Easily and Economically Migrating to the Cloud

Getting to the cloud shouldn’t be difficult, shouldn’t introduce risk and shouldn’t involve unknown costs. Find out how Quest VROOM with Hybrid Cloud Manager and Cloud Cost Modeling can help. Learn more.

Date: 12/13/2017

Time: 11:00 am

A Fax Survival Guide: How to Avoid Disaster and Distress with Cloud Fax Services

To the outside world, it’s only fax. But to a battle-tested IT professional with experience maintaining equipment, dealing with technically inept vendors, and surviving in a sea of fax machines and/or fax servers, it’s something so much more. Tedious. Tiresome. Downright torturous. Register for this webinar to learn how your company can forget about the headaches of fax by moving your operations to the cloud!

Date: 12/14/2017

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

Building a Secure Hosting Environment for Red Forest Domain Controllers

In this real-training-for-free event, we’ll discuss how to deploy, operationalize, and maintain a Red Forest architecture. Red Forest DCs become the most security-critical systems in your network, and we’ll share information about how to set up a red forest environment, how to harden all systems, and how to maintain a secure environment.

Date: 12/12/2017

Time: 11:00 am

Automating Active Directory User Creation Leaving PowerShell Behind

In this webinar let Microsoft MVP Derek Melber walk you through how you can create a simple, yet powerful, solution for provisioning users that will free up hours of time each month.

Date: 12/12/2017

Time: 11:00 am

Phishing and Social Engineering in 2018: Is the Worst Yet to Come?

Join security experts for a discussion of the latest trends in cybercrime and give you an insider's perspective on what to expect for 2018 and how to prepare for it.

Date: 12/11/2017

Time: 11:00 am

The Integration of Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business

Microsoft recently announced that it will combine Skype for Business with Microsoft Teams, the new communications and collaboration tool within Office 365. Join Office 365 and SharePoint MVP Christian Buckley as he explains what you need to know and answer your questions. Learn more.

Date: 12/07/2017

Time: 8:00 am

7 Proven Best Practices for Protecting Data against Ransomware

Ransomware entered the cybersecurity landscape in 2016 by becoming one of IT’s most-dangerous threats. No industry has been spared it’s broad and destructive spread in the two years that have followed. Learn how to protect your data.

Date: 11/29/2017

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

You Finally Have a Hybrid Cloud--What's Your Recovery Plan?

Join Microsoft MVP Tim Warner to learn how to protect your Active Directory users, groups, and attributes from accidental or malicious deletion. Learn more.

Date: 12/14/2017

Time: 11:00 am

Planning Your Migration to the Microsoft Cloud

Join Microsoft Cloud expert Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM/MVP) as he discusses the planning process for your move to Office 365. Learn more.

Date: 12/13/2017

Time: 11:00 am

Microsoft 365 for Modern Workplace Management: Considerations for Moving to a Post-SCCM World

Microsoft's 365 brings Windows as a service to a new level by providing a bundled service that includes subscriptions for Windows, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), which includes Azure AD Premium, Azure Rights Management and Intune. The latter is key to what Microsoft sees as the need for organizations to shift from traditional image creation, configuration, deployment and management to the modern MDM-EMM approach.

Date: 12/05/2017

Time: 11:00 AM

Duration: 1 Hour

Take Control of Your Office 365 and Azure AD Infrastructure

In this webcast, we explore a best-practices methodology for transitioning to the cloud, governing your cloud or hybrid environment and ensuring your business goals are met. Read on.

Date: 12/05/2017

Time: 11:00 am

Tips for Creating a Mobile Skype for Business Experience that Users and IT Can Trust

This webinar addresses two complementary solutions to help mobile Skype for Business users maintain high quality communications experiences, particularly when roaming across a busy wireless network. Learn more.

Date: 12/06/2017

Time: 8:00 am

Backup and Recovery for the Microsoft Cloud

Join Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter MVP Tim Warner for an information-packed session in which he offers practical advice for protecting your business data.

Date: 11/28/2017

Time: 11:00 am

On Demand

Less Overhead, More Secure: Modern Identity for Modern IT

Join MVP Don Jones for a look at what leading-edge companies are doing to cut back on identity overhead, and to improve their overall security posture. Read on.

