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    Email Security: It's Time to Shut the Front Door

    Read this paper to find out what you can do to help educate end users to the increasingly sophisticated ways hackers infiltrate corporate systems via innocent looking emails.

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    Be Prepared for Ransomware

    Ransomware takes away your access to valuable data stored on your system, then demand money to give it back. Read this white paper to find out how to protect your organization.

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    Advanced Attestation and Recertification for Today’s Organizations

    Learn how you can achieve and demonstrate compliance with industry and government regulations by implementing attestation and recertification procedures.

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    Dell One Identity Manager Scalability and Performance

    Identity governance requirements are growing every day — you need a solution that can scale to meet them. Find out how you can manage the entire identity lifecycle for secure access to your network.

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    Strategies to Ensure Success for Your Governance Project

    How confident are you in the provisioning and access rights in your business? Learn “seven rights” and four steps that help ensure governance and provisioning are locked down.

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    Get Your IAM Project Back on the Fast Track by Considering Business Agility

    Discover how the right identity and access management (IAM) solution can help you solve today’s security threats while adding business value by increasing operational agility.

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    Six Steps to Achieving Data Access Governance

    Get the tips you need to better control access to your organization’s critical data while meeting governance, compliance and security requirements. Read this paper and discover how Dell One Identity solutions can help.

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    Complete Guide to Understanding The Citrix Logon Process

    In this Technical Guide a Citrix Expert will explain the intricate stages of the Citrix Logon Process and provide examples of how to troubleshoot and resolve logon issues.

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    The Case for Windows on OpenStack

    Read this white paper to find out why OpenStack is not a Linux-only platform anymore. Cloudbase Solutions, the leading global provider of products and services for building solutions and interoperability between Windows and OpenStack, is extending the open source platform to Microsoft environments.

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    10 Things to Consider when Choosing the Perfect Email Apps for SharePoint

    Workers love email. Unifying email and SharePoint into single experience can significantly drive adoption. Accessing enterprise content within Outlook and across mobile email apps delights users, boosting productivity. Critical emails captured, shared and tagged in SharePoint enhance findability and information governance. Yet, not all options for integration are made equal.

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    Three Reasons to Use an All-Flash Array

    Government just got an upgrade: With lighting fast performance, unparalleled simplicity, and non-disruptive upgrades, why continue to invest in legacy storage? Download Three Reasons to Use an All-Flash Array and learn why all-flash storage is the very foundation for future innovation.

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    When Flash Makes All the Difference: A Look at Three Common Use Cases in Education

    Read this whitepaper to find out how Pure Storage can provide the backbone of your future by solving three critical use cases in education.

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    Flash Storage Buyer's Guide

    Learn all you need to know about flash memory - the different classes of all-flash storage, buying criteria and tips for avoiding potential pitfalls in the selection process.

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    Printer Installer: Eliminating Print Servers

    Printer Installer is an on-premise web application that enables you to centrally manage and deploy Windows shared or direct IP printers. Printer Installer also empowers your end-users to self-install printers with a single, web-based, printer installation portal for your entire enterprise. Learn more.

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    Delivering Business Value with IT Service Management

    Read this Digital Dialog with Robert Young, IDC Research Director, and Ken Chalberg, Director, Dell Software, to find out what IT pros need to thrive in the new era of third platform business computing with cloud, mobile devices, big data and social technology.