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Microsoft Floating on a Cloud

Microsoft was showing off Windows 7 at VMworld last week, but noticeably absent, according to some pundits, was Hyper-V, a natural fit for a virtualization-focused conference. But it was VMware's party and they weren't gonna have the competition spoil its fun. So, Microsoft showed off Windows and Azure. We're guessing the exhibition guidelines were unspoken and not as bluntly stated as the new rules for iPhone apps.

VMworld is just one stage and a singular opportunity, whereas the Internet offers the better medium for Microsoft to continue hammering at its cloud message to those most receptive to it. And last week's message was, if you still can't migrate fully to Windows 7, make the slow move with legacy apps (that is, anything XP-based) -- just virtualize them. The solution takes the form of the company's forthcoming P2V migration tool, released into beta testing last week. It's not for everyone though, just customers signed up through Software Assurance.

Posted by Michael Domingo on 09/09/2010 at 11:59 AM

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