IT News, April 20: XP, Office 2003 Support Ends; Exchange 2010 Beta


The predecessor to the International Space Station, Salyut 1, was launched into space on April 19, 1971. A year and a day later, Apollo 16 lands on the moon. Wednesday is Secretaries' Day; in PC lingo, Administrative Professionals' Day. It's also Earth Day. John de Mol was born on the 24th; he's partly to blame for this editor's poor television viewing habits, so to John, "I hope your birthday bites!"

The really, really big news this week: XP, Office 2003 Support Ends; Exchange 2010, 'Stirling' Security Suite Beta 2 Available; IT Pros Cautious in Move to Windows 7; VMware To Announce vSphere This Week; more. Links for items mentioned in this week's audiocast:

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