IT News, March 30: IE 8 Bugs Squashed; Windows 7 Gets Touchy-Feely


Have a Coke and a smile -- the global drink quenched inventor Dr. Pemberton's thirst for the first time in 1886 this week. A year later, the U.S. purchased Alaska for $7 million. In 1975, Gates and Allen founded Microsoft. Eleven years later, IBM sold its first laptop. In 1998, Mozilla, and then Firefox and Thunderbird, were borne out of code that Netscape released into the open source community under its Netscape Public License. Rene Descartes formed his initial thoughts in 1596, and truck driver Stanley Ulliott began raising pro poker player David the "Devilfish" in 1954 -- no foolin'.

On tap in this week's podcast: Microsoft Promotes Touch in Windows 7; IE 8 Bugs Hunted Down; Microsoft Reacts to Open Cloud Manifesto; Study Highlights Data Losses from Employee Turnover; more. Links for items mentioned in this week's audiocast:

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