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  • The Cost of Doing Nothing: A Ransomware Backup Story

    Read this Digital Dialogue on new wrinkles in ransomware to find out how you can protect your sensitive data by developing a defense-in-depth strategy including limiting Active Directory permissions to only users who need them.

  • Thwarting Hackers With Better Active Directory Password Policies

    This White paper by Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, sheds light on the windows active directory password policies and their drawbacks, various password attacking strategies, and the ways to keep hackers at bay with enhanced Active Directory password policies. Read more!

  • Five Important Buying Criteria to Enable a Totally Mobile Workforce

    VMware is changing how you think about desktop transformation with a brand new approach that uses cloud-based management, intelligent orchestration, and hyper-converged infrastructure to deliver and manage desktops and apps. VMware Horizon® Air™ Hybrid-mode unifies on-premises and cloud-based virtual workspace services into a single, cost-eff­ective platform that's faster to install, easier to deploy, and eff­ortless to scale. Learn more.

  • Avoid the Hidden Costs of AD FS with Okta

    Many companies believe Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) is the best choice for applications to integrate with AD. After all, both Active Directory and AD FS are from Microsoft and AD FS is 'free,' so that should be the best choice, right? Not quite. Read on for more.

  • Adaptive MFA: Moving Beyond User Name & Password

    Securing your data with a single factor – a password – is a bit like locking up an expensive racing bike with cheap chain and a padlock. It only stops unmotivated thieves. Ask any of the numerous companies that have grabbed the headlines this year. Single-factor authentication failed to protect the personal data of millions of people – and these companies paid dearly for the mistake.Two-factor authentication can help. It keeps motivated hackers out. The problem? Find out and read more.

  • Adoption eGuide: Identity & Access Considerations for Office 365

    This eGuide provides some data from the Okta Application Network on the trends we are seeing around Office 365. It also describes the most important things to consider for Identity and Mobility Management during deployment. Office 365 is unlike any other cloud app in its complexity, and it is best for IT to plan and deploy solutions around Identity and Mobility Management in concert with their Office 365 rollout to get maximum user adoption. Read more.

  • Condusiv® I/O Reduction Software Free Trial

    Condusv I/O Reduction Software guarantees to solve your toughest performance problems on your Windows virtual or physical servers or your money back – no questions asked. Download a 30-day trial of Condusiv's I/O reduction software to prove it.

  • Solutions Brief: Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS

    Veeam and Cisco have collaborated to offer an integrated and pre-configured data availability solution based on Cisco UCS and Veeam technology. The Veeam Availability Solution for Cisco UCS comes ready for deployment, and is verified jointly by Veeam and Cisco. Read more.

  • ESG Lab Validation Report: Veeam Availability Suite and Cisco UCS

    Through hands-on testing, ESG Lab can state unequivocally that the Veeam and Cisco solution lives up to the claims. The features tested demonstrate clearly that Veeam Availability Suite addresses the key challenges of IT managers and the needs of users, and when combined with Cisco UCS, adds compelling performance and price/performance.

  • iland Case Study: Purpose-built Backup Appliance Drives SLAs Up and Costs Down

    iland is a leading cloud infrastructure provider for enterprises. Services include iland’s flagship Enterprise Cloud Service (ECS), private-cloud hosting, disaster recovery as a service, and cloud backup with Veeam. iland operates eight data centers in the United States, England, and Singapore.

  • Cirrity Case Study: Cloud Backup Gets Better

    In this white paper learn when Cirrity switched to Cisco UCS C3160 servers for Veeam Cloud Connect, restores sped up and cost per gigabyte dropped. Read on!

  • Arbor Networks Adds Big Data Analytics To Its SP Portfolio

    Read this paper to find out more about the new Insight product, which operates as an integrated extension to the core SP platform helping Arbor clients to detect and deal with cyber threats.

  • Arbor Networks 12th Annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report

    Read this summary of the results of Arbor Networks’ 12th annual Worldwide Infrastructure Security Report for direct insights from network and security professionals at the world’s leading service provider, cloud/hosting, and enterprise organizations.

  • How to Prevent Ransomware and Discourage Data Kidnappers

    Ransomware was in almost 40% of all spam messages in 2016 and the cost is estimated to have been $1 billion. How can you avoid a costly data security nightmare? Heed a few simple tips. Read on!

  • Cloud Apps Data Protection: How to Backup Office 365

    Office® 365 is extremely popular, but even though it has built-in data protection capabilities, it is still not safe from common data loss incidents. That’s why a backup solution for Office 365 isn’t just nice to have, it’s essential. Read more!