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Cloud Data Threat Outlook Summit: Modern Security Attacks Meet AI

Now's the time to get up to speed on the latest emerging threat actors and, when it comes to AI, learn how to fight fire with fire with intelligence-driven security. Join this free summit to learn straight from the experts how to modernize your security posture to meet modern threats to your cloud data.

Duration: 3 hours

The Biggest Threats To Your Legacy System (and How to Stop Them)

In this session, you will learn about the potential pitfalls of keeping older systems around, strategies for modernization, and approaches for mitigation if you are stuck where you are.

Duration: 1 hour

Graduating from Legacy Infrastructure: Migrating workloads to a cloud-based infrastructure

In this free, three-hour summit, our panel of experts will share their real-world insights, best practices, and hacks for adopting a more cloud-centric strategy for your enterprise infrastructure. Learn how to plan a hassle-free data migration, smooth over system integration bumps, stay compliant, cover all your security bases and more. Don’t start your digital transformation journey before tuning in for this valuable guidance -- register today!

Duration: 3 hours

AD Migration and Security: Lessons Learned

Join Becky Cross, Quest Technical Product Manager with a migration focus, and Joe Sharmer, Quest Principal Strategic Systems Architect, as they share lessons learned from some of our customers and provide their perspective on what matters most when you’re modernizing your AD.

Duration: 1 Hour

End-User Support Strategies for the Digital Era

Join experts from Insight to explore how to Power Modern Work to best deliver secure, modern experiences and keep your teams engaged.

Azure Virtual Desktop Crash Course: Pros, Cons and Caveats

Join Greg Schulz, Author and senior analyst at Server StorageIO and Microsoft MVP Cloud Data Center Management, as he discusses the issues, challenges, and opportunities for using Azure Virtual Desktops in your environment. Greg will discuss industry trends, Azure Virtual Desktop initial and recurring management, cost considerations, and how you can level up your virtual desktop game. Register today!

Duration: 1 hour

Azure Virtual Desktop 101: Go Beyond VDI for Your Hybrid Workforce Summit

If you’re like one of the millions of organizations around the world that have jumped on the hybrid work train, you’ve probably set up some type of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) in your environment to streamline remote-user onboarding, security and management. Join this free, three-hour summit, where a panel of top experts will teach you everything you need to build a successful Azure Virtual Desktop implementation today!

Duration: 3 hours

The Top 7 Emerging Multicloud Trends You Need to Know

In this session, Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen discusses the emerging advances in the multi-cloud market and how companies can best put them to work.

Duration: 1 hour

Enterprise Hybrid/Multicloud Trends for 2024 Summit

From AI and automation to balancing hybrid multicloud environements, 2024 will bring a raft of new challenges to cloud admins. Get ready for them -- register today!

Duration: 2 hours

Top Tips for Active Directory Modernization

In this webinar, Semperis Senior Solutions Architect Doug Davis provides top tips for streamlining and securing the modernization process to reduce the threat of increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks and improve the operational efficiency of your Active Directory environment. Register now!

Duration: 1 hour

AWS Cloud: What's New & What's Hot Summit

Register for this free, half-day summit organized by the editors of AWSInsider.net and Virtualization & Cloud Review to get first-hand insights and advice from the top AWS independent experts today.

Duration: 2 hours

Coffee Talk: The Case for Cloud Firewalls: Why You Need One Today

Join Senior Resultant Howard M. Cohen and experts from Zscaler as they discuss the challenges of data and network security in a hybrid and multi-cloud environment, and why cloud firewalls are the ideal solution. Register Today!

Duration: 1 hour

Unleashing AI in Financial Services: Your Multi-Cloud Roadmap

The financial services industry is very focused on AI – from risk assessment and fraud detection, to personalizing customer experiences, analyzing investments, reducing operational costs, and more. Join us to learn more about it!

Duration: 1 hour

Simplifying FISMA Compliance: A Solution to Federal Cybersecurity Hurdles

In this webinar, we'll show how our IAM solution, ManageEngine AD360, simplifies FISMA compliance.

Data Resilience 101 Summit

Join this free, three-hour summit to learn straight from the experts the biggest mistakes you can make with your data, the top ways to make that data resilient, and how to make sure your organization stays ahead of the threats.

Duration: 3 hours

Coffee Talk: Time-Saving Email Security Management: How To Use Automation and Intelligence To Fight Phishing Attacks

Learn how to make your company’s email security smarter, more efficient and less resource-intensive in this free expert-led Coffee Talk!

Duration: 1 hour

Data Center Modernization

Join Greg Schulz, Author and senior analyst at Server StorageIO, Microsoft MVP Cloud Data Center Management, and former ten-time VMware vExpert, as he discusses the opportunities of data center modernization to address current challenges while enabling future capabilities. Greg will discuss industry trends, customer pain points, techniques, tips, and best practices for leveling up your data center modernization game.

Duration: 1 hour

Shaping Tomorrow’s Enterprise Apps: Exploring the Generative AI Advantage

In this illuminating online event, we will dive into the world of enterprise applications and how generative AI is redefining the possibilities.

The New Best Practices for Remote/Hybrid Workforce Security

Remote work is here to stay, and security of remote working is now an everyday peril, or so we think? Is security even a valid concern, is there a tangible loss of visibility of threat actor behaviors' if employees are outside the office firewall? Join today to answer - Should we believe the remote working insecurity hype?

Duration: 1 hour

Remote Workforce Security Summit

Join the editors of Redmondmag.com, Virtualization & Cloud Review and AWSinsider.net for this free, expert-led half-day summit featuring independent advice and best practices for keeping your remote/hybrid workforce secure and recoverable today and in the future -- don't miss it.

Duration: 3 hours