online advertising giant DoubleClick in recent months, announced that it has bought European company ScreenTonic SA, a mobile advertising company.

UPDATE: XP SP3 Available Via Windows Update

Microsoft said that users of Windows XP can now gain access to Service Pack 3 through Windows Update and the Microsoft Download Center.

Microsoft To Serve Ads on Viacom Sites

The media company that owns MTV, Nickelodeon and Paramount Pictures said Wednesday that it will now advertise online through Microsoft Corp. as part of a larger deal.

Microsoft Warns of DLL Flaw Involving Remote Servers

Microsoft issued a security advisory this evening about an old hacking trick that could affect Windows systems via remote servers.

Gonzales Calls for ISP Customer Data Retention Law

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday that Congress should require Internet service providers to preserve customer records, asserting that prosecutors need them to fight child pornography.

Microsoft Posts Office Live Workspace Beta

Microsoft posted a "public" beta of Office Live Workspace, cloud-based functions that it says complement its on-premise Office franchise.

PDC: Microsoft's Sinofsky Reviews Windows 7, Previews IE 9

A year ago, at the 2008 Professional Developers Conference, Steven Sinofsky earned plaudits when he offered a mea culpa for the mess left by Vista.

Microsoft Releases Platform Preview 4 of IE 9

Microsoft today released the fourth "platform preview" of Internet Explorer 9, the company's next-generation Web browser.

Microsoft's October Security Bulletin Addresses 23 Flaws

Microsoft is keeping IT pros busy this week as it issues two security bulletins rated "critical" and another six rated "important," all addressing 23 assorted flaws.

Free Tool Hunts Bots

Research project creates tool to seek and kill bots; homeland power threat guidelines; server attack vector in Confixx.

Portable PCs Overtake Desktops in 1Q 2009

Worldwide shipments of portable PCs surpassed desktop PCs in the first quarter of this year, marking the first time it has occurred, according to an IDC report announced on Thursday.

A Flood of Fixes in April

This month is among the busiest, with patches coming from Microsoft, Adobe and others. Plus: Black Hat Tech Con tackles Web-originated attacks; looking for motives in the cyberspying world.

Yahoo Backs OpenSocial; New Foundation Formed

Yahoo announced Tuesday that it's joined forces with Google and MySpace to back OpenSocial, a group that aims to define a common API to allow social applications across multiple sites.

Customizing Terminal Services Web Access

A quick one: Change the TS Web Access banner and keep users better informed of what they're connected to.

When E-Mail Profiles Attack

RSS feeds and calendars up Outlook with errors; pesky Passport reminders that work too well.

Mozilla Releases New Version of Firefox

Newest version of IE challenger improves on search and spyware catching.

Spammers Target MP3 Downloaders

Plus: settling with crooks; malware as a service; more.

Biometric Security Products

Wouldn't it be nice if your computer just knew you! Security Advisor's Roberta Bragg evaluates several solutions.

Yang to Microsoft: Buy Yahoo

Yahoo's CEO at a tech conference admits to second-guessing the Microsoft offer and offers his assessment of the Google deal gone bad.

Virtual Vulnerabilities

Flaws in VMware's products have been patched. Also, Apple WiFi hack gets published; inside reputation-based attacks.

Airline Sues Google Over Keyword Ads

American Airlines is suing Google Inc. over the Internet company's sale of keywords ads for rivals triggered by its own trademarks.

Google's Chrome Browser Contains Microsoft Code

The newly released Google Chrome Web browser beta is a completely open source solution and a potential challenger to Microsoft's proprietary-code Internet Explorer browser, but Microsoft's Senior Program Manager Scott Hanselman found a little bit of irony in Google's browser as well.

Cisco To Buy Navini for $330 Million

Cisco Systems Inc. is snapping up privately held Navini Networks Inc. for $330 million, extending the networking equipment maker's acquisition streak and providing the latest validation for the new wireless network technology called WiMax.

Ballmer: Search Like 'Precocious' Tot

Microsoft Corp. CEO Steve Ballmer compared the company's search technology to a precocious toddler -- one who would eventually grow up to rival nemesis Google Inc.

