IT News Week of Aug. 10


It was this week in IT history, way back in 1981, that IBM hit the shelves with the first computing devices aimed at consumers, the IBM Personal Computer. Even farther back, 20 years, the communications satellite Echo 1 was launched into space.

Also, this week, James Kim was born in 1971. He was a tech journalist for TechTV, whose death in the snowy passes of the Klamath mountain wilderness was made all the more vivid by anxious tech journalists blogging about his plight leading up to the morbid news following the Thanksgiving holiday in 2006.

But let's not end this with a down beat, eh? It was six years ago, Aug. 10, that Yuri Malenchenko married Ekaterina Dmitrieva. What makes this a technology story? Well, it's technology that allowed him to say his wedding vows while he was floating above New Zealand in the International Space Station, to his soon-to-be wife back in Mission Control in Houston. Now, I hope that made you feel better.

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Windows XP Mode RC Released; Microsoft To Release 9 Fixes; Microsoft To Hire 400 Yahoos; Twitter Atttack May Have Origins in Malware; more. Links for items mentioned in this week's audiocast:

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