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Redmond/MCPmag.com Salary Survey Needs You

Who would have guessed that Redmond Magazine and MCPmag.com's Salary Survey would still be chugging along after 14 years? It's the one story that speaks to the stability and longevity of many of you who've carved a nice IT career, and particularly those whose expertise is grounded in Microsoft's tools. Really, the results are a reflection of the readers through the decade-plus, and that's what makes your participation so important.

As we've done in years past, we're also always looking for human-interest stories from Microsoft Certified Professionals. If you have one to tell -- maybe it's about the big boost in salary you got when you made MCSE, or how your volunteered expertise has helped keep a local church or non-profit group ride the bleeding edge of technology, or the time a colleague trudged through a snowstorm to bring a hospital much-needed tech support (now, that'd deserve a medal as well) -- I'd especially like to hear it. Even better, you and your story might become part of this year's survey.

To take the survey, click here. Survey closes on June 19!

To tell us your story (or that of a deserving colleague), e-mail me.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 06/11/2009 at 11:59 AM

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