U.S. Will Extend ICAAN Agreement

The U.S. Commerce Department said Wednesday it will extend its oversight of the California organization that handles domain name policies, while finding ways to improve the group's accountability and transparency.

Justices Turn Down Online Piracy Case

The Supreme Court on Monday refused to consider an appeal by an online publisher that claims credit-card companies are enabling the piracy of its pictures of nude models.

Project Albany Moves Into Google Turf

Microsoft revealed "Albany," a consumer-oriented hosted service that provides Excel, PowerPoint and Word applications, plus security and collaboration tools.

IE Zero-Day Flaw Spoils Thanksgiving

Plus: Microsoft patches can result in black screens; when pandas attack.

Q&A: Top IE Exec Discusses New Browser

With the release candidate of IE 8 now available, Microsoft GM Dean Hachamovitch talks about switching to standards compliance.

Azure Adds Risk to Microsoft's Business Model

Azure amounts to Microsoft's "most significant coordinated shift in strategy" since it got come-to-the-Internet religion in 1995.

New Bluetooth Patch Fixes XP Security Hole

Microsoft reissues a "critical" patch relating to Bluetooth wireless technology that was released last week as part of its June update cycle.

IE 9 Platform Preview 6 Available for Download

Microsoft released IE 9 Platform Preview 6, the latest test version of its upcoming Internet Explorer 9, yesterday.

Ballmer Makes It Official: Windows 7 Beta Available

Microsoft last night officially released the first beta of its Windows 7 to MSDN and TechNet subscribers. The beta will be open to all testers tomorrow.

Internet Fraud Reporting System Launched

What do the FBI, Microsoft and the American Bankers Association all have in common? Answer: they're all collaborating against online fraud.

Site Entrepreneurs Mull Build or Sell

As's mastermind, Mark Zuckerberg is sitting on a potential gold mine that could make him the next Silicon Valley whiz kid to strike it rich.

End of XP As We Know It

Plus: Microsoft cozies up to Russia, China on security; virtualization's security shortcomings.

Microsoft To Buy Health Search Firm

Microsoft Monday announced its intent to buy out Medstory Inc., a privately held company that develops intelligent Web search technologies for health information.

IE's Market Share Stabilizes in May

Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser showed a U.S. market share gain in May compared with competing browsers.

Criminals on Autopilot


Microsoft Preparing Hefty 12-Item Security Patch on Tuesday

Microsoft began 2011 with a light touch, but IT pros can expect a decidedly heavy February security update next Tuesday.

Locking the Barn Door

Of bowling and certifications.

Regulators Clear Google-DoubleClick Deal

U.S. antitrust regulators approved Google Inc.'s $3.1 billion purchase of DoubleClick Inc., clearing the way for a formidable combination in the burgeoning online advertising sector.

Internet Explorer To Flag Verified 'Safe' Sites

E-commerce and online banking sites will be required to undergo extensive verification checks.

AD for the Novice

Mission-Critical Active Directory addresses the intricacies of this complex topic.

Windows Mobile Platform Malware Places Calls to Somalia, South Pole

Plus: Ten for June's Patch Tuesday; MS responds to Google Banning Windows; Adobe encounters another critical security flaw.

EC Deadline Nears for Microsoft in IE Bundling Case

The European Commission (EC) granted Microsoft another week to respond to a competition complaint involving its Internet Explorer Web browser.

Microsoft Pulls One Fix From 'Patch Tuesday'

Microsoft rolled out six security bulletins on its "Patch Tuesday" today, one fewer than expected.

PDC: First Look at Live Mesh and Live Framework

Microsoft announced the new Live Framework during a Tuesday keynote that addressed Windows 7 and other tools and technologies that will comprise the front-end infrastructure of the company's unfolding Software plus Services strategy.

First National Bank of Bill

What business is Microsoft in, anyhow?

MIX08 Kicks Off with First IE 8 and Silverlight 2 Betas

Microsoft ushered in two highly anticipated betas: the first public downloads of Internet Explorer 8 and Silverlight 2.