Halloween Special: Top Horrors of IT Security

What are you most afraid of? Clowns? Or maybe events like the recent Equifax breach and DNC hack? Or a sudden knock on your door by an unscheduled auditor, or a sophisticated ransomware attack unleashed on your entire domain? When your duty is to keep your organization’s IT systems up and running, you need to know how to deal with a variety of threats, even if they pretend they are just clowns. Find out more, register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

All You Need To Know about Remote Office/Branch Office Data Protection Backup

In this Redmond TechAdvisor, Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP and VMware & vSAN vExpert Greg Schulz looks at the issues, challenges and opportunities including what you can do today to enable new ROBO data protection and backup.

Cybersecurity 101: Today's Threat Landscape

With the ever-changing threat landscape, it can be hard to stay on top of all of the things you need to know to protect your company and your data. Join us for this live webinar as we cover the most important topics in cybersecurity and what you need to know about them. Register now and learn more.

Duration: 90 Minutes

PSTs and the GDPR: Are you really in control of your information?

Attend and learn how to determine whether your PSTs are a GDPR risk, tips for minimizing your PST content control effort, and how to leverage Microsoft products for GDPR compliance. Learn more.

Securing Information While Enabling Enterprise Mobility

Cutting through the clutter of enterprise mobility publications available on the Internet, this webinar presents real life use cases CIOs should consider in any mobility solution to manage information security. Learn more!

Securing The Office 365 Universe

In this webinar, we will discuss the transformative change that has made it possible to secure Office 365 with the same level of protection you would deploy in your own datacenter.

How to Keep Active Directory Healthy

So, what areas of AD should you be looking at (hint: it’s a lot more than just replication!), what problems should you be watching for, and what tools are available?

Next Gen Hyper-Convergence Meets Next Gen Data Protection

Join Greg Schulz, industry analyst, author, VMware vExpert and Microsoft MVP, in this interactive discussion that explores how to modernize your data protection to align with a modern data center.

Taming Active Directory Groups: Less Work, More Secure

In this webinar, Microsoft MVP Don Jones looks at some of the capabilities we’re missing for group management, with a focus on automation, offloading labor from the help desk, and creating a more secure environment.

2017 Survival Guide: Disaster Recovery in the Age of Ransomware

Listen to Microsoft MVP Tim Warner for a discussion on the new ransomware trends from 2017; how ransomware targets your end users; proactive security solutions; and much more.

Migrate to Azure. Eliminate the Print Server.

In this webinar, join industry experts as they discuss print management migration common methods and best practices, the benefits and shortcomings of print management from various Azure architectures, and how to leave print servers behind in favor of centrally-managed direct IP printing. Learn more.

Digital Transformation! Reclaiming Your Supply Chain One Order At A Time

In the past year, nearly 50% of consumers have stopped doing business with a company due to poor customer experience. Supply chain leaders, this is your time to shine. Join us for an enlightening webinar that details how automated order management can transform any supply chain into a lean, mean, value-added machine. Learn more!

Duration: 1 Hour

Hack No, You Don’t! — Using PKI and Digital Certificates to Protect Your Business

In this webinar we will discuss how to take the complexity out of PKI by streamlining the deployment and lifecycle of digital certificates in your organization. Learn more.

Simplify Office 365 Migrations and Management

Many organizations are considering migrating to Office 365 to take advantage of its functionality and convenience. But, this move can be difficult. And managing Office 365 presents its own challenges. Join our discussion for tips to simplify the process.

Database Migration to The Cloud With Zero Downtime

If you're planning on migrating your on-premises production database to the cloud, while keeping test or development environments refreshed and in sync, this on-demand webcast is for you. Watch now and learn more!

Duration: 5 Min

Smart Tips for Active Directory Security

From configuration settings to group management, there is a slew of quick and easy fixes and changes you can make, and some major process changes that you can implement, to make your AD environment safer, more secure, and even more reliable. Join MVP and author Don Jones for a concise rundown of these high-impact tips and techniques.

10 Ways To Reduce Spend in AWS

While cost is often cited as why people move to the cloud, it's not always that simple. Many organizations have noticed cloud bills two to three times higher than expectations¹. Amazon Web Services (AWS) can provide huge benefits in agility, responsiveness, simplified operations, and improved innovation. But it can also lead to increased costs if you don't manage it correctly. Have you achieved the cost savings you expected? Find out in this webcast!

Duration: 1 Hour

The Power to Change the World: Redefining the Role of the Workstation

In this webinar, you’ll hear how some of today’s most innovative thinkers are reinventing entire industries – and how Lenovo workstations help make it all possible. Learn more.

The Power to Change the World: Redefining the Role of the Workstation

In this webinar, you’ll hear how some of today’s most innovative thinkers are reinventing entire industries – and how Lenovo workstations help make it all possible. Learn more.

