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Bing for Results

Will there be a day when Bing enters the daily lexicon, when we'll say, "I Binged it and my name came up in the first dozen links"? Not likely. But I have to say that, trying out Bing.com (which Microsoft is careful to call a decision engine that doesn't compete with Google), I've been pretty successful with my searches. The problem is this: Based on most search results, I can't distinguish between the two. It's as if they both using the very same secret sauce. (With the French Open tennis tourney reaching an unusual conclusion, I googled and binged for Nadal's nasty habit of picking at his shorts, and both SERPs were identical, at least a few days ago.)

I've updated IE to default to Bing, but Google Search is as natural to me as is Chrome, right now my preferred browser. On ocassion, I still find that I need to open IE -- it's an absolute necessity for some sites, especially when Flash-based sites inexplicably crash Chrome. Hate that!

So, what advantage does Bing have over Google, if any? And what are the chances of Bing competing head to head with Google (not that Bing is out to do that ...)? Chime in here or via e-mail.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/04/2009 at 11:59 AM

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