Weekly quickTIP

Customizing Terminal Services Web Access

A quick one: Change the TS Web Access banner and keep users better informed of what they're connected to.

Better GPO Backups

Use your downtime productively and check that your GPO backups are up to snuff.

How Hyper is your V?

Looking at virtualizing some environments? Make sure your hardware can handle the job.

Next, Next, Finish. Repeat.

Software installation might sound like instructions on the back of the shampoo bottle. But it doesn't have to be that way.

What's in Greg's RSS Reader?

Greggo's best practices include visting these sites for the latest news and gossip on Microsoft IT issues.

Eliminating Run as Administrator

Poof! Just like that you can make it disappear with a simple registry editing.

Who Stole My RunAs?

It's still there. Here are two approaches to running it.

Server Manager vs. Admin Tools, Terminal Services Edition

I'll stick with my old, familiar friends.

New Ways To Teach IT Pros New Tricks

It's your turn: Tell me which training methods work for you.

Windows Server 2008's "Delta" EXEs

It's another attack of the EXE lists! This time, many of you asked for a list of Windows Server 2008 executables. I serve you with two dozen.

Security That Looks Good on Paper

Microsoft's Security Assessment Tool offers a comprehensive lesson in what security processes are working -- and not working -- in your systems.

VMware's File Extensions Explained

What lurks behind each of those files that VMware creates? Greg tells all.

Running With Scissors

Vista's snipping tool lets you say in pictures that which often takes a thousand words.

Rolling Through IT Blogs

A popular meme ask how you got your start as an IT admin.

Vista EXE Deep Dive, Part 3

Listing all the GUI-based wizards and control panels that you can get to quickly in Vista.

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