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Content-Addressable Storage: A Good Option for your DRBC Plan

You've got SAN and NAS on the mind. What about unstructured data? And even more so, ways to store unstructured data? Enter, the CAS.

ATA-Class Storage -- The End of Tape Backups?

DRBC #4: With a solid DRBC plan in place, it might be time to consider replacing your backup plan with more reliable technology that doesn't call for the janitor at a remote site to occasionally change tapes.

DRBC Strategy #3: Remember the Mainframe

If your enterprise data can be deemed as critical, it's bound to be sitting on a mainframe. So, what do you need to know to make sure it's a part of your DRBC plan?

The Heart of Your DRBC Plan

Second in a series: Let's look beyond software and hardware issues to look at what elements to factor into your business continuity plan. Also, what makes a warm and hot site?

Islands of Storage: Keep It Safe with a Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plan

If your thoughts are occupied by storage and how to keep it all secure and available, maybe you should begin thinking like a DRBC architect.

Unveiling the Windows Server 2003 Resource Kit

The latest edition of Microsoft's venerable resource for Windows networking admins can be summed up in two words: best practices.

2006 Salary Survey: Time for a Raise!

The 11th annual salary survey from Redmond magazine shows pay going up. Is yours?

Sworn to Protect

As the real-time intrusion prevention market grows, so do the number of players ready with solutions. One player hoping to make strides is NFR Security, with their flagship product, Sentivist.

Let iSCSI Do the Talking

Why iSCSI will doubtless lead the way in tomorrow's SAN/NAS installations

Getting the Most out of SMS

Tips and tricks from an SMS veteran to help you recoup your investment in Microsoft's System Management Server.

Spyware Meets Its Match -- Almost

Microsoft's anti-spyware tool works well enough, but some readers question its categorization and detection capabilities.

Spies in Every Corner

These tools help eliminate spyware, keep your systems clean and running efficiently and—most importantly—protect vital information.

SQL 2005: The Integrated Stack Is Back

Is all this integration among Microsoft components good for customers?

In E-Mail We Trust

Baptist Health Care has confidence that it's safely transmitting patient data and other sensitive information through CipherTrust's secure messaging gateway appliances.

Test Drive a Better Browser

These alternatives to Microsoft's Internet Explorer can add Web-browsing muscle, but they're not without potential problems.

Smoke, but No Fire for TCO

Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is a concept touted by Microsoft and various Linux vendors as proof that their products are cheapest to run. But TCO claims aren't what they're cracked up to be, and most IT shops never use TCO, or just plain do it wrong.

Get Serious About Securing IE

Internet Explorer is one of the most used products in nearly every environment, but most administrators know little about how to tune it for best performance and safety.

Salaries Finally Up for MCPs According to 2005 Survey

Readers report a significant increase in salary over last year's survey results.

With a Trace

Add a trace-like window to debug scripts.

SANs for the Masses

If you had previously dismissed storage networks as being too costly and complex for your organization, it may be time for another look.

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