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Microsoft Previews SQL Server Driver for Linux

Some 13 years later, Microsoft has released the first preview of an ODBC driver for Linux.

Microsoft on Hadoop, Openness: Yes, We're Serious

Hadoop support at Microsoft is deep enough to have them abandoning LINC to HPC.

Developers Offered Pay-For-Use Database Cloud Service

Thanks to the cloud, SQL Server development is about to get cheaper.

Developers Can Test 'Denali' in Amazon Cloud

Hey, SQL Server developers! You can get onto Amazon's cloud.

Hiccups in Entity Framework/.NET Framework Separation

The ties that bind are not so easily severed, especially between the teams who are developing these two platforms.

Surprise! Google, Apple Play Catch-Up to Microsoft (for a change)

Microsoft isn't always the slow-moving dinosaur, but the visionary. Witness its work with SQL Azure beating Google and Apple to data-laden cloud.

Windows Server 8 Ups Data Transfer Ante

Imagine data transfers at 2GB per second. Simple, right? Now, imagine that transfer happening in a virtualized environment that leverages SMB 2.2 multichannel and RDMA. Yeah, we thought that'd make you smile.

An Early Look at Juneau's Integrated Database Development

Database development and application development in the same tool--'Juneau' promises no more jumping through hula hoops.

New NoSQL Language Unveiled As Debate Rages On

NoSQL oponents see no future for the language. Proponents, though, are building new products around it.

When Beta Apps Wreck Your System: A Lesson in SQL Server 2008 R2 Testing

I must have missed the memo about using beta software on real systems.

And the "SQL Server 'Denali' Must/Must Not Support XP" Debate Goes On

A few announcements by Microsoft at WPC this week haven't quelled the discussions on this issue of Denali supporting XP

Should SQL Server 'Denali' Support XP?

I'm torn whether the next version of SQL Server should be backward compatible or move forward. Here are some of the arguments on both sides.

PowerShell vs. SQL Server Management Studio

While PowerShell doesn't duplicate the complete functionality of SSMS, it can duplicate a lot of it.

SQL Server 'Juneau' Developer Tools Needs Testers

Get your hands on the upcoming SQL Server development tools. All you need to do is join the program and provide feedback to the mothership.

Free Alternatives to SQL Server Management Studio

There are some nifty, better-than-SSMS tools that cost nothing to use. One of them is already in your toolbox and you might not know it.

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