Renewal Notice

Are you past due?

Microsoft Unveils Its Vision for Connected Businesses

At its annual Convergence conference this week, Microsoft will put into place the final pieces of its Dynamics ERP strategy by announcing a handful of new applications and partner programs aimed largely at small and medium-size companies (SMBs).

Tech-Ed: Gates' Farewell to Developers Focuses on Silverlight, Velocity, Oslo

Microsoft's founder and chairman kicked off Tech-Ed with a keynote that took an opportunity to look back, as well as provided a glimpse into the future. Acquires Google-Focused Startup has acquired a four-person startup specializing in paid search technology that will be tailored to work with the online business applications of Salesforce.

Open Source: A 'Growing Challenge' to Microsoft

Open source software topped the list of business "risk factors" outlined in Microsoft's annual 10-K report to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Billions Expected for Cybersecurity Research

As the Obama administration and Congress propose various measures to improve the nation's cybersecurity, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence is planning to spend "multiple billions of dollars" on cybersecurity research.

Best Buy Web Site Pricing Probed

Best Buy is under investigation by Connecticut's attorney general after consumers complained they were denied deals found at the electronic retailer's Web site by store employees who pulled up a lookalike site that listed higher prices on some merchandise.

Microsoft's Ozzie: Google Was 'Wake-Up Call'

Watching Google Inc. rake in advertising revenue "was a wake-up call within Microsoft," the company's top technical executive, Ray Ozzie, said Tuesday. But he said Microsoft plans to do more than simply mimic Google by rolling out Web-based versions of desktop programs or following its particular search and advertising model.

SQL Injection Attacks on the Rise

MessageLabs reports that the number of SQL injection attacks spiked sharply last month.

Microsoft Opens Its Office to the Internet

Microsoft today rolled out a new service for its Office suite that adds online collaboration features but still requires documents to be created and edited on the desktop.

I'm Thinking of a Number

OpenSSH flaw in Debian and derivatives not as serious -- yet. Also, IE printing flaw; Belgium and India attack China; more.

Outsourced Worker: How Do You Stack Up?

Chances are, you work for a company that’s involved in outsourcing in some form. The question you need to answer for yourself is whether that’s such a bad thing.

DOA: The Open Cloud Manifesto

The Cloud Computing Interoperability Forum (CCIF) publicly launched its "Open Cloud Manifesto" on Monday, but the document, which advocates open standards and interoperability between cloud platforms, generated few sparks after a spokesperson indicated that the CCIF isn't vouching for it.

VSLive! NY: A Glimpse of .NET Framework in the Cloud

Developers got an indication of Microsoft's unfolding cloud platform strategy at this week's VSLive! conference in New York. Several conference sessions outlined the company's plans for Software plus Services and platforms-as-a-service, which offer hosted development and runtimes.

FTC Fines Adware Firm $3M

An online media and advertising company accused of unfairly and deceptively downloading its software onto consumers' computers has agreed to pay a $3 million fine to the Federal Trade Commission.

U.S. Control of Internet Remains Issue

A U.N.-sponsored Internet conference ended Thursday with little to show in closing the issue of U.S. control over how people around the world access e-mail and Web sites.

Presentation Toolset in Testing Phase

IdentityMine has released a community technology preview, or CTP, of a toolset for Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) developers called &quot;Blendables.&quot;

ICANN Clears Domains Based on Brand Names

Called "one of the biggest changes ever to the Domain Name System," the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers announced it approved a a plan to expand the number of generic Top Level Domains used in online addresses yesterday at its opening of its 41st annual meeting, being held in Singapore.

Bad Economy Good for Cloud Computing, Microsoft Exec Says

A weakened economy will serve as a catalyst to push enterprises from on-premise computing to accessing services over the Internet cloud, according to Microsoft exec Doug Hauser, who delivered an address on Wednesday at the Thomas Weisel 2009 Technology and Telecom Conference.

Cowboys and Indians

Redmond’s not-so-secret plan to shoo those pesky Apaches away.

