Microsoft Cops to Azure Error that Exposed 250 Million Accounts

Microsoft this week revealed that a misconfigured database hosted in its Azure cloud may have compromised millions of customer support case records.

Trend Micro Baits Ransomware Attackers in Honeypot Scheme

A new report from security solutions provider Trend Micro documents the company's lessons after baiting attackers with an industrial control system (ICS) "honeypot."

Windows Server 2008 Stragglers Get Some Help from Microsoft

For organizations stuck on Windows Server 2008, which fell out of support on Jan. 14, Microsoft is offering some additional help resources.

NSA Plays Key Role in Microsoft's January Security Updates

Microsoft's first security patch rollout of the year has the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) playing a key supporting role.

Microsoft Releases First Stable Chromium-Based Edge Browser

The first release of the Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser is now at the "stable" commercial-release stage, Microsoft announced on Wednesday.

IT Getting More Tools To Hide Features from Office 365 Users

Microsoft is expanding Office 365's "Office What's New Management" capability, which lets IT pros hide certain software features from end users.

Google To Support Chrome on Windows 7 Through 2021

Google plans to support its Chrome browser on Windows 7 until "at least July 15, 2021," a year-and-a-half after Microsoft stops supporting Windows 7.

Microsoft's Fluid Framework for Office 365 Hits Preview

An "early preview" of Microsoft's Fluid Framework is starting to roll out to some Office 365 tenancies that have opted to get early update releases.

Microsoft Announces Release Candidate of PowerShell 7

PowerShell 7 is now available as a "release candidate" version, Microsoft announced this week.

Microsoft Delivering New Edge Browser via Automatic Updates

End users will likely begin receiving Microsoft's new Chromium-based Edge browser in January via the Automatic Updates service.

Microsoft Adds Extensions, Security Baseline Support to Edge Browser

The new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser, based on Chromium Projects technologies largely fostered by Google, is poised to become commercially available in January.

Microsoft Adds Attachment Support to Office 365 Attack Simulator

Microsoft's Office 365 Attack Simulator tool now has the ability to include message attachments in targeted campaigns.

PowerShell To Get Faster in Windows Server 20H1

The next release of Windows Server will have improved PowerShell performance and a smaller container size, according to details released by Microsoft this week.

Block Stack

Linux Users Get a Shot at Microsoft Teams

Teams, Microsoft's "collaboration workspace" app for organizations, is "the first Microsoft 365 app that is coming to Linux desktops," the company announced this week.

Microsoft's December Patch Rollout Targets 36 Vulnerabilities

Windows, Internet Explorer, Office, Skype for Business, SQL Server and Visual Studio are all affected by Microsoft's December bundle of security patches, released Tuesday.

Microsoft Enables Azure AD Connect To Join Unconnected AD Forests

To bridge scattered Active Directory "forests," Microsoft is introducing a preview of a new "Cloud Provisioning" feature for the Azure Active Directory Connect service.

MacOS Investigation Support Added to Microsoft Defender ATP

Microsoft on Wednesday announced the "general availability" of the endpoint and detection response feature in its Microsoft Defender Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) product for macOS.

Endpoint Configuration Manager Update 1910 Starts Rolling Out

Update 1910 for Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, formerly known as "System Center Configuration Manager" (SCCM), began rolling out to users last week, according to Microsoft.

Setting the DNS Server Search Order on Windows with PowerShell

PowerShell makes it very easy to set DNS server settings and then troubleshoot what might have gone wrong.

Azure AD B2B Now Accepts Google IDs for Log-In

In preview since last year, a feature that lets users of the Google identity and access service use their personal log-in IDs with Microsoft's Azure Active Directory B2B service is now generally available.