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  • The Forrester Wave™: Endpoint Security Suites

    The endpoint security market is continuously growing as many customers find endpoint security suites to be effective in tackling their top security concerns. However, the market is now very fragmented with vendors approaching endpoint security in different ways. Find out why Forrester ranks Symantec a leader in Endpoint Security Suites giving highest possible scores in Threat Intelligence, Vulnerability Remediation, Ancillary Endpoint Security Functions, and Mobile Security.

  • Next Generation Endpoint: Hype or Hope?

    In the world of endpoint security and antivirus, there is a need to shift away from using signatures as the primary method for malware prevention. No less than 37 new endpoint security products have emerged in the past five years, each claimed to address the changing landscape. But how do you know who to use, when to use them and if it will be enough to protect your enterprise? Find out how to sort through all the hype. Download this report from 451 Research to learn more.

  • SharePoint 2013: Delivering a Successful Backup and Recovery Strategy

    In this white paper, find out why it's critical for SharePoint data to be highly available from service-level and compliance points of view. Read a list of approaches for ideal SharePoint 2013 backup strategies, along with best practices for defining service levels for the business, architecture, operations and quality-assurance. Multiple stakeholder points of view for recovery strategies are also explained, as well as specifics of granular recovery in SharePoint environments and Veeam® Explorer™ for Microsoft SharePoint, a free toolset for item-level recovery of SharePoint data.

  • Introduction to Hyper-V High-Availability

    Diving deeper into "Introduction to Hyper-V High Availability" we will discuss clustered VMs management. Along with the best practices for regular scenarios — like clustered VMs grouping and performance and health monitoring — you will discover tips and tricks for handling replication and backup. Additionally, this guide covers maintaining Hyper-V workload Availability through VM migration between Hyper-V hosts.

  • Hyper-V Monitoring and Reporting with Veeam Management Pack for System Center

    This white paper examines Hyper-V management and monitoring provided by Veeam Management Pack for System Center. Veeam MP extends System Center, providing deep visibility and collecting critical information with more monitors, alerts, rules and performance collection. Read more!

  • Granular Recovery of Active Directory Objects

    In this white paper, you’ll learn about different options for performing the above tasks, as well as native Windows tools and external tools like Veeam® Explorer™ for Microsoft Active Directory. Learn how these tools can be compared by performing the same operations with them. In addition, since it’s not possible to talk about recovery operations without mentioning backup, you’ll also learn about backup processes.

  • Storage Efficiencies with Hyper-V at the Virtual and Physical Layer

    Thin provisioning, UNMAP and checkpoints/snapshots are powerful technologies when used wisely. And to truly benefit, we must master them. This will allow us to better deliver storage and offer data protection. While these technologies can be used at the physical layer (storage array), at the virtual layer (Hyper-V) or a combination of both, what we choose depends on the environment, budget and workloads. Learn more.

  • All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Virtualization

    Many of the new features require the basic usage of PowerShell. You’ll find them documented throughout this eBook as examples of features that allow IT Professionals to leverage Hyper-V PowerShell scripts in their own environments. The goal of this eBook is to provide the necessary tools to successfully test, and eventually manage, a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V environment. Learn more.

  • Virtualizing Exchange 2016: the Right Way!

    In this white paper, the author tells you how to best virtualize Exchange, while also keeping track of your deployment’s supportability — regardless of the underlying platform. Although there are very good reasons not to virtualize here, it is important to remember that under the right conditions, Exchange is a perfect candidate for virtualization. Read more!

  • Veeam Availability Suite and SAP on Oracle Deployment Guide

    Critical applications in today’s data center frequently run SAP. Learn more in the recent white paper, Veeam® Availability Suite™ and SAP on Oracle, by Rick Vanover, Veeam Director of Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism. Find out why enterprises are now demanding the highest possible Availability levels when it comes to data protection, backup, recovery and more. Learn how Veeam Availability Suite combines Veeam and SAP tools to achieve high Availability levels and enhanced capabilities. Learn more.

  • Remote and Branch Offices: Availability Made Easy with Veeam

    This FREE white paper discusses how you can leverage Veeam Availability Suite to build an efficient Availability strategy for your remote and branch offices. You’ll learn how to balance the on-site and off-site data protection options for ROBOs, how to design a ROBO configuration from a Veeam perspective and how to use restore delegation features in Veeam Availability Suite. Learn more!

  • All You Need to Know About Microsoft Windows Nano Server

    Download this FREE white paper, All You Need To Know About Microsoft Nano Server by Veeam® Microsoft Evangelist Mike Resseler and learn all you need to get started with Windows Nano Server! Read now!

  • User Lifecycle Mismanagement: Why It’s Killing Your Company

    Read this white paper to find out what you can do to protect your company with better user lifecycle management, including automating the user lifecycle, enabling user self-service, Initiating role based administration, automating provisioning. Read more!

  • The One Foundational Flaw in Every Major Security Project

    Read this GameChanger to find out what you need to do to make sure your security initiatives avoid the foundational flaw with Active Directory groups that are undermanaged, over-permissioned, and empower inappropriate access.

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    PRIMEFLEX® vShape® Gets Your Data Center Into Shape

    IT infrastructure can be complex. Imagine how much time and money you could save if you could eliminate infrastructure complexity. Whether you want more performance and reliability for your business-critical applications, or need a platform for desktop virtualization or business intelligence, Fujitsu PRIMEFLEX® vShape® can make all of this possible quickly, while reducing risks.