Lab Experiments

What credentials could offer in the future.

No Surprises in Last Patch Tuesday for 2007

As expected, the last Patch Tuesday offers fixes for seven vulnerabilities -- three of them critical -- and sets the tone for 2008 as the "year of the Vista Patch."

Apple's Safari 5 Gains Ground on IE 8

The browser wars took a new turn as Apple's Safari 5 browser gained ground in a July survey.

DNS Still Less than Secure

Exploits for a serious cache-poisoning vulnerability discovered in the DNS last year have begun to appear in the wild, and they have made security researcher Dan Kaminsky a believer in DNS Security Extensions.

Microsoft Renews Talks With Yahoo

Talks between Microsoft and Yahoo are back on the table again, but maybe not about the acquisition bid.

Report: News Corp. in Yahoo Talks

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp. is discussing swapping social networking Web site MySpace for a 25 percent stake in Yahoo Inc., The Times newspaper reported Wednesday.

Lenovo Uses Microsoft Search

Lenovo Group Ltd. became the first computer maker to agree to pre-load Microsoft Corp.'s Windows Live toolbar

Didn't We See Conficker Before?

Plus, eBay bites its users; Safari's hacker gets brazen.

Microsoft Investigating Windows VBScript Security Hole

Microsoft described a zero-day vulnerability involving some older Windows versions and VBScript when used with Internet Explorer.

Microsoft Gets Patent on Broadcast Censorship Solution

On-line gamers using profanity in audio chat sessions may have their act cleaned up if Microsoft has anything to say about it.

Microsoft Plays Catch-Up to Hackers

An out-of-band patch tries to catch hackers off-guard. Plus: Symantec looks more closely at Stuxnet; Twitter bug gives Microsoft the jitters.

Anonymous? We Know Who You Are

Anonymity systems may not be so anonymous, after all. Plus: Google and Symantec screw up; hacker gets jail time; village wants to digitally disappear.

Inside Jobs

BIG-IP, BEA WebLogic threats require insider knowledge; Veritas, Sybase BOVs; more

New Microsoft Exploit Category Makes Its Way into Patch Tuesday

Plus: Symantec sued for scaring up business, Stuxnet siblings ready to be unleashed.

UCP Lets 'Em In

Plus, tracking sand out of JRE apps; greeting card hacks; RealPlayer BOV

Levanta Offers VM Management App for Linux

Levanta is offering a virtual machine version of its Linux life-cycle management product that's similar to the company's flagship physical appliance. The product, called Intrepid VM Linux Management Appliance, is available as a free software download.

Google Takes Enterprise Search Appliances to the Channel

Consumer search giant Google is entering a partnership with Ingram Micro Inc. to distribute the Google Search Appliance and the Google Mini, according to a Google blog entry on Wednesday.

UPDATED: U.S., EU Unlikely To Stop Microsoft Deal

U.S. and European antitrust regulators aren't likely to prevent Microsoft from buying Yahoo, analysts said Friday, though scrutiny of the deal could drag on for months.

Hackers Tunnel In Via DirectShow

Plus: Obama names fed ITSec chief; QuickTime, iTunes fixed; Twitter users targeted yet again.

HP Unveils Its SaaS Strategy

HP is offering its Business Technology Optimization solutions as both an on-premises installed solution and as a hosted solution delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS). The SaaS option is not well known, perhaps, but it's a growing part of HP's general software strategy.

Explore Your World

What? Windows Explorer as a GUI for admin tasks. Uh, kinda.

Yahoo's New CEO Facing Tough Challenge

Yahoo Inc. thinks it's back on the right track now that co-founder Jerry Yang has replaced Terry Semel as chief executive, but analysts and investors already are wondering whether the shake-up is just a prelude to more radical measures, including a possible sale or breakup of the troubled Internet icon.

Google Expands Docs Offline

Google's over-the-Internet software for editing, uploading and sharing office documents, known as Google Docs, can now be used offline, Google software engineer, Philip Tucker said on a blog yesterday.

UPDATED: Microsoft Offering $20 Billion for Yahoo Search?

