Security Watch

Microsoft Brings the November Pain

November just gets patchier and patchier. Plus: Exchange 2010 gets a security component; vendors tackle absentee security; more.

Windows 7: The Gift that Keeps on Rebooting

For some, the move to the new OS from Vista is taking a little longer than expected. Plus: Microsoft reaches for cloud compliance; lazy hackers hit clickjackpot.

What Patch Tuesday's Patchy Record Means

Plus: Firefox opens up to .NET; gauging Security Essentials' enterprise chances.

Microsoft Breaks Patch Records (Again)

Plus: researcher blames Hotmail password thefts on botnets, not phishing; Adobe joins Tuesday patch brigade.

Hotmail Hooked in Phishing Scheme

Numerous Hotmail users got some unwanted exposure over the past weekend. Plus, SQL injection attacks are making a quiet return.

Microsoft Sues Alleged 'Malvertisers'

Plus: an SMB flaw stopgap measure; Security Essentials on the release horizon.

Study: Enterprises Fail To Mitigate Risks

Alert Mr. Obvious! The Internet exposes enterprise computing to major threats. Plus: What Microsoft plans to do about server, Web threats.

Proof of Concept for Vulnerability in IIS

Microsoft investigates potential FTP flaw that can have admins breaking out in high fever. Plus: Live Messenger users to be forced to upgrade; RSA outlines guides for securing virtual environments.

Data Thefts Happened via SQL Server

Software from the biggest software company in the world is bound to be used by hackers for nefarious reasons. Plus: Redmond, Sophos scrap on security; ScanSafe survey finds more companies banning Facebook, Twitter.

Hybrid Fix Among 9 Patches for August

Plus: Adobe Reader exploits growing; Twitter tweets on attacks; ACLU dismayed at White House cookie plans.

Firefox an Upstart for IE?

Plus: Cybersecurity czar quits; drama in the ATL; semper Facebook.

Off-Cycle Patch from Visual Studio, IE

Plus: Microsoft's security initiative comes out from under the hat; Office in a sandbox.

Mozilla Matches Microsoft in Browser Flaw Fixes

Plus: Windows 7 security baseline guide; Adobe installer flaw; U.S. still ranks in spam origination.

Half Dozen Fixes Baked Up For July Patch

Plus: What Microsoft knew about ActiveX flaws; what makes ActiveX flaws like 'Conficker'; Twitter gets down

Microsoft Sounds the Alarm on ActiveX Flaw

Plus: hackers aren't letting up on DirectShow; Microsoft helps defend against XSS; Apple and Mozilla work on patches.

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