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    Remediate and Secure Legacy Applications

    Are your Legacy Apps leaving you feeling vulnerable? Skyport Systems gives you the security you crave, and the immediate compliance you need. Download our whitepaper today, and learn how you can resuscitate your outdated software.

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    eBook: Enterprise DBAs on Flash – Real Stories

    Performance Gains, Surprising Survival of an Array-Killing Scenario & Post-Migration DBA Life. Tech pros seek insights and share unvarnished opinions in independent forums all over the web. That’s where this Real Stories project & research started. This report is drawn entirely from Pure Storage Real Users’ words, observations and experiences. All Stories are used with permission.

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    How to Make Oracle Databases Faster and More Efficient with Pure Storage

    All-flash storage is a next generation infrastructure technology that has the potential to unlock a new level of employee productivity and accelerate your business by reducing the amount of time spent waiting for database and applications.

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    Consolidated Workloads with VMWare and Pure Storage – ESG analyst report

    IT now services a range of virtual desktop users. Read this Lab Validation Report to learn the results of tested workloads for desktop virtualization using Horizon View and server virtualization for email and databases.

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    Modernize Your SAP Implementation – Make Real-Time Business a Reality

    Read this document to learn how businesses can extract data directly from SAP ERP, CRM, and SCM systems and analyze data in real-time, enabling business managers to quickly make data-driven decisions.

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    SAP HANA® Backup and Recovery using Pure Storage® Snapshots

    This paper covers the necessary steps to take a snapshot of a SAP HANA® instance for backup purposes. It also explains how to restore the database from the snapshot.

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    The Road to SAP HANA

    How can you modernize and deliver on-demand services while keeping your existing SAP landscape optimized and your risks minimized? Read this document to learn the six incremental steps to SAP HANA implementation.

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    Practical Guide to IT Security Breach Prevention Part I

    With users connecting to unsecured public networks and running multiple applications from both company and personal devices, sensitive corporate data is more vulnerable than ever before. For your security policies to be effective, they need to bring all devices and applications under IT control and regulate user behavior.

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    Debunking the Top 5 Security Implementation Myths

    Download Debunking the Top 5 Security Implementation Myths to learn: How a “rip-and-replace” can be planned and implemented without leaving your organization exposed; Why staying with your current, inferior technology costs your business more money in the long run; How automated functions and a single console can free up your IT staff to focus on mission-critical projects during the switch.

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    Could Your Business Survive a Cryptor?

    Learn how you can prevent such an attack and protect your business by downloading our Practical Guide: Could your business survive a cryptor?

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    Fact v. Fiction In The World Of Virtualization Security

    Download Kaspersky Lab’s Snapshot2, Fact v. Fiction in the World of Virtualization Security, to learn how you can maximize the performance and security of your virtualized machines.

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    Mobile Device Management: Looking Beyond

    Today, mobile device management goes far beyond just one device for one employee, extending throughout your whole company and touching every employee. Do you have policies and plans in place to meet your user’s needs while keeping those devices—and your company’s sensitive information—secure?

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    Boosting Efficiency and Lowering Costs With Cloud Fax Services

    Staying up to date with the most current faxing technology can be difficult. Fortunately, a solution to easily and cost-effectively adopt the latest fax services has arrived — Cloud Fax Services. Download the eBook today!

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    Advanced Attacks: What They Are and Why You Should Care

    In this solution brief you will learn: how advanced attacks are stealthier and far more dangerous than ever; how to block attacks across all endpoints, and reduce the noise of false positives; how to contain and remediate threats in minutes, with just one click; and how to preempt future attacks with automatic risk assessment.

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    Maximize Your Endpoint Protection Solution

    Read this solution brief to find out how take four steps to block advanced threats before they infect your endpoints.