Podcast: Ransomware: A Race Against Time: How Cyber Deception Stalls Advanced Attacks

Ransomware has evolved into an advanced attack that achieves lateral movement, exfiltrates data, and disables backups long before the victims know what hit them. Modern attackers assume their victims can recover their data, but this criminal industry is capable of launching advanced attacks that go beyond encrypted hostage taking to leveraging exfiltrated data for multiple levels of budget-busting extortion.

In fact, by some estimates, in more than 80% of the use case, by the time you know you've been breached, the data has been exfiltrated, and once it's in the hands of the attackers, they are going to extort. Clearly, the current threat landscape requires data protection strategies that include the earliest possible detection system—and a strategy called "cyber deception" promises to buy you the time you need to act.

In this podcast you will learn about:

  • The state of ransomware today, and why you can't let your guard down.
  • What constitutes a true early warning system, and why minutes count.
  • How cyber deception techniques work, and why they're essential to a proactive data protection strategy.
  • The difference between cyber deception and honey pots, and when you should use each.
  • Why data management should be involved with implementing an early warning system. (Isn't that security's job?)

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