Security Watch

Hacker's Delight

A sample of one week's newly discovered vulnerabilities can keep hackers busy and security experts on their toes.

UCP Lets 'Em In

Plus, tracking sand out of JRE apps; greeting card hacks; RealPlayer BOV

My Computer Made Me Do It!

Alleged insider trader might have case dismissed on hackneyed technicalit. Plus, China invades South Korea; Canadian phishing expedition goes global; more.

Inside Jobs

BIG-IP, BEA WebLogic threats require insider knowledge; Veritas, Sybase BOVs; more

Software Bugs That Cling

Old QuickTime flaw points to problems with 'barnacleware.' Plus: Adobe Acrobat BOV, and Blackberry-hating in the UK.

Winamp BOV A Bad Attack Vector

Small number of hackers may try it, but won't get far. Plus: Banners ads that attack; remote robbery; fixing your Google rep; more.

Vista -- How Secure?

Microsoft likes to think its OS is locked down. It's true to a point. Plus: Skype flaw not that dangerous; social hacking; more.

Relay Attack Requires Way Too Much Work

Criminals will look for easier ways to steal your ID and money than this particular attack scenario. Plus: logic bomber gets slammed; data breach law covers medical records.

MLB Offers Sports Plus An Eyeful

Also: Chinese bloggers get DDOS'd; Microsoft does its part to warn users on legacy file support; Sears doesn't come clean on privacy.

Flash Flaw Isn't So Flawless, After All

Here's a Flash flaw that'd be too much work for crooks to deploy. Plus, trusting your free e-mail; e-greeting cards are soooo personal; more.

Is China Spying on The UK?

Some believe the British Olympic canoeing team was a target of Chinese hackers. Plus: data center goes kablooey; Trojan nabs banking info; more

Anonymous? We Know Who You Are

Anonymity systems may not be so anonymous, after all. Plus: Google and Symantec screw up; hacker gets jail time; village wants to digitally disappear.

Cisco Security Agent Bonked By BOV

Plus: SonicWALL exposes VPN; Microsoft kills 'kill switch'; ESPN sports bad code; more.

Grounding This Jet Engine

Buffer overflow again hits Microsoft's Jet Database Engine. Plus: goes down; bad SMS causes big stink.

Hijackers Keep Working 24/7

Plus: Microsoft updates without your knowledge; deactivating Vista; e-mail as private data.

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