This Week in IT History: Apple Bears Fruit

It was this week in 1977 that the company filed incorporation papers. The company was founded about nine months earlier, on April Fools' Day, which we believe to be purely coincidental.

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Microsoft Kicks Off CES

The Consumer Electronics Show got into high gear (ahem) yesterday, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer delivering a fairly low-key keynote showing off some new goodies: the next-gen Surface, dual touch-screen PC-or-notebook-I-dunno-which, the next Kinect, and a version of Windows to support system-on-a-chip or SoC architectures.

It all sounds interesting, but nothing had the sparkle of an iPad or shininess of Android -- that is, I didn't come away from the news thinking, "I gotta have that." And at this show, isn't that what why we're there in the first place? [Editorial disclosure: Actually, I'm not at the show; by "we," I mean the collective we.]

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An App for Managing Your IT Career

So you downloaded the fart app for the Windows Phone 7 gadget you got over the holidays because you can. Still, you can put that phone to use for something more serious, like tracking your training, certifications and your IT career progress. Just search the Windows Marketplace for the word "MCP." Bonus: It's free, according to Born2Learn.

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Samsung's Galaxy Is Out of This World

Apple's iPad has a legit contender in the tablet space-- a Wired blog says Samsung's Galaxy exceeded a million units since its release back in October. Apple still has the edge, since it took the fruity company less time to hit that mark in units sold. iPads are no longer just nifty. These devices are giving some businesses, especially those driven by sales, good excuses to enhance or even replace laptops and netbooks.

Is your company planning to add tablets or replace desktops or laptops with tablets for real work? Are you getting one for personal use this holiday? Tell us what your motivation is here.

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Fresh Off the Presses: New List of Retiring Exams in 2011

Just posted on the Born2Learn blog: retirement announcements for a slew of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006-related exams. Krista Wall of Microsoft cites the impending end of product support for those products; exam retirements usually follow closely behind.

Wall says exam availability will end June 30, 2011, so those taking exams toward should plan accordingly. The full list of 22 exams is here.

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This Week in IT History: The Blue Marble

The Apollo 17 crew was speeding away from Earth on its way to a lunar landing. Someone among the crew (unidentified) snapped a photo that's been dubbed ever since as "The Blue Marble." The trip was noteworthy for the amazing image, but also because a week later Apollo 17 mission commander Eugene Cernan would be the last person to set foot on the moon.

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IT Jobs Worth Their Salt

Good news: Your job in IT job is the envy of those who seek work. Exec. Editor Becky Nagel has a newser about a U.S. News & World Report survey of hot jobs for 2011. Near the top of the list are four IT-related ones. The bad news is that more people will be seeking employment in the IT segment, so you gotta remain sharp.

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Google's OS Steps Into the Light

Did you sign up for a Google Chrome OS-laden laptop evaluation unit? I did and I've been waiting for mine to arrive in the mail, like some folks who already tell us via FB and Twitter that Google has been quick to ship 'em out. Must be a big deal, this new OS.

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Test Lab Guide for Exchange 2010

You've got the skills, the certifications, and the book to pull off a problem-free Exchange deployment. Just in case, you might need this guide. (I guess, what I'm saying is "Insurance that's free is the best kind.")

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Are You a PC, a Tablet, or a Smartphone

Those "I'm a PC" and "Get a Mac" ads are quickly becoming as obsolete as the desktop-bound goods they're advertising. Lots of serious, highly complicated work with increasing frequency no longer necessitates the 1.21 gigawatts processing power we're so used to, and those boxes may soon be replaced by more efficient tablets and similar devices.

I'm not the first person to discover this (and I'm probably not telling you something new). Gartner's newest sales research indicates a discernable erosion in sales of PCs in just the last few months, due in large part to the weak economy but then there's no mistaking the popularity of mobile devices (okay, mostly iPads).

So, after the holidays, will the corporate workplace resemble the captain's bridge on Star Trek (without the strict dress code), with everyone tapping away noiselessly on their devices of choice? Maybe. And maybe most of that tapping won't be Facebook status updates.

Are you supporting tablets and smartphones with more frequency in the workplace? Tell us about it here.

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ID Theft Tuesday

Here's how Conan O'Brien on his talk show started off his monologue last night:

Today is a big online shopping day officially called "Cyber Monday." Which is followed up tomorrow by "Identity Theft Tuesday."

Maybe ID Theft Tuesday is already another official holiday shopping day -- for hackers. (For fans of his show, the rest of the monologue is here.)

Conan TBS

Click to view Conan's monologue

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Wikileaks Confirms Google Hacks

Documents released by the very controversial Wikileaks site has confirmed what many have suspected all along: China's government sanctioned the hack attacks against Google and the hackers who did the deed employed a zero-day IE flaw. Google was just one of a few dozen targets. The New York Times summarizes that event, which is one among many others that have absolutely nothing to do with technology, in an online article here, if you're interested in reading it.

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