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Comments & Filters: Like PB&J

With Windows Server 2008, you can guess why GPO settings were set the way they were, or you can use the new comments and filtering.

Do you Really Need ADMX Files?

Use 'em if your org has completely migrated to Vista or Windows 2008. Otherwise, the older, 'sans X' format files work just as well.

Integrity Check

Part 2: How to customize integrity levels for files and folders using the Windows Integrity Control.

I Could Tell You, But Then I’d Have to Kill You

Part 1: Windows Integrity Control in Vista and the upcoming Windows Server 2008

Violate Internet Standards with IE

Give IE the boost it needs with this handy little trick that can increase the number of simultaneous downloads.

The Nth Degree

One IT pro's dilemma that may sound all too familiar: certification or degree.

DDon’t You Love ISOs?

(No, that's not a typo....)

Log Me In for Nothing

Remote control administration is easy with LogMeIn tools.

FileMon/RegMon Mashup

Microsoft's Process Monitor is the new, improved version for troubleshooting application processes.

Where's HyperTerminal?

Vista no longer includes it as a native tool, so you'll have to go back to the original source if you're inclined to still use it for admin work.

Event Log in Reverse

When you need something done, Eventtriggers can make it happen.

Event! Create Thyself!

Keep a record of your scripting or batch file activity with this handy and simple event log tip.

Complete PC Backup = Complicated PC Restore

Feedback on a recent column on Vista backups

AD Objects -- Back from the Dead

Windows Server 2008 has a way of reanimating dead AD objects.


A small change to Windows Server 2008 can prevent most admins from making this all-too-common lament.

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