Cloud-Based Disaster Recovery

In this webinar you will learn about the powerful enterprise features that are available to you today, so you can make the best choice for your organization. Learn more.

Preparing for Exchange Online Unified Messaging Changes

In 2018 Microsoft will be ending support for Session Border Controllers that connect 3rd party PBX systems to Exchange Online Unified Messaging. In this webcast Nathan O’Bryan (MCSM: Messaging, MVP: Office Servers and Service) discusses what options current Office 365 customers will have, and what actions they need to take before July 2018 to ensure they don’t lose service. Learn more.

7 Features to Investigate in a Cloud Fax Service

Fax isn’t going away anytime soon‚ and for that reason‚ your organization should be reaping the benefits made possible by a cloud-based faxing service. That’s why we’re presenting this live webinar to give your organization the confidence needed to make the right decision. Learn more.

Duration: 1 Hour

Achieving Resiliency in the Modern Virtualized Data Center

With recovery objectives defined in mere minutes, and expectations around application uptime at their all-time highest, how are IT organizations supposed to ensure the highest levels of data protection and availability? Get tips in this live webcast.

AVST Supports Microsoft Customers Transitioning from Exchange Online Unified Messaging

If you are an Office 365 customer using Exchange Online UM and an on-premise 3rd party PBX, the recent Discontinuation of Support announcement by Microsoft affects you. AVST offers an alternative UM solution. Watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Storage Based Backups From a Hyper-Converged Solution!? YES! with Veeam AND Cisco HyperFlex

Learn how to significantly reduce the storage impact of redo log (delta disk) VMware snapshots on Hyperflex by utilizing the direct integration of native HX 2.0 snapshots with Veeam v9.5 update 2 – the first backup integration of its kind for a hyperconverged solution. Watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Tips for Moving from Backup to Full Disaster Recovery

In this Redmond TechAdvisor webinar, Greg Schulz will look at different data protection approaches, techniques, tools and technologies with tips for both small and large companies. Learn more.

Protecting Your Office 365 Tenant Against Ransomware

Join Microsoft MVP Nathan O'Bryan for this webcast on ways you can protect your organization’s data from ransomware attacks in Office 365. The native tools and add-ins available from Microsoft, as well as 3rd party solutions that can provide additional layers of protection will be covered.

Architecting for the New Normal: Lessons on Recovering from Petya

Skyport is helping customers recover from attacks like the recent Petya worm, and this has taught us some important lessons.  Find out more about these lessons at this webcast.

Demonstrating TCO & ROI of an Azure Cloud Environment

Join DynTek as they demonstrate the actual total cost of ownership for moving any or all of your environments into Azure. At the end of the webcast, you will have a roadmap for assessing your true cloud needs, how to budget for cloud capacity and create a ROI business value case for future migrations. Learn more.

Top 5 Strategies to Prevent Ransomware

Learn five strategies you can implement now to help you prevent ransomware.

Peer to Peer: MaineHealth Migrates and Restructures Active Directory with Minimal Impact

Attend this webcast to learn how Paul Caron from MaineHealth successfully consolidate 21 domains, 25,000 users, and 18,000 Exchange mailboxes with minimal impact to his end users.

8 Ways To Reduce Cost in Azure

In this webinar you will learn 8 ways to reduce your spend in Azure, including several pro-tips from both in-house and customer cloud experts. Register now and learn more.

Planning for Office 365 Disaster Recovery

In this Redmond TechAdvisor webcast, Nathan O'Bryan, Microsoft MVP, will talk about how Office 365 protects your data, and what you can do to prepare for the possible gaps in Microsoft’s protection strategy.

PODCAST: Cloud Broke Your Network Edge. How Do You Fix It?

Skyport Systems explores a common problem that enterprises have been facing since the advent of cloud: Their network perimeter was not built with cloud in mind. Learn how to re-architect a cloud-ready, hybrid-cloud edge, and become a cloud enabler. Listen to this podcast now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Tackling Office 365 Deployment Challenges

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to migrate from earlier versions of Office to Office 365 without user disruption, solve Outlook 365 and One Drive performance issues in virtual desktops and sessions, and leverage and control the 1 TB of cloud storage for each user. Watch it now.

