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What are some of your favorite development resources? Chime in and share what you use, help others out.

Missed TechEd? Catch Up Like You Were There

Many TechEd Conference sessions can be accessed online.

UPDATE: Getting Visual Studio 2012 and SSDT to Work Together

In the midst of my playing around with the new SQL Server Data Tools, the Visual Studio 2012 Release Candidate came out. So I thought I'd upgrade...

SQL Server Data Tools: A Work in Progress

I've been playing with the new SQL Server Data Tools, and I'm impressed by the way Microsoft has gotten the product out for review and is improving it with user-requested functionality.

'Fastest Consistent Database' Claims MVVM Affinity

In-memory database comes from Starcounter, a Swedish company that announced the world's "fastest consistent database" thanks to patent-pending technology.

Trying Out the OData/WCF Data Services Upgrades

Microsoft released demos of both to get them in front of developers; already there's a wishlist of features from developers. Here's some of my initial thoughts and experiments with them.

Easier Database Development with Visual Studio 11 Beta

LocalDB is making life easier for database developers working in the Visual Studio 11 IDE.

Help: Setting Up a Dev Machine

My current system was downed by eval software, so it's high time I build a dev machine for testing out new stuff.

More Good News for SQL Server Developers

SQL Server developers lead charmed lives: their skills are in high demand, they work with one of the more popular programming languages, their work is prone to attack. Okay, two out of three ain't bad.

Flipping the Light(Switch) Fantastic in Visual Studio 11

Creating an application for Web, devices, and the cloud is easy and fast with LightSwitch. In fact, the only difficulty was installing the darn thing.

DBAs Can Get a University Education -- for Free

MIT, Stanford and other institutions of higher learning offer basic computer science courses that cost nothing but time.

Entity Framework 4.3 Gets Final Tune-Up--Enum Support Promised in 5.0

Microsoft last week shipped the Entity Framework 4.3 Beta 1, with some NuGet integration enhancements and bug fixes.

Database Jobs Provide Security, Survey Says

A recent salary survey indicates that database-related jobs provide good job security, and don’t rank too badly on the salary side of things, either.

Oracle Firms Up Entity Framework Support

It's a brand-new database world. Witness Oracle's release of a data provider that allows Oracle coders to work in .NET.

Is Microsoft Leading a Data Revolution?

Microsoft may become the big data provider, especially if the government's data sources lose funding.

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