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Apple and Microsoft Battling Guarantees We Win

The iPhone 4 and iPad helped Apple hit one out of the park in Q3, with an awesome $15.7B in revenue that brought in $3.25B in profit. Not to be outdone, Microsoft reported Q4 results that were just as spectacular: $16B in rev, $4.52B net. And both companies are now running neck and neck in market cap.

The competitive spirit between the two companies is alive and well. Apple won't be content to rest on its successes. Microsoft has proven it can make money, but to maintain the ch-ching into the future, it definitely needs to produce more excitement for its technology. Redmond seems to be getting corporate customers' interest piqued in the cloud, and it promises to do better with its smartphone strategy. Yes, pitched battle between them and against Google guarantees, at the very least: more innovation, more improvement in products (both hardware and software), and hopefully, better solutions up and down the line from consumers to corporate customers.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 07/22/2010 at 11:59 AM

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