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SysAdmins Need Love, Too

The last Friday of July is no ordinary day, well, at least to IT admins. On every last Friday of July for the last 13 years -- about as long as Nick Burns has been trying to pass his MCSE exams -- Ted Kekatos has been trying to get end users everywhere to recognize enigmatic, long-suffering and underappreciated IT admins at their companies for their hard work keeping their networks and endpoints up and running. Mostly, he's done this by pointing people to his SysAdmin Appreciation Day Web site.

We've told you about it in the past, and this time out, IT management solutions company ManageEngine is trying to push Kekatos's unofficial holiday by running a contest. Starting today and running through Aug. 17, users can nominate deserving sysadmins in its SysAdmin Time To Say Thank You contest. Nominations can be made at http://sysadminday.manageengine.com/, with some cool prizes (Nexus 7 smartphone, skydiving gift certificate, or equipment for a game room) going to the lucky IT teams getting the most votes.

Oh, by the way, sysadmins, "You're Welcome!"

Posted by Michael Domingo on 07/26/2012 at 11:59 AM

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