Prof. Powershell

Pick Up the Pieces with the Split, Join Operators

PowerShell's object nature is fine most of the time, but sometimes we need to dig deep and use the Split and Join operators to break apart strings and put them back together again.

Touch Me, Baby (with Set-ItemProperty, of course)

Here's a way to get beyond the usual looking into file properties and time stamps and start changing them.

PowerShell vNext is vBest

Three good reasons to like the next version of PowerShell.

Reaching Your Breaking Point with PowerShell

Debug the longer PowerShell scripts by inserting breakpoints -- and some choice PowerShell cmdlets -- that will help you see how scripts are processing information along the way.

Nosing Around Network Adapters in PowerShell

The Get-WMIObject cmdlet will have you sniffing out what's on your network in no time. Here's how.

A Faster Get-Content Cmdlet

Some tricks for using the Get-Content cmdlet that will have you retrieving content in less than no time.

Who Are You? Or, Slipping By the Get-Credential Cmdlet

Get past the Get-Credential cmdlet security pop-up with this nifty trick that automatically enters credentials as needed.

What If My Script Gets Me Fired?

Take the guesswork out of your scripts and find out the common risks via the -Whatif parameter.

To Write Better PowerShell Scripts, Let's Get Back to Basics

Let me offer a few suggestions that will make your script writing easier, more productive and less buggy.

Validation Voodoo with PowerShell Scripts

Deploying scripts with parameters? Be sure to validate input. Here are a few validation tests worth considering.

More PowerShell CmdletBinding Fun

The cmldetBinding() attribute doesn't always need parameters, but it does need the Param keyword. Here's why it makes a difference.

Functions That Act Like Cmdlets

The trick to making functions act like cmdlets? It's all in the binding.

Command-Line Objects

Turn any command-line tool into a PowerShell tool.

Color My PowerShell World

Red can be disturbing at times, so let's change the color of the PowerShell console so it looks less aggressive when you chance upon the rare error.

Variables on Automatic Pilot

Check out these Automatic Variables that are defined by PowerShell with every new session.

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