Industry Trends Driving the Need for More Data Protection

IT Modernization continues to be top of mind for many organizations. While transformation to a modern data center promises many efficiencies, cost savings and benefits, certain questions ust be addressed before making that transformation. Watch now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Key Strategies to Prepare and Recover from Ransomware

Ransomware caused international turmoil in May, 2017, after growing into a chief cyber security threat in 2016. It is drawing everyone’s attention to the protection of their critical data and computer systems. Join us to learn about best practices for preparing against ransomware, including the 3-2-1-1 rule and other data protection strategies.

Securing Your Office 365 Deployment

In this webcast Microsoft MVP and MCSM Nathan O'Bryan provides tips to secure your Office 365 tenant. Watch now!

Preparing for the Cross Functional Impact of Office 365

If you are currently planning or executing a migration to Microsoft Office 365, you know it can be a big project with great potential benefits. But have you considered the impact this shift will have across your organization? Join us to learn how you can ensure a smooth Office 365 transition for all your teams, including security, IT, and compliance. Read on.

Traditional Fax vs. Desktop Cloud Fax: 6 Reasons to Move to Cloud Faxing

When it comes to traditional faxing, there’s a lot left to be desired — which is why businesses are turning to desktop cloud faxing. Take part in this 20-minute webinar to find out why cloud fax services are gaining popularity over traditional fax operations. Learn more.

Duration: 20 Min

Today’s Workplace Is No Longer the Place To Be!

Listen to our industry experts to learn how to seamlessly transform to a digital workplace. They will talk about blue printing your digital transformation journey, what it takes to execute a seamless journey and how to manage user experience in a dynamic environment. Read on.

Ensuring Rock Solid Unified Endpoint Management

Join Microsoft MVP Nathan O’Bryan to learn how you can implement unified endpoint management (UEM) strategies that will allow you to manage all the devices connecting to your infrastructure.

Disaster Avoidance for the Cost-Conscious Organization

Join Microsoft MVP Tim Warner to learn the five requirements of disaster avoidance. You will leave this session armed with what you need to know to deploy an affordable data protection system with near zero downtime. Watch it today!

Enabling Employee Efficiency, Engagement, and Effectiveness with The Digital Workplace

So, what is a digital workplace and how can you benefit from one? Watch this webcast for a roadmap to a true digital workplace.

What You Must Do NOW To Prepare for the Future of Asset Management

This webinar discusses IT trends in 2017 and beyond that will impact IT Asset Management programs and strategies that will be helpful in preparing for these changes.

Ransomware: The Good, The Bad and Ugly

Businesses of all sizes have been hit by this danger, and the threat is only going to increase. But there is hope. Certified Ethical Hacker Dale Meredith will show you the tactics behind Ransomware and how you can stop an attack from happening in the first place.

Duration: 1 Hour

Smart Tips for Active Directory Security

From configuration settings to group management, there’s a slew of quick and easy fixes and changes you can make, and some major process changes that you can implement, to make your AD environment safer, more secure, and even more reliable. Join MVP and author Don Jones for a concise rundown of these high-impact tips and techniques. Your directory will thank you!

Overlooked Active Directory Security Holes - and How to Close Them

Join Microsoft MVP and author Don Jones for a look at 5 frequently overlooked security problems in Active Directory, and learn about the capabilities and processes you’ll need to put in place to eliminate them. Watch it now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Tales from the Trenches: How Active Directory Groups Got Us Hacked

Join Microsoft MVP Don Jones for a harrowing, true-life tale of terror. Don shares the anonymized details of a colleague whose organization was hacked, costing them over a quarter million in damages and mitigations, all traceable to a specific problem with their AD group management. Register now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Building the Next Generation Network: Identity as the Perimeter with Nexteer Automotive Corporation

Watch this video to learn how strong-yet-flexible multi-factor authentication allows companies to embrace cloud-based IT delivery where identity and authentication form the new security perimeter. Sign up now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Security Configuration Management Best Practices

In this webinar, we’ll talk about some of the things you should be looking at when it comes to security configuration management. We’ll talk about some best practices, default tools used, as well as some very common misconfigurations that are seen in the “wild”, possibly even ones that you’ve configured!

Windows 10 as a Service, Keeping Up with the Changing Landscape

In recent years, Microsoft has changed its strategy and its business model. Microsoft, the world’s largest software company, is no longer interested in selling software. What does that mean for IT and how can the enterprise adapt to the changing IT landscape? Find out in this Redmond TechAdvisor webcast.

Improving End-User Computing in a Data Center World: Protection, Performance and Productivity

Users just want to have a consistent and functional working environment. IT needs to go beyond traditional VDI solutions and find a means to provide users with the working environment they need, while doing so using a secure, scalable, and yet simplified means to deliver it. So, how do you give users protection, performance and productivity without increasing the burden on IT? Learn more now.