Just days after Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's declaration that Redmond was "done with all of these [acquisition] discussions with Yahoo," one newspaper is reporting that a deal is in the works.

Novell Releases Silverlight for Linux Source Code

Cross-platform developers can now download the source code for Moonlight, the open source project chartered with building a Silverlight runtime for Linux.

SSA Testing Microsoft HealthVault

The Social Security Administration will to test Microsoft's HealthVault software for its disability determination process.

Cloud Security Debate Continues

A strong focus of this year's BlackHat conference will be on the growing adoption of the cloud, and what enterprises can do to stay safe. Plus: Researcher warns that Skype may be a large target for hackers; Symantec reports that mobile hackers are becoming more sophisticated.

Microsoft Certification Price Jumps

U.S. pricing for Microsoft exams through Prometric and VUE testing centers has increased 25 percent, to $125.

Gartner Blows Virtual Gasket

Plus: RBO flaw in Groupwise; bad Google links; more.

Ark. Computers Delete Huckabee Criticism

Internet criticism of Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee's involvement in the pardon of a castrated rapist and his heavy use of a state airplane disappeared with a mouse click.

Security Flaws: Old News in a New Year

It's like 2010 all over again with security. Plus: Microsoft admonishes Google for its security policies; fake updates in your inbox.

Microsoft Promises Not To Sue Over XML Specs

To encourage adoption of Web services by developers, including open source projects, Microsoft has announced a promise not to sue for use of its proprietary XML specifications.

Open Relay Database Ceases As Spammers Evolve

Spammers' focus has shifted from open relays to infected "zombie" computers.

Wi-Fi's 'N' To Get Industry Group Nod

An industry group of wireless networking companies said Tuesday it will start certifying next-generation routers and network cards in 2007, a year before official standards are expected.

Backlash Against IP Protection Deals Heating Up

For the past several weeks, there has been a rush among some Linux vendors to ink patent protection deals with Microsoft. But that may have spurred a backlash, as other Linux companies are asserting their independence by refusing to go along with what they see as knuckling under to Microsoft's legal threats.

Fake Out

A controlled security challenge still provides valuable lessons.

PDC: HP Startup Tests Windows Azure Cloud Platform

A startup company called is currently using Windows Azure, the new Microsoft "cloud operating system" supporting software as a service applications and storage.

Microsoft CEO Plays Down Google Threat

Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer, in Tokyo to launch new Windows Live services, played down the threat of Google on Thursday, denying the rival was ahead in any way but in online searches.

Microsoft-Novell Linux Deal To Grow by $100M

Microsoft plans to pour an additional money into business and open source technology collaboration with Novell.

Microsoft Takes First Steps Toward Eclipse Support

Microsoft has added another nickel to its open source credibility bank this morning with the announcement of its first collaboration with the Eclipse Foundation.

iPhone Lure Used in Hacker Exploit

The iPhone hype makes it a natural target -- by scammers looking to sell Apple's first cell phone for a huge markup, and also by hackers looking to add to their bot networks.

Cisco To Pay $3.2B for WebEx

Cisco Systems Inc. said Thursday that it has agreed to acquire the online meeting company WebEx Communications Inc. for about $3.2 billion in cash.

Microsoft Releases 'Fix it' Help for DLL Security Flaw

Microsoft updated its security advisory today concerning a dynamic link library issue and published a "Fix it" solution to help address the problem.

Microsoft Hires WebSphere Architect

Don Ferguson, whom some observers refer to as the "Father of WebSphere," has joined Redmond as a Technical Fellow in Platforms and Strategy in the Office of the CTO, according to statements posted online.

Microsoft To Serve Ads for

Microsoft Corp. said Monday it will provide online advertising for CNBC's financial news Web site.

Lights Out for Financial Times Web Site

Plus, personal data leaks onto LimeWire; texting and privacy.

Microsoft's Bing Search Engine Unveiled

Microsoft announced "Bing" on Thursday, the company's newest search engine technology and brand campaign.

