Microsoft Makes Its In-House AI Training Program Public

Microsoft is giving the general public access to artificial intelligence training courses that mirror its own internal AI education program.

Microsoft Takes Wraps Off 'Project VAST' for Security

Microsoft recently unveiled the newest addition to its security arsenal: Project VAST, a tool designed to surface security problems visually.

New Windows Server Semiannual Channel Release Coming by Midyear

Version 1803, the designation for the next semiannual channel release for Windows Server, will arrive in the first half of this year, Microsoft said recently.

Microsoft's Remote Desktop Web Client Hits Preview

A new browser-based Remote Desktop Web Client is now available for preview from Microsoft.

Microsoft Courts Linux Devs by Open Sourcing WSL

Microsoft this week published some Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) open source code on the GitHub repository.

Working with PowerShell History

Using these three commands, PowerShell allows you to read and manipulate just about every aspect of your command history.

Microsoft Rolls Out Next-Gen Azure Monitor Alerts

Microsoft recently added two "next-generation" Azure Monitor alert capabilities -- "metric alerts" and "log alerts."

AMD Readies Patches for Its Own Processor Security Hole

Recently publicized processor security issues have chip maker AMD scrambling to develop firmware updates.

Microsoft Enables MySQL, PostgreSQL on Azure Database

Both MySQL and PostgreSQL are now generally available on the Azure Database service, Microsoft announced recently.

Windows Server 2019 Sees Daylight

Microsoft this week officially took the wraps off Windows Server 2019, releasing a preview and announcing a general availability date by year's end.

Organizing Your PowerShell Code Using Regions

If you want to group parts of your code for debugging purposes or simple readability, the PowerShell ISE has the answer.

Microsoft Offers Bounty for Meltdown- and Spectre-Like Bugs

Microsoft is offering security researchers cash rewards in exchange for information on "speculative execution" side-channel CPU vulnerabilities via a new bug bounty program.

Microsoft Open Sourcing Azure Service Fabric for Windows, Linux

Microsoft's Azure Service Fabric platform will be housed at the GitHub code repository in an open development process, the company said last week.

Microsoft Greenlights More 'Spectre' Microcode Updates for Windows 10

Microsoft last week expanded some Spectre microcode approvals, as well as lifted an anti-virus compatibility check for some Windows 10 version 1709 devices.

Building a Wait-Action Function in PowerShell

The next time you need to wait on a step in your script, don't just add a delay. Instead, use a Wait-Action function to wait just the right amount of time.

Microsoft Adds New Size Options to Azure Virtual Machine Service

Microsoft has updated its Azure Virtual Machine service to accommodate workloads requiring isolated and GPU-optimized instances.

Microsoft Updates Azure SQL Database with New Migration Features

Recent updates to Microsoft's Azure SQL Database service include migration, high-availability and information protection options, and other improvements.

Microsoft Adds Ticket Support Improvements to Office 365

Microsoft's Office 365 Admin Center portal for IT pros will soon receive a few new trouble-ticketing support additions, the company announced last week.

Microsoft To Discontinue Outlook Web Apps on iOS and Android

Microsoft will start the process of phasing out its Outlook Web App mobile client e-mail applications for iPhone, iPad and Android devices next month.

Microsoft Bringing AI Dev Platform to Next Windows 10 Release

Microsoft is priming Windows 10 for artificial intelligence development with a new built-in machine learning platform.

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