Zero Trust – How To Securely Integrate Printers?

Without incorporating printing as part of a zero-trust strategy, this crucial security principle is not nearly as effective as it should be as it leaves printers and accompanying sensitive information open to direct connections – and with that attacks - from any device on the company network.

Ever-increasing attacks on IT systems require a rethink. The zero-trust principle offers a hopeful security concept for additional protection. Within this structure, however, problems often arise with printers.

In this eBook, you will learn how to solve these problems to ensure zero-trust can deliver the additional protection needed in the face of ever-increasing attacks on IT systems, as well as simplify printing in your environment to make it easier yet more secure.

eBook contents:

  • What is a zero-trust environment?
  • Why should security concepts be enhanced with a zero-trust architecture?
  • How do you easily integrate printers into a zero-trust environment?
  • How to simplify printing processes?
  • What is pull printing and how is it implemented?

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