EarthLink To Cut 900 Jobs

Shares of EarthLink Inc. climbed more than 6 percent Tuesday after the Internet service provider said it would cut 900 jobs -- or about half its work force -- and close four offices in an effort to reduce operating costs.

Dell Kace Offers Free 'Secure Browser' Virtualization Tool

Dell Kace today rolled out a free browser virtualization solution that can help protect against Web threats.

Microsoft Plans MSDN Revamp

Microsoft is finally tuning up its Microsoft Developer Network site and promises to resolve long-running frustrations developers have encountered working with it.

Microsoft Rolls Out Windows Phone Launch

Microsoft launched "Windows phone" branding on Tuesday, marking the global rollout of Windows Mobile 6.5-based phones by Microsoft's hardware partners.

The Pricing Problem

Your faithful correspondent contemplates exam economics.

Microsoft Launches Chinese Media Venture

Microsoft Corp. and a major Chinese TV set maker announced Monday they will jointly develop entertainment products linking television and the Internet, joining a race to profit from the Web's growing status as a channel to distribute movies and other programs.

Fraud Scheme Costs Ameritrade, E-Trade $22 Million

Hacking into client accounts being investigated by FBI; other brokerage houses also affected.

Microsoft Plans 8 Fixes in April

Redmond is poised to release eight security bulletins for its April patch release, with five designated as "critical" and three deemed "important."

Microsoft Buys Web Map Company

Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it has acquired a United Kingdom online mapping company to enhance its existing Windows Live Web-based services.

Off-Cycle Internet Explorer Security Update Released

As expected, Microsoft released its second out-of-cycle patch in three months -- this time to plug a widely discussed and "critical" vulnerability in Internet Explorer.

Dell To Buy Managed Services Provider

Dell, which has been expanding its distribution channels and offerings over the last several years, broadened its reach even further with the announcement that it's buying SilverBack Technologies.

Microsoft Releases SQL Server Security Tools

Microsoft released a beta version of its Code Analysis Tool and Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library for developers.

Hackers Targeting IE 7 After Security Patch Issued

Trend Micro said hackers are targeting a hole in Internet Explorer 7 that was addressed in Microsoft's February security patch issued last week.

Court: FCC Can't Regulate Broadband ISPs

A federal appeals court told the Federal Communications Commission that it lacks broadband Internet regulatory authority.

Microsoft Seeks Edge in Online Advertising

No one can quite agree on whether Microsoft Corp. held its first online advertising summit in a conference room or a cafeteria, but what everyone does remember is how little attention was paid to the field just seven years ago.

Web Attacks on the Rise; E-mail Attacks Decline

According to a recent study from security and anti-virus specialist Sophos, servers in the U.S. and China host the lion's share of malware-infected Web sites. Meanwhile, Web attacks surged to an all-time high in the first quarter of this year, according to Sophos -- with no sign of dropping off any time soon.

Amazon Countersues IBM Over Patents Inc. denies it violated IBM Corp. patents in building its massive retail Web site, and alleges instead that IBM infringed on Amazon's technology to beef up its own offerings.

Cisco CFO Reaffirms Financial Outlook

Cisco Systems Inc. is still on track to meet its financial targets for the coming years as demand for bandwidth continues to drive network equipment sales, the company's chief financial officer said.

Microsoft and Nortel Present Alliance Roadmap

Six months after announcing a telecommunications alliance, Microsoft and Nortel this week presented some early results of their efforts and outlined a roadmap for future projects.

Microsoft Releases 16 Patches for June

Today Windows security released the June patch that features 16 bulletins: nine "critical" and seven marked "important."

Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam

Put your "Make Money Fast" where your mouth is, Microsoft!

IE8: 'Safe' but Scorned in Bug Battle Contest

Internet Explorer 8 -- Microsoft's latest release, currently at the Beta 2 stage -- was declared to be the safest but the least popular browser, according to a browser security survey.

IBM Makes Large Cloud-Computing Investment

IBM Corp. late last week touted the construction of two additional cloud computing datacenters -- an investment of $360 million -- which let it address what officials call "surging" demand for cloud computing resources.