Microsoft Warns Skype System Users Away from Windows 10

Users of Skype Room Systems version 2 should not try to upgrade to Windows 10 version 1709, Microsoft told users last week.

The warning echoed a similar one Microsoft made last December, when it declared that Skype Room Systems version 2 are only validated for use with Windows 10 version 1703 (the 64-bit and English-language version). Microsoft apparently needs more testing time before approving the use of those devices with newer Windows 10 releases.

It's not clear why Windows 10 version 1709 doesn't play well with Skype Room Systems version 2, but Microsoft has blocked those operating system upgrades from being successfully delivered to those devices. The upgrades will "fail silently." However, Friday's announcement suggested that an end is in sight.

"Testing [with Windows 10 version 1709] is expected to conclude soon, at which time the block will be lifted," Microsoft's announcement promised. 

If IT pros attempt to force a Windows 10 upgrade for those devices, then they'll get a confusing message about a Rigel Skype Room System application needing to get uninstalled. That's Microsoft's intended message, and it supposedly is telling IT pros that there's an operating system upgrade block in place.

The word "Rigel" perhaps comes from Project Rigel, which is the name of Microsoft's partner program for bringing the Skype for Business unified communications solution to meeting room equipment.

Microsoft warned IT pros that trying to uninstall the Rigel Skype Room System app in such cases could cause more work, as "your system may need to be re-imaged afterwards if you apply the [Windows 10] Version 1709 upgrade."

Skype Room Systems are specialized consoles for unified communications (voice, presence, video and audio) built by Microsoft's hardware partners, such as Crestron, Lenovo, Logitech and Polycom. Those products, available either last year or this year, have been undergoing certifications to work with Microsoft Teams, which is Microsoft's designated future client replacement for the Skype for Business client.

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