PowerShell How-To

Setting the DNS Server Search Order on Windows with PowerShell

PowerShell makes it very easy to set DNS server settings and then troubleshoot what might have gone wrong.

How To Set Up an IIS Web Site on Windows Server Containers

Adam walks you through the process of setting up Windows containers and using them to run an IIS application.

How Attackers Use BloodHound To Get Active Directory Domain Admin Access

Hackers can use tools like BloodHound to visualize the shortest path to owning your domain. But that doesn't mean you can't use it to find and protect your organization's weak spots. Here's how.

Using PowerShell To Parse and Understand Windows Server DHCP Logs

Scrolling through Windows Server DHCP logs in Notepad is a tedious and time-consuming task. Here's how to use PowerShell to make the process a lot easier.

Understanding Should Assertions in Pester

"Should" operators have the critical role of comparing a condition with an expected result. Without that functionality, a test of your PowerShell code would be worthless.

Building Azure DevTest Labs with PowerShell

Microsoft's Azure DevTest Labs service allows developers and IT administrators alike to provision and control groups of virtual machines.

Automating Active Directory Jobs with PowerShell Scripts

By downloading a PowerShell module, you can manage every facet of Active Directory and build powerful scripts to save time on all kinds of tasks.

How To Compare a CSV File with Active Directory Users

Using PowerShell, Adam shows you one way to compare a .CSV file full of employee accounts with Active Directory users.

Building Infrastructure Tests with Pester, the PowerShell Testing Framework

Pester infrastructure tests can run as standalone tests or be integrated into a broader automation workflow. But first, what's an "infrastructure test" anyway?

Using PowerShell for Parametrized Azure Resource Manager Templates

IT pros have many ways to deploy resources to Microsoft Azure, but when it comes to deploying many resources at once, ARM templates are the way to go.

How To Modify Azure ARM Templates with PowerShell

PowerShell is often used to deploy Microsoft Azure ARM templates, but you can also create a script to easily build and modify existing templates. Here's how.

Getting Started with Azure's Text-to-Speech API

Azure Cognitive Services is letting developers create natural-sounding speech even without a lot of expertise in machine learning. Here's how.

Creating a Custom Voice Font with Azure Cognitive Services

Using the custom voice feature in Microsoft's Azure Cognitive Services product, you can train a computer to sound like yourself -- or anyone else, for that matter.

Converting Text to Speech with Azure Cognitive Services and PowerShell

Thanks to the AI features in Microsoft's cloud, text-to-speech technology can render more realistic results than ever.

Managing Azure Cognitive Service Accounts with PowerShell

Here's how to start taking advantage of Microsoft's suite of artificial intelligence APIs.

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