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Windows Security: Thinking Beyond the Day-to-Day Hype

Why you shouldn't be worrying about many of the recently reported Microsoft vulnerabilities. Really.

Skype Security Hype?

Findings show that the popular VoIP service is full of security problems -- some of which are intentional.

Legal Implications of Google Desktop

An online file storing feature for users, though secure, could get Google stuck in other people's legal quagmires.

DNS Cache Poisoning

Laziness or stupidity are the main reasons for DNS cache poisoning, a study finds.

Homeland Security's Data Collection Project Gets Bigger with ADVISE

The DHS' anti-terrorism information gathering expands, but so does its potential to be abused.

Electronic Discovery: When Data Retention Is a Bad Idea

Regulatory measures are forcing companies to store heaps of sensitive data that could be exploited by the bad guys.

Will Vendor Security Measures Lock Out Free Software?

Technologies like Trusted Computing could lock consumers into their hardware products.

Oracle Rootkit: Not a Hacking Tool?

A white hatter is developing a tougher database rootkit for security reasons -- but can it be used for evil?

Opinion: Overblown Malware Threats: The New Reality?

Hype might make for good news but bad security policies.

Microsoft's Rushed Full Disclosure Patches Found Just as Effective

Publicity gets Redmond's attention better than private disclosure of its vulnerabilities.

Patches Still MIA for BlackBerry Flaw

PDA users still at risk for exploit code or denial of service, despite official acknowledgement of the vulnerabilities.

Third-Party Microsoft Patch a Bad Idea

Tenuous support, trust, quality and assurance are just some of the reasons not to install a third-party patch.

DirectX Confusion Is Good News -- For Hackers

Thanks to Microsoft, outdated versions of DirectX can leave users vulnerable.

Kerberos 4, No More

MIT drops support for Kerberos 4; DNSSEC; port scans; AIM worms and fradulent Whois records.

One Site Exploits IE Flaw

A visit to the malicious site in question can invite a trojan into your midst.

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