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Ballmer's Flat Results

In my blog last week, I asked you to chime in on Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's effectiveness as corporate leader (one positive reply, but otherwise all I heard was crickets).

I like The Business Insider's chart showing Ballmer's leadership based on the company's stock performance. It was downhill from the start of Gates' announcement that he was retiring and has run flat since then. There was a low point about a year ago, about the time we finally started calling the financial mess a recession, so I suspect charts for most companies that day were rock bottom. Ever since, the stock has been marching upward. Microsoft will be releasing Q2 financials, which includes any real money made from Windows 7.

So, will Microsoft's stock see better days under Ballmer, or is it time for him to go?

Posted by Michael Domingo on 01/27/2010 at 11:59 AM

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