Duration: 1 Hour

Hyperconvergence and Managing the Modern Data Center: More Workloads, Less Work

Traditional data center models simply can’t keep up with business demands without heavily taxing IT. So, how can organizations ensure manageability as the modern data center grows? Watch now.

Duration: 1 Hour

Enterprise Applications: Going From Workload Worry to Predictable Performance

What IT needs is predictability, regardless of how the business – and the data center – change over time. So, how do you get predictable performance out of your Enterprise Applications? Watch now.

Duration: 1 Hour

How To Social Engineer Your End Users Into More Secure Behavior

In this webinar, you’ll learn the strategies and techniques that social engineers are finding success with. You’ll also learn how to implement an effective security awareness program that focuses on preventing socially engineered attacks and how to validate the results of your training with simulate phishing campaigns. Watch it now!

Duration: 1 Hour

Learn How To Protect Against Ransomware

One of the largest threats to IT departments today is ransomware. Listen to this Redmond webcast to learn how to protect your organization against these attacks. Microsoft MVP Nathan O'Bryan will discuss actionable tips you can use to ensure your data is protected from ransomware attacks. Watch it today.

Optimize Availability with Purpose-built Backup Appliances

Join experts from Storage Swiss and Veeam to learn more about the different types of PBBAs and how to choose industry-leading Availability solutions that’s storage-agnostic, cloud-ready and can support the demands of the always-on enterprise.

Duration: 1 hour

Beyond the Basics: Migrating to Office 365 with Advanced Tools

In this webcast, Microsoft MVP Mike Crowley will describe the tools and techniques used to tackle these types of projects.

Solving Your Top Database Security Challenges

Did you know that by 2020 1.7 megabytes of new information will be created every second for every human being on the planet?But with that volume of data comes great risk - both personal and organizational. Therefore, it is essential to understand the variety of data threats and solutions available. During this session, we will break down database security essentials and the various features and functionalities available to us in Microsoft SQL Server 2016 and how they can be employed to better secure your data and help you create a complete and proactive data security strategy.

Duration: 1 Hour

NEED FOR SPEED: Data Recovery in a Non-Stop World

This presentation by Jon Toigo, veteran DR planner and author of five books on disaster recovery and data protection, will provide a level set on the state of data recovery. Toigo will be joined by Quest to learn more about their leading edge data protection and rapid recovery solutions. Watch it now.

Achieving Availability in an Always-On Data Center

Join Nick Cavalancia, industry expert and founder of Techvangelism, and experts from Cisco and Veeam as they discuss the availability challenge in the modern data center, how hyperconvergence can help to achieve availability, and why backups play an equally critical role in maintaining an available data center. Learn more.

Catch It All: Adopt Office 365 With Modern Data Protection and Compliance Measures

Across organizations, Office 365 is accelerating the digital transformation. This transformation also includes many other popular SaaS applications. This means new ways of communication and collaboration. As employees feel empowered to achieve more, what new considerations does this means for you to ensure security, protect data, and mitigate compliance risk? Watch it now!

Duration: 1 Hour

GDPR Compliance Planning for Microsoft Environments

This webinar looks at the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its impact on Microsoft environments. Specifically, we look at how GDPR along with other future compliance directives impact Microsoft cloud, on premise and hybrid environments, as well as what you can do to be prepared before the deadline.

Migrate and Protect Workloads in Azure - What You Need to Know

Join Microsoft Cloud & Datacenter MVP Tim Warner and Zerto for an informal conversation on how you can use Azure as a disaster recovery site.

How to Build a Hybrid-Cloud Edge Architecture

Learn how to easily and securely enable application deployment in hybrid cloud environments and how to make your infrastructure cloud ready. Find out how you can become a cloud enabler. Register now.

Get Ahead of Your Windows 10 Migration

In this webinar, you’ll get practical advice on how to reduce complexity, ease migration challenges, and migrate users with minimal interruption during a Windows 10 migration. Learn more.

How to Rapidly Deploy Active Directory

Join Greg Shields, author evangelist with Pluralsight, in this exploration into rapid deployment for Active Directory. Greg will show you two easy-to-generate scripts that use PowerShell Desired State Configuration to swiftly hydrate a test-ready Active Directory into existence. Learn more.

Best Practices for Windows 10 Migration

In this webcast Lenovo will equip you with the knowledge you need to plan a smooth transition to Windows 10. Watch now!.

Duration: 1 hour