Security Watch

False Sense of DLL Security

DLL fix might still leave Windows users vulnerable. Plus: Bing encryption being considered; Google gets serious about mobile security.

Beware the MSE Spoof

Fake Microsoft Security Essentials alert snags some users. Plus: social network add-on -- for hackers; new SLA troubleshooting tool.

Microsoft At War With Botnets

New report shows some real progress in killing Zbot. Plus: Adobe hides PDFs in the sandbox; U.S. talks with Aussies on security.

16 Patches: So, Are We Losing The Security Battle?

Should Microsoft revisit its patching frequency? Plus: Admins even busier, if they're tackling Adobe and Oracle fixes; IT study exposes IT security problems.

Microsoft Plays Catch-Up to Hackers

An out-of-band patch tries to catch hackers off-guard. Plus: Symantec looks more closely at Stuxnet; Twitter bug gives Microsoft the jitters.

ASP.NET Fix Is Out

Fix for ASP.NET flaw released. Plus: Symantec's reputation-based security rests on Ubiquity. Microsoft's consumer antivirus now being offered to SMBs.

Security Alert Fake-Out

Symantec alerts Microsoft Security Essentials users that "scareware" is out there. Plus: a potential flaw in ASP.NET; HTML5 security.

9 for 9: September's Patch Tuesday To Remember

Microsoft marks 9 fixes in the ninth month. Plus: A zero-day PDF and (possibly one for IE8) flaw makes news.

Security Acquisitions Sizzle IT-Enterprise Community

Plus: A new IBM study ranks the vulnerability rate of vendors.

Holed Up in the Library

A flaw with curious name, "binary planting," grows out of iTunes on Windows. There's a workaround for that.

At 15, IE a Scrappy Teen

Plus: Security Essentials 2 beta releases this week; XP 2 security trick; Facebook scams growing.

Summer Winds Blow In Record Number of Security Fixes

Plus: Adobe readies Reader patch; Google engineer may get formal recognition for Windows flaws.

Microsoft Cures LNK Flaw with Early Patch

Microsoft releases fix early due to exploits out in the wild. Plus: Microsoft, Adobe team up on flaw research; IE 8 privacy controls handling debated.

Microsoft Shifts on Responsible Disclosure

Amped up 'responsible disclosure' gets toned down to 'coordinated vulnerability disclosure.' Plus: Redmond won't pay for bugs, and hacking has its own rewards.

The Insecurity of Windows Shell and USB Drives

Stuxnet is on the attack. Plus: old-school encryption makes a comeback; sniffing out threats, more.

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