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Where Did SCOPY Go?

XCOPY is the new SCOPY. Plus, disabling the trust password for a domain's workstations.

Kill the Shutdown Event Tracker

How to get less annoyed at Shutdown in Windows 2003; plus, disabling write caching in XP.

Bad Remote Connection

Reader has problem getting remote access to a Windows 2003 domain controller; Win2003 gives USB no respect.

Spring Cleaning On Your Hard Drives

Some files and folders are just too stubborn to delete easily. Try these tips.

Safer Laptops with BitLocker

Vista introduces a new security feature that makes roaming users and their data safer. Here's a look.

Timing is Everything

How to keep your Windows XP clock on time, even through the Internet Connection Firewall.

Quickly Searching KB Articles

Here's a registry mod that will have you looking up Microsoft Knowledge Base articles instantly in your browser.

Securing Data on the Move with Cryptainer

Carry your files with you, but make sure they're also encrypted and safe with this nifty tool from Cypherix.

Tools to Monitor DNS

DnsCmd and DnsLint gets you more information than can be derived by using Nslookup.

Running Multiple Versions of .NET

It can be done on a Windows 2003 server, as long as you remember which version is which.

Searching Active Directory Objects

Create a customizable ADO search box.

Troubleshooting Tips for Virtual Server 2005

Handful of small tips for working with Virtual Server 2005

ForestPrep Failure

DCDIAG comes to the rescue, as usual, when diagnosing some strange ForestPrep problems occurring during an upward migration.

Disable Windows Genuine Advantage Notifications

Your Windows is genuine, so why the constant disruption? Here's how to disable those pesky notices.

TCP/IP Reset

Don't reinstall Windows XP/2003 when you've got a corrupted TCP/IP stack. Use NetShell to get you out of a jam quickly.

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