Security Watch

Test Suite Discovers Numerous ISAKMP/IKE Flaws

Several vendors release patches after vulnerabilities are found by Protos.

More MS Buffer Image Vulnerabilities, but Are They Really a Threat?

The ability to embed malware in Office documents might provide a new avenue for hackers to exploit.

Think Microsoft’s Slow? Check Out These Patches

Microsoft is diligent compared to these vendors who release their fixes a year after the fact.

MS05-048 Proof of Concept Code Released

Overflow in the "content-type" field of the message header seems to be the culprit of the CDO vulnerability.

Snort Vulnerability Overstated?

Various factors need to align for serious damage to be done.

Exchange Server Vulnerable to Buffer Exploit

An e-mail targetting the CDO for buffer overflow can cripple a secured Exchange Server.

Phishing Attack Targets One-Time Passwords

Swedish bank Nordea's customers are scammed by phishers targeting the bank's online authentication method.

FinCEN Hack Shows Importance of Role-Based Security

Hackers go phishing at the U.S. Treasury Department.

Getting Into Security

Advice for pursuing a security career straight from the graduation line.

Firefox Exploit Code Published

A vulnerability in domain name support allows the bad guys to set up pretty good phishing sites.

Check Point Vulnerability Expanded

More products are added to Check Point's SecurePlatform Firewall vulnerability warning.

New Buffer Overflow Vulnerability?

The latest Windows vulnerability alert might be like preaching to a bored choir.

An IE Vulnerability Report Gone Wrong

A security researcher gets his 15 minutes of fame on a mixed signal of confusion.

Hacker Recruitment or Background Research?

The U.S. government looks for a few good hackers at the DefCon security conference.

Microsoft Re-Releases Security Advisory

A recent Windows PnP vulnerability is hyped to be more dangerous than it really is.

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