Security Watch

Bank Hack Shows Need for Separate Servers

A single compromised server leaves 100 banks vulnerable. Also: OpenOffice/StarOffice virus hype, online banking surveys and rogue hotspots.

Okopipi Takes BlueSecurity Concept Open-Source

Plus PostgreSQL injection vulnerability, the hype surrounding laptop thefts and more.

RealVNC, WebLogic, Caucho Resin Vulnerabilities

Plus search engine threats, and the end of security as we know it?

What’s the Real Impact of Windows Live OneCare?

Will AV become less secure overall? Does it spell doom for other vendors? Read Russ' take.

Stat on OS X Virus Growth Misleading

Plus RFID hacking, protecting decommissioned servers and more

Is 'Cybercrime' Really Killing the Internet?

Media coverage belies the actual damage being done.

Should Security Consultants Enter Without Knocking?

Plus Oracle patch misses SQL injection flaw, Symantec ScanEngine vulnerability and more.

Are Linux Bots More Powerful?

Russ takes issue with a recent report. Plus Oracle's latest patch batch lacking, Symantic LiveUpdates seems to be making Macs more vulnerable, and more.

Microsoft's Strider Project Unveils URL Tracer

New Web tool lets users see if a URL leads to malware or typo-domains.

Installation Woes

Why can't vendors get it together when it comes to pop-up warnings and automatic updates?

Malware: Is Cleaning Enough?

The only good solution to malware is a complete OS reinstall, says Microsoft.

Backup Daemon Vulnerabilities

Patches are released for flaws in Veritas backup daemons, Florida banks are phished, the new Sun Grid is attacked by bots, and the Feds lose computers.

Why Phishing Sites Work

According to a recent study, user education may indeed be the only solution.

U.S. Looks at Tougher Hashing Algorithms

Plus Sendmail vulnerability, Visa warning, security issues down under and more.

RFID Viruses Imminent?

Researchers warn of possible RFID viruses, but Russ says phooey. Also: invisible Web sites, search engines and subpoenas, and Ernst & Young loses a laptop full of sensitive info on IBM workers.

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