Better Business Documents from any ERP

Often invoices, quotes purchase orders and other business documents are the most visible items your organization presents to the world. Are you using them as an opportunity to create a great first impression, or because they are difficult to change do you just "live with them"? Join us and learn how implementing an output management system allows you to easily create documents you can be proud of.

In this webcast you will learn how to:

  • Reformat and enrich business documents without programming
  • Keep desirable original formatting rather than designing from scratch
  • Add graphics, barcodes, watermarks, tables, text...
  • Remove unwanted information and rearrange existing data in a more professional manner
  • Choose specific users to perform various actions such as approval, reformatting, enrichment, distribution and archiving
  • Fully automate the process and distribute via email, fax or the web
  • Work with any structured or unstructured ERP output

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Duration: 1 Hour