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How To Manage Storage Spaces and Storage Pools in Windows Server 2012

Microsoft delivered a completely new way of looking at our disks and storage in Windows Server 2012, with the biggest change in how storage is laid out and provisioned. Here's how to create and manage it all.

Put Hyper-V into Hyper-Drive

In this first of a series on Hyper-V, Paul looks at squeezing the best performance out of the hypervisor through the right mix of processing power both virtual and physical.

Windows Update Troubles, Or What to Do When the Mother of All Patches Fails

Windows Update didn't update my Windows servers like it's supposed to, so here's the process I went through to get my servers back up to speed.

7 Windows 7 Tips

Seven quick and totally random but useful tips that might save you some work as you migrate over to the current OS.

5 Cool PowerShell Cmdlets for Speeding Up Active Directory Tasks

Five of my favorite PowerShell cmdlets that make it a breeze to work with Active Directory.

Configure Office 2010 with the Office Customization Tool

Upgrading to Office 2010 can be a big deal. The OCT can help ease the process with customized installations.

Of Windows Hotkeys and Shortcuts

Hitting the Windows+E hotkey meant something once.

Installing Exchange 2003, 2007 in Exchange 2010 Org?

Bad news on all fronts for folks who plan on installing older versions of Exchange when the newest version already exists.

A Trip Down Memory Lane with EmulateHeap

Enable this compatibility fix on a process to emulate the Windows 95 heap down to the very last detail.

Exchange High Availability and Server Minimums

Reader wants to know how low he can reduce Exchange servers in his migration efforts, yet retain HA functions.

Evolution of the File Property Timestamp

Timestamps might differ based on the Windows version. If time is a crucial element in your applications, be absolute in how you use it.

Filed Away

The PendMoves and MoveFile tools prove to be just what this reader needs to move files that are always in use.

GPMC Support for 64-Bit Versions of Windows

What does Microsoft plan to offer for Windows Server 2008 to manage group policies?

Distribution List Recipients Not Receiving Messages

Individual users in one distribution list can't receive messages from outside vendors who e-mail that list. How can I fix this?

Windows Server Adrift

Reader needs to know why his server's Application Log is awash in Event ID 1054 errors.

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