Keep an Eye Out for These Under-the-Radar Office 365 Changes

IT pros should prepare for some notable changes coming to Office 365 business subscribers this year, including 64-bit Office installs by default, an end to Triple Data Encryption (3DES) and default Microsoft Teams installs in some cases.

Microsoft Adds Session ID Info to Exchange Online Audit Logs

Microsoft this month enabled the ability to use session ID information in Exchange Online audit logs, giving IT pros another tool to better detect attacks.

Microsoft 365 Security and Compliance Bundles Coming February

Microsoft this week announced a pair of security and compliance offerings under the "Microsoft 365" branding that will become available next month.

Surface Devices Get Troubleshooting Toolkit

A new resource for IT pros trying to find and troubleshoot problems on Microsoft Surface devices is now available.

Windows Server 2019 Gets OpenSSH Support

The OpenSSH solution used for remote management is now a supported "Features on Demand" addition in both Windows 10 version 1809 and Windows Server 2019.

Microsoft Ends 2018 with Over Three Dozen Security Fixes

Microsoft's December patch rollout, issued this week, comprised an estimated 39 security fixes, plus one security advisory.

Configure Windows Deployment Services Using PowerShell

WDS can be set up via the traditional GUI, but what if you're in an enterprise and have a lot of WDS servers to set up? In that case, PowerShell is a great way to automate the process.

Microsoft Explains 'On-Demand' Windows Update Releases

Microsoft periodically issues Windows update releases that don't follow its standard release schedules at all.

Microsoft 365 Testing Program Launches

Microsoft is giving organizations a new way to try out early releases of its Microsoft 365 suite.

How To Quickly Test a SQL Connection with PowerShell

When creating automation scripts to discover, add, update or remove records from a remote SQL database, you need to make sure your script can successfully connect to the database.

Microsoft Revamping Edge Browser Around Open Source Chromium

Microsoft's Edge browser is going the way of Google's Chrome, the company announced this week.

Microsoft, Docker Debut New Spec for Managing Distributed Apps

Microsoft and Docker this week launched a new specification called Cloud Native Application Bundles to address the needs of organizations that build and maintain distributed applications.

Windows 10 Getting 'Modern Drivers' for Intel Processors

Intel has started introducing "Windows Modern Drivers" for its processors on Windows 10 version 1809-based machines, the chip maker announced in late November.

Using PowerShell To Copy Active Directory Users

It's not always the best idea to create Active Directory users from scratch. Your company likely has a standard "template" of attributes that are set for every domain user. So why are you still creating each one by hand?

Azure Portal's Account Manager Coming to More Services

Microsoft this week said it is bringing its new "account manager" multiple sign-in capability to various online services sometime next year.

Windows 10 FIDO2 Support Ready for Prime Time

Microsoft this week announced that a new Windows 10 capability that obviates the need for passwords is now ready.

Microsoft Teams Gets Admin Roles

Microsoft has added support for four different IT administrator roles to its Teams collaboration service.

Windows Compatibility Module 1.0.0 for PowerShell Core 6 Released

Microsoft last week released the Windows Compatibility Module 1.0.0 for PowerShell Core 6, allowing PowerShell Core 6 users to access modules that Microsoft hasn't yet added natively to the PowerShell Core product.

Microsoft Defends Windows 10 Update Process While Promising Transparency

Microsoft this week addressed some recent quality concerns about its Windows 10 servicing approach, while providing its reasoning for maintaining the process.

Set Up an Azure File Share Used as a Mounted Drive

Setting up a place to store files in the cloud isn't quite as easy as doing it on-prem. That's where Microsoft's Azure Files service comes in.